Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Pandora,

Please refrain from playing any Joe songs as I am boycotting his dumb ass.

Sincerely the F$%K it list

So have you all heard this tomfoolery, apparently Joe's dumb ass is not registered to vote. That is the lesser of the two evils from this interview with Tom Joyner:

  1. If he is pressured he will register to vote. And Tom Joyner got him so he has to get it done. WTF Joe, you are a 30 something year old man.
  2. Obama is going to win doesn't need Joe's vote (uhm dumb ass every vote makes the difference)
  3. When is the vote day? (Dumb ass its election day)
  4. Is it only one day? WTH, did this fool go past kindergarten? It's one days and all of the schools close
  5. Can I vote on-line? Yes Joe, go to, and cast your vote for the guy that looks like you
  6. Did he really say he will be out of the country, so when Tom asks where do you live? Did he just not hear the question or is he a DUMB ASS. because he answered he will be in Japan.
  7. Again with the pressuring Tom Joyner
Just listen to it yourself, you will see what I mean. Hi my name is Joe and I'm a dumb ass. A man his age has no excuse for this being his first time voting. I'm spent on this man, and I will not be listening or purchasing his CD. And if Barack loses by a small margin, I may have to get at you!

In other stupid news surrounding the elections, I see the GOP is back to calling Barack by his middle name. Give it a break already! America needs to step back and look at themselves is this the way we want to be viewed. As a backwards racist county ( I know its how we are viewed now) but do we as American's really want that to be the way we are looked at all the time.


Kitty said...

SMH. What's wrong with that boy?? I would have been embarrassed to even admit it honestly! And he should be too. I hope he went and registered.

The Jaded NYer said...

Aww... take it easy on Joe. Maybe he grew up in a non-political immigrant family like myself. This will be my first year voting, too.

(Although I registered when I was in HS... extra credit and all that jazz! lol)

but no worries- I will boycott him, too, in a show of solidarity.

*waves* bye, Joe. Nice knowing you.

Dee said...

I really don't understand how in America, beacon of democracy for the ENTIRE WORLD, folks are so ignorant about voting. Did he sleep through Social Studies class from the 1st to 12th grade?! So many felons who lost the right would kill (no pun intended... hehehe) to be in his position. I will never look at Joe the same and now consider him to be a Dumbass Supreme.

Jaded NYer, the opportunity to participate in the law-making decisions in this country is one of the reasons many come here; in that respect I would think folks from abroad who may not have ever participated in an election would jump at the chance to be able to do so least the ones I know. But kudos to you for registering, hopefully you know see its importance.

The problem is normally the Black Americans whose recent ancestors died for the right that they take too casually. I bet one thing - if I hear one complaint about anything coming from a non-voter, I will scream on 'em.

The Jaded NYer said...

nah- no one in my family bothered to become a citizen because the plan was always to milk the opportunity to work here for all it was worth then retire back home.

by the time I was old enough to vote I was already Jaded and apathetic about the whole thing.

I do understand that it is important; I just wish we had better choices; I don't feel passionately for any of the candidates. That would motivate me more...

at this point I'm just looking for someone who won't take away my reproductive rights and will protect our precious environment and who'll do something about the education and health care fiasco in this country...

Eb the Celeb said...

JOE is my people's so I cant boycott... he's like fam... but yeah... he gotta do better... this will only be my second time voting... you know a lot of people still dont believe that their vote counts... that has plagued our community for the past 20 years... but this election really has given a lot of people hope seeing Obama make it this far and I know a lot of people that are voting for the first time in this election. Hell my mom didn't even vote until the first time Bush was elected... so I am not surprised by this at all.

Mrs. MR said...

I'm baaaack!! I don't know what to do regarding this, I can't boycott because I don't buy his whack ass albums anyway. He is an example of the selfishness that we sometimes see in the community. People dying for him to have the right to vote, be a performer, hell! go to Japan is not an issue for him. We need to make a shirt, JOE is a PUNK!

The Dreamy One said...

lmao yeah Joe is so wrong for that one,lol

we need all the votes we can get!!!