Saturday, September 6, 2008

Throwbacks on a Saturday

So the storms seems to have gotten my message (temporarily) and let up on the rain. As I was sitting in the house watching my weekend crack, Vh1 soul I found my self jamming to Lisa Lisa and Cult jam. I forgot how many jams they had! Then I had to go download "Someone to love me for me", this song is just beautiful.
I wanted to post them but all of their videos are disabled, for real! I am so through with labels doing that with classic videos. I know its all that blah blah about copyright infringement, but its still annoying.

So if you are a youngin' and don't know the song click Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam.
Anywhooo... The NYC Blogger brunch was a success. Folks were not kept at home by the threat of rain and 40 miles per hour winds, (well only my sis Mrs. MR but in her defense she lives in LAWNG ISLAND). unlimited Mimosa will do that to you. A good time was had by all....See pics of Jaded, EB, Dollface, ShellyShell, Lani and Lena here: Hurricane WHAT?! Some of the highlights:
  • Eb talking about how much she loves spicy french fries at 40/40, I was ready to go there at that moment just to get them. And how much she hated Justin's (I second that,but Justin's wasn't half as bad as Mama Dukes, his momma restaurant).
  • Dollface dropping bacon on Jaded, and Jaded fake screaming "It touched me". HAHAHA Love it. Ya'll are damn fools.
  • Eb taking that crazy picture of me while I was lecturing about something or another, probably why they need to run from all these crazy men. HAHA
  • Lena talking about the blogger buddy that is getting on her nerves
  • Lani asking the bartender for another drink when she had one in front of her.
  • Lani PERIOD
  • ShellyShell having a hangover but still having a mimosa. Girl that's the only way to conquer a hangover keep drinking.
  • ShellyShell's face when I asked about Houston,TX Priceless.
  • Jaded not bringing me the fish taco recipe and acting like I was talking to someone else (uhm yeah she was sitting by a wall).
  • Dollface and ShellyShell talking about why they haven't been bloggin' (yeah laziness is what that's called :P )
  • Me asking EB to reenact taking a phone call at the table, all mid sentence. I'm not posting that pic since she spared me. HAHA
  • That cranky lady at the table that was giving us the side eye for having a good time.
She put her hand up because we were all pointing cameras at here.z
  • And the best and funniest part of the night was (sorry Lani, this was too damn funny) Lani's camera holder:
Yes that is a sock! HAHA, Make it work.
We will have to do it again ladies! I think we may be the reason there is a blacklist at this place going forward LOL! sorry dollface no more fallback for you.

See ya'll in October :)


ShellyShell said...

Lawd that hangover was the WORST!! I couldn't eat a damn thing until 11:00pm!! LMAO at Eb for going home and straight posting that picture of the lady and the meatball character! Lani was ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! The next blogger meeting has to be at night so we can put back a few shots!!

Miss P said...

it's official; i'm moving to NY just so i can be a part of the next blogger meeting!

Eb the Celeb said...

good times indeed... i sent you the pic chick of you talking crazy so i suggest you editing it

and you can edit mine in too of me on the

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm still having nightmares about that swine touching my jeans.. I had to throw them out... LMAO!!!