Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the terror attacks on my fair city. I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing and every single detail of what happen as I watched the second plane hit ( I will not recap on the blog) the second tower. My tower, though I had recently left my firm I still loved that tower. The first major firm I ever worked for was housed there, that was where my career really started, some of my friends were there. That was my Tower, This is my City.

I have avoided all TV on this day for 7 years, I will watch the most ignorant shows on so as not to relive the movie that so many of my fellow New Yorkers and I lived through. How ignorant? B.E.T ignorant, MTV's most ridiculous shows (Next and Parental Control). But this year I felt the need to watch the ceremony (maybe it was the French Navy officers I saw in Starbucks), and I didn't feel as sad as I thought I would.

Maybe it was the fact that earlier this week Mayor Bloomberg finally said this rebuild is taking to long, or when I saw the new design for the footprints I almost cried it was so beautiful (the eternity pools are fantastic). I don't know but I watched this morning and the normal moment of silence at the exchange didn't make me want to run out out crying. Maybe I am just excepting that this is My History. A story I will share with my son, and watch as he sits amazed at how his mom, dad and aunt made it out of a city under attack.

So much has changed in this city since that day...and though many lives were lost, and we grieve for their families, the nightmares are less, and the wounds seem to be healing slowly but surely.


12kyle said...

In the 7yrs of tv that u missed...I can say that you really didn't miss a lot. There were tons of great, compelling stories but there was also a lotta sensationalism, too. But your experience is sooo different b/c you LIVED it. You spent alotta time in that tower. So, 9/11 has a different meaning to you. One day you'll be able to tell CJ all about it. And hopefully it won't hurt to tell the story

Good post

Keith said...

I like you made it a point not to watch TV either on this day. (Thought I was the only one) I just couldn't bare seeing the towers exploding and collapsing and
scenes of people falling out of windows and hurts too much. I can't watch the tributes either....and I live...I don't know how far Philly is from New York..but I know being a New Yorker and being right there,it effects you even harder..I know it does. I feel for you..I really do.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

it was kinda rough yesterday. its never settling to me

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm with you... I don't need to watch that mess EVER again. When I got home that day my ex had the news on and kept watching it over and over until I snatched the damn remote and shut it off.

My babies were in the damn room; how is watching that ish over and over good in any way, shape or form?!

It was too scary to think they hit us in our own yard... too, too scary.

Oh, and someone said to me: That happened 7 years ago... why are you still talking about it. I wanted to explode.

That's like saying Katrina was 3 years ago, why are people still talking about it.

um HELLO! There's still a freakin HOLE where those buildings stood... you know what, let me stop now 'cause I'm getting heated all over again...

Mrs. MR said...

This was the first year that I didn't feel like crying all day. I have this little ritual that I have done since that day. I stand on the corner of 6th. ave and 12th St. just like I did that morning and I have my own private moment of silence.

Big Cheekz said...

i think for the first 2 or 3 years i watched the specials, and the job i was at would do the memorial for those who wanted to take part. i find it hard to watch. my husband's job wanted to send him to NY to do work at the towers at the last minute & our kids were babies & i told him no. he didn't go. his co-workers who did go woke up late & got stuck in traffic and they saw the planes hit.

even down here (atl) that was like one of the scariest days of my life. that is something most ppl will never forget. especially those of you who were there & those who actually lost someone on that day.

Mizrepresent said...

I didn't want to think about it...didn't want to remember, and yet you could tell everyone around me felt something. I work for the Feds and i remember it vividly, them ordering us to leave the building while we watched on television the second tower fall. We were off of work for about 2 days, and i didn't want to return. I had friends, and co-workers who were in the second tower attending a training class, and them telling me about how when the first plane hit the first tower, for them not to go anywhere...this is a common practice in our buildings...they tell us to remain at our workstations. Thank God, most of them decided to leave...if not...they wouldn't be here. It is history, it is something to share, it is something to be remembered...forever.

Kieya said...

i understand
i don't like the feeling i get when i think of how insane that day was. but it is a piece of history to pass on.