Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mommy Time

So recently CJ has become fascinated with a few things. Some I've influenced, others from the outside world. I'll go from bad to good.

Fascination # 1: CJ loves Video games, honestly I think this is just hard coded in male DNA. Mark my words in a few years some scientist will prove me right! So right now its all about this TV plug in PacMan.

he walks around with this thing all the time, yelling "Mommy I play my game, go ghost go ghost"

Fascination # 2: "I like to Move it Move it" from Madagascar. Oh Dear I love that movie, but if I have to watch it one more time, I'm off to the wild.

When I went to grab the clip from youtube, CJ woke up and started dancing. He is obsessed with this movie and this song! So I guess his first movie in a theater will be Madagascar 2. He said he wants to see it, wish us luck!

Fascination #3 Squirting things in his mouth. This is TOTALLY Mr. F$%K it lists fault! This all started with squeeze jelly, and water bottles. If CJ sees a squirt bottle he has his mouth open, it doesn't even matter what is in the bottle. I had the squirt bottle of Murphy's oil and there he was mouth wide open. * Don't worry I lock up all cleaning products, can't have a 2 year old running around getting high off cleaning products*

Fascination #4 Imagination Movers. This is totally me. I loves those crazy white guys. I will dance and sing all the songs even when CJ is not watching them. My favorite is "I want my mommy"

I would sing it to CJ when he refused to sleep in his own bed. And I think it worked because besides the occasional visit to our room at 3:30am he stays in his bed. CJ of course has to like the song about jumping around. "Shakeable You"

This boy loves to dance. Breakdance to be specific. Gotta Love it.

Fascination #5 FOOTBALL. This I blame all on EB,hahah and his Daddy! All day he carries around (along with that pacman game) his football. ALL DAY LONG and he gets mad if I don't let him take it to the sitters house. But since Pop Warner (again EB) doesn't take kids until they are 5, CJ will have to just learn from his Dad, football obsessed grandmother, and Uncle. Cause ya'll know how I feel about football, wake me when its over! But I guess this is the time for me to see what this sport is all so that when I am sitting on the sidelines I know what the heck is going on.

So that makes up the Top 5 new things CJ is into. We are still going to the Library every weekend, and even when I don't want to go he gives me a friendly reminder that usually starts like this "Mommy you need get up, go library" If I don't get up he tells me he is going to help me get up. Lovely right? It starts out lovely then will proceed to screams of GET UP MOMMY GO READ A BOOK!. Let's hope he keeps this up this enthusiasm for reading books! :)


Mizrepresent said...

Oh this is too precious. My fav..."get up, go read book"...gurl, that's a blessing!

Big Cheekz said...

adorable! my "babies" are 9 & 10 and even though this age is fun there are still those moments (rare :) where i miss the 2's & 3's. i swear time goes by too fast.

Kitty said...

That's so cute! My son was like that at that age too with the movies.

What does CJ know about break dancing?? Haha! You should record all these moments so you can blackmail him later on.

Eb the Celeb said... I have no idea what imagination movers is and didn't watch the vid to find

any who.... by the time he turns 5 you better be in tip top football shape... period... make me put you in football bootcamp... no soccer mom mess... you'll be the pop warner mom...ha

and why are kids obsessed with one movie... I swear... my lil brother when we were growing up would have a stack of movies and only watch ninja turtles over and over... I was so pissed when they left one day I popped the tape...heheheheheh

Lena said...

Awwww this just made me smile picturing him singing " I decided" with a football in his hand then breaking out into "I like to move it"

Linda said...

*lol* Madagascar! My daughter LOVES that movie (and of course the song) too!

(and so do I.. shhhh!!!!)

greetings from the netherlands!