Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

There are officially 5 days left until the Presidential election. And the republicans are pulling out all the stops, white sheets and whatever else they can think of:

Recently someone asked "Joe the Plumber" if a vote for Obama was death to Israel. The video is posted below:

let's dissect this shall we:
1) why is Joe the plumber being toted around by Sarah Palin?
2) Why is he being asked a question dealing with foreign policy?
3) Now we all know the Fox network is the right wing home, so how crazy is it that Shep Smith has to defend Obama because of yet another irresponsible, uneducated response?

And Yes Keith Olbermann had something to say about this:

Sidenote: Bill Clinton made me proud last night in central FL. His speech was wonderful! Aww Bubba!


Keith said...

Joe the Plumber is a closet Obama
supporter. Let's not forget Willie
the Welder too.

In all seriousness..I wish I could have voted early, but they don't have that here so I have to wait...
Just the same..I plan to be at the
polls at 7:00 am when they open. I took the day off from work so there is no excuse..Gonna have some Fried chicken cooked up and in a paper bag and a water bottle full of Kool Aid and my Ipod loaded
with my favorite Public Enemy songs
(to get me in the mood.) I know, I am soo ghetto, right..It's a black
thang..some people wouldn't understand.-lololol...

Anyway..I'm very excited..This is like waiting for Christmas morning.

12kyle said...

LMAO @ Keith!!!

Just voted yesterday. I can't tell you how many people that I saw. Old, young, rich, poor. Black and white. It was a huge turnout.

When I stepped in the booth and saw that name on the ballot...I broke out in a big smile. Never thought I'd see that day.

As I walked out, I saw a woman who had to be in her mid 70s who was crying. I know how I felt but I can only imagine how she felt

12kyle said...

keith olberman is the man!

clnmike said...

Olberman kills me, lol.

Mrs. MR said...

I saw the Shepard Smith piece and I was glad to see that someone @ Faux News has some integrity. I am an Olberman fan, but I think Rachel Maddow is a real winner. See her interview w/ Obama tonight. I'm not going to get any sleep Tuesday night.