Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

There are officially 5 days left until the Presidential election. And the republicans are pulling out all the stops, white sheets and whatever else they can think of:

Recently someone asked "Joe the Plumber" if a vote for Obama was death to Israel. The video is posted below:

let's dissect this shall we:
1) why is Joe the plumber being toted around by Sarah Palin?
2) Why is he being asked a question dealing with foreign policy?
3) Now we all know the Fox network is the right wing home, so how crazy is it that Shep Smith has to defend Obama because of yet another irresponsible, uneducated response?

And Yes Keith Olbermann had something to say about this:

Sidenote: Bill Clinton made me proud last night in central FL. His speech was wonderful! Aww Bubba!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning. - Marlo Thomas

This is where we stand right now!
With only 9 days left until history is made, I thought this was a good time to this. I was moved to see how this 11 year old recognized how historical a moment this is, these simple words made me want to post this notebook entry:

“Because this is history,” he said. “Seeing Obama is like seeing Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Read the rest here: Notebook: Obama through the eyes of my 11 year old "Courtesy of Fort Collins now".

Am I the only one that disturbed by the fact that at the 25th hour there are still undecided voters? Really? And I don't mean the "well I'm looking at one of the other candidates" people on the ticket (Green party- Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Independent -Ralph Nader), I'm talking about the I am waiting for someone to speak to me people. I can't see how one of these 4 candidates has not touched on your issues. Say what you may, but if I were undecided at any point I would 100% be doing massive research on ALL of the candidates, and not at the last minute. And I would certainly NOT be interviewed on MSNBC, CNN, Fox saying I just don't know... I feel like some of these people have made a decision, NOT TO VOTE.

If you are not sure about who to vote for look at this video:

Now do you want to be looped in with these "Working class people"?
(F.U and Kieya posted this video last week)

On that note, I really can't take it how all of these "middle Americans" love to throw 9/11 in the mix. It's really annoying and sad! We as a country were suppose to grow from that awful day,
Was the slogan "these colors don't bleed" for all Americans, not just white Americans. Isn't it wrong to lump all Muslims (or in this case people with Muslim names) into one giant terrorist box? Muslims died in the World Trade Center too, and not the fanatics that crashed the planes. People who worked in those buildings. I don't hate people but I do hate ignorance.

"Not all cultures are equal, not all values are equal"-Michele Bachmann

Not sure who she is? Well she is the Rep Congresswoman who drew attention for saying that Barack Obama is very Anti-American which she linked to a liberal views (huh what?) Well Chris Matthews took her to task on this... Please read and watch here:
Can you please pass my hooded robe and "tabacca" snuff?
I think the fact that some Republicans can suggest that liberal views, not being proud of things that have happened in this county is Anti-American. I thought it was my right to have views on any and everything in this country. But clearly not... Off to Guantanamo bay with you!

Well I've said it a million times if this weekend is STOLEN from Barack Obama I am leaving, maybe I'll check out England:

Ah the Brits got to love them:

Especially that Ricky Gervais!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random 'Ish

Today on the bus I thought about a lot of crazy things so now I will share them with you:

If a bus is crowded should the driver even stop? I say no and my driver thought so too, she past about 4 stops before the bell rang. shaving about 10 minutes off my commute.

I had to push this guy with my book today as he kept pushing his gigantic belly over me in the seat.

11 Days until History is made! Are you all ready for it? I see you President Obama

My friend at work (who won't let me mention his name or give him a nickname) ordered a box of Obama blend coffee for me. I don't even drink coffee and I am still excited. Thanks for furthering my addiction, Obama Pusher man :)

Please someone go pull the plug on B.E.T! The fact that they are showing American Gangster daily is just disturbing.

I didn't watch the BET HIP HOP awards because I have my priorities straight, Ugly Betty on Thursday, read blogs while Grey's Anatomy watches me.

Doesn't Angelina Jolie do crazy like no other?

If you make this statement "Muslims are our enemies, I don't trust them at all. They've sworn across the world that they are our enemies. Why we're trying to elect one is beside me." Don't I have the right to call you a racist not a republican.

Yes Barack has a Swahili first name, and Muslim middle name but he is a African American, and he's a christian. If a name is all people go by then I must be a Hindu(1st), Muslim (2nd), from England (last).

I have a serious hang nail, I'm going to get a manicure asap.

If my nieces asked my sisters for a Louis Vuitton bad (real or fake) they might end up living with me (so please don't ask girls) Sarah Palin supports child labor and drug trafficking
Ok that last part is not true, but if they can do it why can't I, hehehe.

I want to have a drink today, it's Jean's Day!

Manwich really is the best "I was stuck at the office" meal. I like to add corn to mine.

This is the last week of Boo at the Zoo, I hope we make it. But the Bronx is soooooo faaaarrrr!

The Real housewives of Atlanta are really kind of annoying, but I have to watch. Its my duty as a pop-culture guru. And two of them are not wives this time, what gives?

Beyonce Watch out now, this boy is coming for you. Two Snaps and a Twist (courtesy of F.U)

CJ insists that he wears an Obama button everyday, That's my boy.

The 700 club really shouldn't be shown on the ABC's family channel

I just saw this woman on the train and she had on leggings no undies, YUCK I threw up a little in my mouth. Why didn't she have a longer shirt on to cover her fat jiggles? YUCK!

This morning I woke up to the sweetest thing ever. At some point CJ crawled into bed with me (and didn't wake me up) but when the alarm went off he woke up and said "Mommy its my fav-or-ite song let's dance".

this is the song that was on:

I use to sing this to him all the time. AWWW I was almost in tears.

For those of you who like me missed SNL last night, my favorite Will Ferrel made an appearance:

Have a Great weekend folks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warriors come out and plaayyyy

So 2weeks ago i suggested that we do our own 100 best hip hop songs since VH1 was such a damn disappointment. Well 12K and Jaded you signed up so lets get on it....

Are you scratching your head thinking "Damn what made her think of that?" Well it was David Allen Grier and this funny/ and very true video from Chocolate News. Thanks D.A. G

So get on it or I'm going to have to call in the Ninjas.

1, 2, 3, $, 5, 6, &, *

Pre-K in NYC is so competitive so....

Do you guys think I should send CJ to this school when he turns $ years old? I mean it is free so maybe its worth a shot... LMAO

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

even ninjas vote

For those of you not sure who to vote for... you might want to just vote Obama so as not to get your A$$ kicked. Apparently Obama even has the Ninja vote and they will hunt you down:

watch out now! You can get your shirt (or hoodie at Cafe

Someone please call 911

911 - Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige

Since last week I have been suffering from low grade fevers and chills, but I just figured it was just the weather. I made it through the work week and was happy to hit the sheets on Friday night. However I was sleep before "The Game" even went off. Saturday as usual I was up early, made breakfast and started out with my weekend. After we went to LI and C.J. and I hit the library I was beat, and it was only 2pm. Mr F had a boys night planned so he played with C.J most of the day as I sorted laundry (that never got done). I don't remember when Mr F left or when he got back I just know it was around 8pm (he tells a different story). Sunday morning was the tell all because I could barely speak and my throat was on fire. But still Superwoman had to keep going, getting ready for work, cooking dinner of which I ate only the baked sweet potato (and I love baked chicken!)

Monday morning after two hours of gargling with tea tree oil and warm water, I decided I needed to get to the Dr fast. Diagnosis: STREP Throat. Once back home the madness began, C. J was everywhere, and Mr F honestly tried but a tired man and an active well rested 2 year old will always make for craziness.. The day went something like this, "Mommy you watch Hulk", "Mommy you read book" "Mommy I don't want daddy, I wanna lay down I sick" on the other hand "Babe, CJ won't stay still so I can change his pamper" "Babe, can you give me the Dr's number I need to reschedule the appt".

There is no Calgon that could take me away! Finally I just gave in and let everyone get in the bed with me.

As I laid there watching them sleep peacefully I wondered "what in the world would happen if I just ran away? not forever but just for a day!" It would be complete chaos, so I asked Mr F what he would know what this man told me? He would try to make it work until I got back but he would probably end up at his momma's house. Now what the hell! I said run away for a day not forever, MEN I swear!

I guess he realized that I was not happy with his answer (and I'm still not)because he came home today, and whisked C.J. away, bought lunch and even bought me my medicine. So maybe I won't run away but only for two reasons:
1: I LOVE my boys. Yes they make me crazy sometimes, but C.J.'s only 2 and Mr F really means well.
2: I'll keep that one to myself but those of you who know me, know the answer! Heheheh
So it's back to the grind tomorrow, strep and all. As long as I am not contagious I feel ok with returning to work. SO I will. I've packed my soup cups (YUCK, I hate soup), my meds, and my new vitamins and I'll drink ginger ale and tea all day. Wish me luck on my return.

Oh yeah I know that song has nothing to do with being sick, and calling 911 but that's how I felt all day Monday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

All the Mavericks in the house put yo hands up!

There was nothing on TV on Saturday night but Saturday Night Live never lets me down. Jabs at Palin while she was there.

Palin Rap

How you feel Eskimos? Icy cold ! Haha
My country 'tis of thee from my front porch I see, Russia and such!

Tina Fey showed up again to do her hilarious impression of Sara Palin. As usual pretty funny..

"And now I'd like to entertain everyone with some fancy pageant walking". I love Tina Fey for this one.
Thanks SNL for giving me something to tune into last night.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy I want Fireman!

Halloween is around the corner and I have yet to find the costume that C.J insists on wearing. We've tried to make him Superman, Batman, Spiderman and a Police officer but he is holding to his word, "Mommy I want fireman!" So the hunt continues. I've found a few but none in his size, so I've been checking the sites daily just in case they get more. FINALLY m favorite oriental trading has them in his size, YEAH!! and its $19.99 WHOO HOOO (really that seems expensive to me but I saw one for an infant and it was $30). I add it to my shopping cart, but decide to see what other costumes they have that's when I saw this:
Future Hip-Hopper Toddler Costume
This is so full of stereotype, the big chain "Word to your mommy", the boom box, the visor, Wait Visor when did that become a staple of Hip-Hop. All poor Vanilla ice is missing is a four finger ring and a gel flat top. HAHAHA.

Then this... The lil buccaneer. I'm not sure I would want CJ to wear this. Those boots in particular would have me rolling on the floor laughing. And what does a toddler know about a buccaneer anyway....
Then I checked out the adult costumes just fo kicks. HAHA, I didn't get this one at all:
Jones Momma...
What is a Jones Momma? Ladies if you are interested the hat and the shoes are sold separately. HAHA

There were so many other funny costumes for kids and adult costumes, go look for yourself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm anti-violence and other random stuff

But these shoes make me want to hurt somebody (in a good way, of course). These shoes are fierce so why are the fashion critics bugging out.... hmm their critics with nothing else to do!
picture courtesy of The NY Magazine
With all of the social issues high school students deal with , you would think that the parents would be more focused on college, abstinence, and all the other issues. Not whether or not their kids are in a Yoga class....hmm.

A high school in upstate New York parents group objected to a Yoga class, claiming it violates church vs. state and that it promotes Hinduism. However once the school won and changed the name of the program t0 Raider Relaxation, all was right with the world. Say what now? Isn't that still Yoga with a different name.

This is my favorite page of the Metro NY, please pay attention to the Palin meter at the top hahah.
I'm watching the MB4 finale (a day late)and I am cracking up about a few things:
1) Diddy telling folks they have negative energy.
2) Diddy telling Aubrey that she was sluttin' it up. Was it o.k. when she was sluttin' it up at your apt S.Combs??
3) That the kids in the audience were crying because DK broke up.
4) How fake Aubrey is... the hood white girl. I remember you when you first came out, this is not who you are!
HAHA This show is a laugh a minute. And really I need to start writing down all the crazy made up words Diddy uses and put them in a book. HAHA (don't try and steal that I see you).

Dr Drew host "Sex with Mom and Dad" promo is too much. Did the boy just tell his mom he had a girl in the back seat of her car. And the mom call him a male-hoe. HAHA Another show I will not be watching.

AIG execs under investigation AGAIN! WTF how are they going spend more money, thousands of dollars ona hunting trip. UGH!

I'm still shouting JUST VOTE! Voting McCain would be a mistake but as long as you are exercising your right to do it, I got love for you! OBAMA in '08

Do ya'll remember this: "My property is my property"

WHAT, I was all about Patra and Yo-yo. but not them damn braids, hahah

Protesters were arrested before the Obama/ McCain debate this evening.

Protests turn violent outside Hofstra

By Emily Ngo

The action at Wednesday's third and final presidential debate began long before the candidates took their places on the stage.

The scene outside Hofstra University was more reminiscent of a 1970s-era war protest than the peaceful rallies of late. What began as a group of 50 people made up of various pro-Barack Obama groups turned into a mass of more than 300 shouting at riot police. They first danced to drums and chanted "money for health and education, not war and occupation." The chant at the evening's end, however, was directed at police: "Shame, shame, shame."

Among the protesting groups were Planned Parenthood, Code Pink and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The war veterans organization announced via bullhorn it would "peacefully approach the police line" because questions it submitted to Obama and rival John McCain were unanswered. After they marched up to Hofstra's entrance, they were buffered by riot police on horseback. Six were arrested, according to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

"They were arrested for trying to bring grassroots democracy to America," said Jabar McGritter, a Black Hawk operator who was in Iraq for a 2005 tour. "I haven't seen violence like this since Iraq."

McGritter was referencing the eventual running over of some protesters by Hempstead police's horses. At least two victims were taken away by an ambulance.

"One guy went crazy with his horse," said Eric Allen, 24, a New York film student who caught much of the chaos on tape. "And the police [on foot] were just cracking people, cracking people with their batons."

The rallies outside the location where Obama and McCain traded barbs about the economy were not meant to escalate, said a Code Pink member.

"We're here to represent what America wants, and what America wants is peace," said Dana Bolicki, a 28-year-old East Village resident who works with Code Pink.

The Code Pink spokeswoman echoed Bolicki's sentiments. Jean Stevens said of the people speaking up against the war: "This is where we see democracy in action.

Well happy Thursday only one more day before the weekend!

Dear Pandora,

Please refrain from playing any Joe songs as I am boycotting his dumb ass.

Sincerely the F$%K it list

So have you all heard this tomfoolery, apparently Joe's dumb ass is not registered to vote. That is the lesser of the two evils from this interview with Tom Joyner:

  1. If he is pressured he will register to vote. And Tom Joyner got him so he has to get it done. WTF Joe, you are a 30 something year old man.
  2. Obama is going to win doesn't need Joe's vote (uhm dumb ass every vote makes the difference)
  3. When is the vote day? (Dumb ass its election day)
  4. Is it only one day? WTH, did this fool go past kindergarten? It's one days and all of the schools close
  5. Can I vote on-line? Yes Joe, go to, and cast your vote for the guy that looks like you
  6. Did he really say he will be out of the country, so when Tom asks where do you live? Did he just not hear the question or is he a DUMB ASS. because he answered he will be in Japan.
  7. Again with the pressuring Tom Joyner
Just listen to it yourself, you will see what I mean. Hi my name is Joe and I'm a dumb ass. A man his age has no excuse for this being his first time voting. I'm spent on this man, and I will not be listening or purchasing his CD. And if Barack loses by a small margin, I may have to get at you!

In other stupid news surrounding the elections, I see the GOP is back to calling Barack by his middle name. Give it a break already! America needs to step back and look at themselves is this the way we want to be viewed. As a backwards racist county ( I know its how we are viewed now) but do we as American's really want that to be the way we are looked at all the time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today is a special Day!


So I rarely speak about Mr F$%K it list, mostly by his request but today is his birthday! So I'm going to tell him how I feel about him via our favorite music videos. But first I must....

We've been together for an eternity, and even though others doubted the relationship we made it work. Good, bad,up and down I wouldn't want to be on this journey of life with anyone else. I love you! And C.J. is the luckiest boy in the world to have you as a dad.

Everyone of these songs will say what I can't to the blogsphere.....

I love you and Happy Birthday.!!!!!

Lazy days

I'm taking a few days off from work and I just can't focus on writing anything. SO today I am just going to post some random things. I'm sure this will be the first of my random post, because once I get back on the train its just inevitable.

What kind of ignorant statement is "I don't like American men". This coming from a girl who was born in the USA, and so was the boy she is dating. ugh spare me!
I almost told her she should go back to where she was from.....but guess what that's Brooklyn, LOSER.
This little boy in the grocery store made me give CJ the serious side eye, because he was trying to eat fruit as he walked down the aisle with his grandfather.
I'm going on a reality show diet. PRONTO, out of boredom I watched the I love money reunion. WHY?
Do people really take the "Stallionaires" seriously? I can't help laugh when I see Real with all that hair.
I wonder if the kids on "Exile" are told they will be left in these remote areas if they don't straighten up and fly right?
No I didn't watch, I just caught a quick glimpse
I;m starting a petition to get rid of VH1 and BET.
I don't know how I feel about "The Game" on the WB lately. It's getting kind of raunchy, B this, B that.
Beyonce I'm so mad that you named your album "I am" WTF that's the same name as Chrisette Michele's debute. I blame the evil machine that is your father.
I can really spend all damn day watching Colbert Report! And I did on Sunday, mini marathon.
My sister are obsessed with "Morning Joe", I'm obsessed with Bloomberg TV
I miss having access to BBC America, I loved it.
Whoooo hoo let the snacks flow, Life in the Fab lane is on E! (not the same as reality so zip it)
The political nonsense has really taken a turn for the worse. A county in albany sent out absentee ballot that said Barack Osama. Nice, effin jerks in the boondocks. Too bad your votes don't really count, NYC Baracks the vote!
I love that so many are passionate about Obama, and here is yet another video.

Though I don't know how I feel about Jessica Alba being in the video as she has identity issues.
I searched high and low for this t-shirt and my girl Dee found it in 2 minutes. DAMN IT and it was sold out.NY Knicks shirt.
Oh god I hope my nieces don't ask me to go see High School Musical 3, I'll cry
Madagascar 2 is going to be HIGHLARIOUS!
I ride the A train with this crazy man everyday, all he does is try to start fights.
My favorite SNL vet Tina Fey was quoted saying this about Sara Palin making it into the white house "We're gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I'm done. I can't do that for four years. And by 'I'm done,' I mean I'm leaving Earth." Ha I feel you T. Fey.
The Republicans are getting desperate:
Well that's it for the random 'ish in vacation mode. Video close is my vacation theme song.
Play I on the R&B, want all my people to see. We bubbling on the top 100, just like a mighty dread. -"Roots Rock Reggae", Robert Nest Marley

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woo-Sau (also known as Random 'Ish)

I need to take my butt to bed but first I had to get the weeks madness off my chest....

  • I'm counting the seconds until the weekend starts and I go on vacation.
  • The F$%K it family is going pumpkin picking in Queens at a farm,
  • Yes you heard me right Queens, farm. Who knew? I did haha
  • I saw a man today hail the bus like it was a taxi, Why? Its going to stop anyway.
  • Speaking of the bus, I didn't have to pay to ride today. Thanks MTA
  • I thought about doing a post on my ever growing Lexicon but then I realized I would have to explain too much so that's a No Go.
  • I really can't take the ignorance that is Diddy, yet I keep watching all these shows
  • Really Diddy, did you just call a sock monkey Sambo? See above
  • After the ridiculous conversation I heard this morning between two teenage boys, I need to break out my copy of "Assata"
  • Ah another season of wearing Blue and Orange and disappointment, not the Mets... its almost basketball season. The Knicks.
  • Ya'll know how I LUV me some KG but I'm ride or die for my NY teams, even if it means that I spend nights screaming at my TV and shaking my head at the end of the season. HAHA
  • I had the most delicious Sushi today for lunch and it was only $7.50 for 10 pieces. Thanks Cafe Ziyah (41st and Madison NYers and they are open on the weekend).
  • OOOH and a $2.25 chocolate fondu cake. The Japanese have their mark on sweets.
  • Beyonce is finally owning up to being Married to Jay Z in Essence.... Who really cares?
  • Don't you wish you were a CEO at AIG? Bailouts and $440K on a spa vacation.
  • I asked my girl Cheerie if she knew who Klymaxx was? She said no, is that a new pharmaceutical company. LOL!
  • I hate those "the sunny side of the truth" commercials. ANNOYING.
  • Irresponsible people make me sick! Especially when they have kids.
  • Uhm is it safe to drag your sleeping child in his stroller behind you as you cross Madison Avenue? I'd say No
  • Steamed seafood dumplings Yum, What you know about that?
  • I am officially obsessed with Tilapia, I love it.
  • 12kyle has me all wrapped up in old school hip hop since the Vh1 honors.
  • I just spent the last hour watching Alvin Ailey's Revelations... If you've never seen Revelations live you are missing out on the most amazing and beautiful piece of art EVER!
So my new thing is to close with a video playlist on how I feel on this day, so here it goes:
There ain't nothing like Hip Hop Music:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am the Worst sister/friend in the world

I was so preoccupied with the market crashing all around that I forgot the Birthday of two dear people in my life. So in an effort to redeem myself here goes nothing:

Krazy Kat

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are the best brother anyone could ever have. You've stood by us in all the crazy decisions and never once said I told you so. Just held our hand and let us cry if we needed too. Though you are my sisters husband to us you are no in law, Just our REAL BROTHER and we love you. The entire clan is lucky to have you as a part.

Big Brother - Kanye West

What can a Fab girl say to another Fab girl accept you are wonderful. The Godmother to my first born (and only born) you have always been a rock that I could lean on, even when you didn't know it. You are funny, smart and Loyal and I am lucky to have you in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!

Meeting In The Ladies Room - Klymaxx

No one will understand this song but the two of us!

I love you both dearly!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Say what now you're an expert on Energy?

The Good folks at the Daily Kos (credit #1) have put together this handy dandy resource for you to refer to when listening to Sara Palin. And though it was designed for the debates, I think it will come in handy anytime she opens her mouth. Best thing I've ever seen.
source: The DailyKos

And Guess what SNL is at it again! Yeah this has been the best season since Tina Fey Left. Enjoy! And don't go getting all Mavericky on me, ok!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mommy Time

So recently CJ has become fascinated with a few things. Some I've influenced, others from the outside world. I'll go from bad to good.

Fascination # 1: CJ loves Video games, honestly I think this is just hard coded in male DNA. Mark my words in a few years some scientist will prove me right! So right now its all about this TV plug in PacMan.

he walks around with this thing all the time, yelling "Mommy I play my game, go ghost go ghost"

Fascination # 2: "I like to Move it Move it" from Madagascar. Oh Dear I love that movie, but if I have to watch it one more time, I'm off to the wild.

When I went to grab the clip from youtube, CJ woke up and started dancing. He is obsessed with this movie and this song! So I guess his first movie in a theater will be Madagascar 2. He said he wants to see it, wish us luck!

Fascination #3 Squirting things in his mouth. This is TOTALLY Mr. F$%K it lists fault! This all started with squeeze jelly, and water bottles. If CJ sees a squirt bottle he has his mouth open, it doesn't even matter what is in the bottle. I had the squirt bottle of Murphy's oil and there he was mouth wide open. * Don't worry I lock up all cleaning products, can't have a 2 year old running around getting high off cleaning products*

Fascination #4 Imagination Movers. This is totally me. I loves those crazy white guys. I will dance and sing all the songs even when CJ is not watching them. My favorite is "I want my mommy"

I would sing it to CJ when he refused to sleep in his own bed. And I think it worked because besides the occasional visit to our room at 3:30am he stays in his bed. CJ of course has to like the song about jumping around. "Shakeable You"

This boy loves to dance. Breakdance to be specific. Gotta Love it.

Fascination #5 FOOTBALL. This I blame all on EB,hahah and his Daddy! All day he carries around (along with that pacman game) his football. ALL DAY LONG and he gets mad if I don't let him take it to the sitters house. But since Pop Warner (again EB) doesn't take kids until they are 5, CJ will have to just learn from his Dad, football obsessed grandmother, and Uncle. Cause ya'll know how I feel about football, wake me when its over! But I guess this is the time for me to see what this sport is all so that when I am sitting on the sidelines I know what the heck is going on.

So that makes up the Top 5 new things CJ is into. We are still going to the Library every weekend, and even when I don't want to go he gives me a friendly reminder that usually starts like this "Mommy you need get up, go library" If I don't get up he tells me he is going to help me get up. Lovely right? It starts out lovely then will proceed to screams of GET UP MOMMY GO READ A BOOK!. Let's hope he keeps this up this enthusiasm for reading books! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Farnsworth Bentely I applaud you!

I've thought of a million ways to write a post to explain the differences in being a woman and a lady. I found music that I thought would coincide with how I felt, the draft was started and then this morning I heard the most disturbing conversation between a teen girl and a teen boy.
First I must speak on the teen:

Teen girl had on jeans two sizes too small, a cropped sweater and a Ed hardy t-shirt also too small ( I figure if you are going to pay that kind of money for a t-shirt it should fit) . She had no bookbag, but a fake Kate Spade bag.

Teen boy had on a white t-shirt, TIGHT jeans (or tightus as I call it), do-rag and a Gucci fanny pack. Not near book or bookbag in sight, but he had his damn sidekick.

SO why the designer bags, whether fake or real? This generation of teens has absolutely no guidance, no one to explain that no matter how cute you think you are, YOU NEED AN EDUCATION or guess what you become a negative statistic. All they care about is having money or looking like they have money, but that does not negate the fact that you are falling into the trap that views our community negatively.

If the rumors are true that Beyonce never received her H.S diploma, guess what? she is part of tht statistic that 3.8 million young adults have not completed their high school program or some equivalent. All the money in the world does not do away with that, until you get your diploma. Do these kids care? nope, not one bit because she is rich.

Jamie Lynn Spears, the fact that you are 16 and pregnant makes you a part of another negative statistic, Teen pregnancy. I don't care how many Nickelodeon shows you are on, or who your sister is, you are part of the teen pregnancy epidemic, PERIOD. but again does this generation as a whole care, Nope.

ok now for the conversation:

TG: Do you have a girlfriend now?
TB: No I'm just 'effin a bunch of girls
TG: what about marcia?
TB: Girl I'm over her, she couldn't handle me, I'm not a man but a gentleman*
TG: Oh ok (she wasn't buying it either)
TB: I was talking to one girl and YO she was a the best we were both freaks.
{the bus driver and I cracked up laughing}
TG: What girl?
TB: coutrney, she is a freak (details followed but I refuse to type them).
TG: But she's so young!
{HOLD On how old can this girl be, these kids are about 17 themselves}
TG: Really how do you know?
TB: We had a private conversation and she told me. She's having an abortion anyway. But I am so over all of these pregnant young girls.
{Me: Uhm well its private no more as the girls business is all in the street}
TB: Oooohhh a seat, I'm gonna sit and you can stand over me.

In true F$%K it list fashion I gave the girl my seat, and said you never stand over any man while he sits down. She looked confused but she took the seat.

This conversation was littered with pure foolishness, but let's focus on the line marked with an*( #4). I'm not a man, but a gentleman No dear you are a gossiping Yenta. I get that he is a teenager but about 95% of his conversation was inappropriate, especially for a crowded bus.

Somewhere along the way men stopped teaching their little boys to be men. More importantly gentlemen. Now I understand the need for a G's to Gent show, maybe not in that exact show format. But I get it now. This teenage boy had no idea what it meant to be a gentlemen and these teen girls also don't know any better so they think this BS is acceptable. As the parents of son how should I feel other than annoyed.

Don't get me wrong, I've met some kick ass teenagers that make me put away my copy of Assata because I feel confident in what is going to happen with future generations. These kids just were not the ones.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Train to crazy town leaves in T-NOW

I thought about having some kind of format for my post, but doesn't that total go against the name RANDOMSARCASM?

(yesterday) I saw this homeless woman pick up a wrapper out of a puddle, read it and throw it back on the ground and scream "I don't need that Sh!T. LOL.

I saw an entire homeless family, (a mom, dad and three kids one of which was a baby). I had to give them a little money and my subway sandwich. I think they needed more than I did.

Every time I'm early, the A train is late. I will make sure to note that when I have to fill out the MTA's stupid report card.

Fila gets an A for marketing, they've produced a t0shirt that says WTF, only the F is the Fila

Whose celebrating Black Solidarity day with me this year?

Did you just say you don't know what that is, shame on you! .
Black Solidarity Day was initiated in 1969 as a day that was observed nationally by African-American men, women and students. Always occurring the day before elections take place, the original intention was to bring black people together to discuss their political status and where they were headed in the future. Part of this discussion would include the evaluation of educational goals. The day's original focus was not meant to be religion. Traditionally, Black Solidarity Day is a "day of absence" during which black people do not attend school or work; nor do they spend money throughout the day, Gill said. This practice emphasizes the widespread effect of black people's presence both in the work force and as a stimulant of the nation's economy.

Healthy 10 years olds, that are chasing pigeons one minute should not be in a stroller the next. Feet just hanging on the ground. WALK DAMN IT!

Its kind of nippy in the NY right now but not full length goose weather lady.

I *Heart* Twitter, and once I get my blackberry its all over It's on!

I*Heart* my sisters. The F$%K it ladies are FABULOUS!

I ran into 2 friends from Public School, one has matured and the other still sounds like we are in the 8th grade.

I have to applaud Mr. F$%K it for wearing one of my t-shirts (its a 3xL peanut gallery) that read "It takes a weak man to complain about a strong Black woman, who raised you?" Good Look BABY!

C.J wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday anybody interested in taking him? My treat, heheh.

It's breast cancer awareness month,Ladies take care of yourselves, and be aware. My nana is a survivor. AWESOME

Jack's on 44th between 5th and 6th is the best store ever. You want it they have it.

Want to know my secret obsession, here it is click Best workout music ever!

My flaky memory has lead me to stand up my boys from A/N again.

Mean, Rude kids suck, age does not matter.

And lastly, Thanks to Jaded and the news that the Mayor of my fair city may get an additional term (LOVE YA BLOOMBERG) I am in a NY state of Mind.

And remember I did it my way!