Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm anti-violence and other random stuff

But these shoes make me want to hurt somebody (in a good way, of course). These shoes are fierce so why are the fashion critics bugging out.... hmm their critics with nothing else to do!
picture courtesy of The NY Magazine
With all of the social issues high school students deal with , you would think that the parents would be more focused on college, abstinence, and all the other issues. Not whether or not their kids are in a Yoga class....hmm.

A high school in upstate New York parents group objected to a Yoga class, claiming it violates church vs. state and that it promotes Hinduism. However once the school won and changed the name of the program t0 Raider Relaxation, all was right with the world. Say what now? Isn't that still Yoga with a different name.

This is my favorite page of the Metro NY, please pay attention to the Palin meter at the top hahah.
I'm watching the MB4 finale (a day late)and I am cracking up about a few things:
1) Diddy telling folks they have negative energy.
2) Diddy telling Aubrey that she was sluttin' it up. Was it o.k. when she was sluttin' it up at your apt S.Combs??
3) That the kids in the audience were crying because DK broke up.
4) How fake Aubrey is... the hood white girl. I remember you when you first came out, this is not who you are!
HAHA This show is a laugh a minute. And really I need to start writing down all the crazy made up words Diddy uses and put them in a book. HAHA (don't try and steal that I see you).

Dr Drew host "Sex with Mom and Dad" promo is too much. Did the boy just tell his mom he had a girl in the back seat of her car. And the mom call him a male-hoe. HAHA Another show I will not be watching.

AIG execs under investigation AGAIN! WTF how are they going spend more money, thousands of dollars ona hunting trip. UGH!

I'm still shouting JUST VOTE! Voting McCain would be a mistake but as long as you are exercising your right to do it, I got love for you! OBAMA in '08

Do ya'll remember this: "My property is my property"

WHAT, I was all about Patra and Yo-yo. but not them damn braids, hahah

Protesters were arrested before the Obama/ McCain debate this evening.

Protests turn violent outside Hofstra

By Emily Ngo

The action at Wednesday's third and final presidential debate began long before the candidates took their places on the stage.

The scene outside Hofstra University was more reminiscent of a 1970s-era war protest than the peaceful rallies of late. What began as a group of 50 people made up of various pro-Barack Obama groups turned into a mass of more than 300 shouting at riot police. They first danced to drums and chanted "money for health and education, not war and occupation." The chant at the evening's end, however, was directed at police: "Shame, shame, shame."

Among the protesting groups were Planned Parenthood, Code Pink and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The war veterans organization announced via bullhorn it would "peacefully approach the police line" because questions it submitted to Obama and rival John McCain were unanswered. After they marched up to Hofstra's entrance, they were buffered by riot police on horseback. Six were arrested, according to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

"They were arrested for trying to bring grassroots democracy to America," said Jabar McGritter, a Black Hawk operator who was in Iraq for a 2005 tour. "I haven't seen violence like this since Iraq."

McGritter was referencing the eventual running over of some protesters by Hempstead police's horses. At least two victims were taken away by an ambulance.

"One guy went crazy with his horse," said Eric Allen, 24, a New York film student who caught much of the chaos on tape. "And the police [on foot] were just cracking people, cracking people with their batons."

The rallies outside the location where Obama and McCain traded barbs about the economy were not meant to escalate, said a Code Pink member.

"We're here to represent what America wants, and what America wants is peace," said Dana Bolicki, a 28-year-old East Village resident who works with Code Pink.

The Code Pink spokeswoman echoed Bolicki's sentiments. Jean Stevens said of the people speaking up against the war: "This is where we see democracy in action.

Well happy Thursday only one more day before the weekend!


The Jaded NYer said...

ooooh! you sure took me back with that Patra video!!!!! I'm windin' in my chair (shhhh!)

and I can't watch Diddy in anything; I'm really irked by the fact that he can't seem to close his mouth all the way...

Ms. Jones said...

Diddy is part of the reason that I don't watch that much TV anymore lol.

Those shoes embrace the essence of creativity!!

I can't wait for this election to be over. Now since people's true colors about race are being exposed I'm wondering what the effect will be once the election is over. If McCai wins do the racist feelings go back undercover? If Obama wins will it get worse or will it get better?

Kieya said...

*my grandmother hated me singing patra around the house, she thought it was dirty lol

*aubrey, her weave, and her rainbow colored dog make me so mad

*so mad at 'happy thursday' after reading about folks gettin cracked up lol

enjoy ur weekend though :-)

Lena said...

Love the shoes!

The MTB4 finale was a bunch of foolishness. Everything about Aubrey is fake...have you seen her lips? Botox much?

Keith said...

Loved me some Patra...Wonder what ever happened to her?

I can't watch Diddy on MTB4, he is just too ridiculous. If you've ever seen the Dave Chappelle skit on's right on point.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah!

Have a great weekend....