Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random 'Ish

Today on the bus I thought about a lot of crazy things so now I will share them with you:

If a bus is crowded should the driver even stop? I say no and my driver thought so too, she past about 4 stops before the bell rang. shaving about 10 minutes off my commute.

I had to push this guy with my book today as he kept pushing his gigantic belly over me in the seat.

11 Days until History is made! Are you all ready for it? I see you President Obama

My friend at work (who won't let me mention his name or give him a nickname) ordered a box of Obama blend coffee for me. I don't even drink coffee and I am still excited. Thanks for furthering my addiction, Obama Pusher man :)

Please someone go pull the plug on B.E.T! The fact that they are showing American Gangster daily is just disturbing.

I didn't watch the BET HIP HOP awards because I have my priorities straight, Ugly Betty on Thursday, read blogs while Grey's Anatomy watches me.

Doesn't Angelina Jolie do crazy like no other?

If you make this statement "Muslims are our enemies, I don't trust them at all. They've sworn across the world that they are our enemies. Why we're trying to elect one is beside me." Don't I have the right to call you a racist not a republican.

Yes Barack has a Swahili first name, and Muslim middle name but he is a African American, and he's a christian. If a name is all people go by then I must be a Hindu(1st), Muslim (2nd), from England (last).

I have a serious hang nail, I'm going to get a manicure asap.

If my nieces asked my sisters for a Louis Vuitton bad (real or fake) they might end up living with me (so please don't ask girls) Sarah Palin supports child labor and drug trafficking
Ok that last part is not true, but if they can do it why can't I, hehehe.

I want to have a drink today, it's Jean's Day!

Manwich really is the best "I was stuck at the office" meal. I like to add corn to mine.

This is the last week of Boo at the Zoo, I hope we make it. But the Bronx is soooooo faaaarrrr!

The Real housewives of Atlanta are really kind of annoying, but I have to watch. Its my duty as a pop-culture guru. And two of them are not wives this time, what gives?

Beyonce Watch out now, this boy is coming for you. Two Snaps and a Twist (courtesy of F.U)

CJ insists that he wears an Obama button everyday, That's my boy.

The 700 club really shouldn't be shown on the ABC's family channel

I just saw this woman on the train and she had on leggings no undies, YUCK I threw up a little in my mouth. Why didn't she have a longer shirt on to cover her fat jiggles? YUCK!

This morning I woke up to the sweetest thing ever. At some point CJ crawled into bed with me (and didn't wake me up) but when the alarm went off he woke up and said "Mommy its my fav-or-ite song let's dance".

this is the song that was on:

I use to sing this to him all the time. AWWW I was almost in tears.

For those of you who like me missed SNL last night, my favorite Will Ferrel made an appearance:

Have a Great weekend folks!


12kyle said...


Man, I can't wait for Obama to take it all. I'm gonna vote early. Prolly next monday.

ShellyShell said...

Ill to the lady having on no drawls!

Ugly Betty is my show. I was breaking my neck last night to get home to watch it. Then Grey's and now Life on Mars! I have to stop watching so much dayum tv!

Real Housewives gets on my last nerve. They were all on Wendy on Monday or Tuesday! I watch re-runs on the weekend. Those chicks(Sherese) are sooo over the top. It makes you want to pop the piss out of them!

I so wish we could vote early in NY but I'm going to go go at 6:00am and get my vote on!

Keith said...

I add corn to my manwich too!! I thought I was the only one who did
that. -I know..out of all the things you wrote,I pick THAT to comment on.-lolol.

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... I love manwich with corn too...

it was funny because I made some a couple weeks ago and hadnt had it since I left my mama's house... I was just walking down the aisle in the grocery store and had a flashback and had to pick it up... and it was too good...

The Jaded NYer said...

Can leggins just DIE already?? I'm too through with them!

AWWW at CJ asking you to dance... you are soooo gonna cry like a baby at his graduations and wedding...

and Will Ferrel killed it on SNL! That skit was crazy funny!! HA!

clnmike said...

Obama blend coffee?

I got to get that!

Big Cheekz said...

i didn't know they had obama blend coffee. i hate coffee, but i want some of that just bcs

after the last election i swore i was never gonna vote again but i changed my mind & actually voted early this time. i can't wait till this election is over. O can't start moving into the Black House soon enough...

enjoy the rest of ur wknd!

Kitty said...

Why does Piper even have a fake Louis at her age? I'm just saying.. Shouldn't she want some Hannah Montana, HSM crap like the rest of the girls her age??

I guess I'm missing out on this manwich stuff.

I recently caught a real housewives of atlanta episode. Catty bitties.

The F$%K it List said...

@12K I wish we could vote early, but it might be a tad chaotic in the tri-state area.

@ShellyShell Yes she was gross, ugh if you could have seen her. And then she had the nerve to have an attitude when I cut around her to go to the turnstile.

Sherese sealed her fate with me when she said she wanted a 7 figure settlement. I was like boo for putting that out there.

@Keith. Ha, I had to re-read my own post. But that's what up! Corn and manwich.

@Eb, Me you and Keith gonna have to get our manwich own! Though ya'll know I use turkey meat.

@clnmike Yes obama blend coffee. I had my girl crazy brow taste it, and it smelled good (normally coffee makes me want to gag). She gave it a thumbs up.

Bigcheekz, where you been girl? Blog all private now....anyway.
I'm getting nervous about voting, like it's my first time. HAHA So excited though.

@Kitty I'm saying, a fake bag or any. She's freakin' 7 years old. I say Sarah P's value system goes from 0 to -10 (all bad)

nikki said...

that video of the guy dancing to the beyonce song is FIERCE! LOL

really though...someone needs to sign him to a contract or something. he was really good.

Brothers Blog said...

Obama Coffee? Not a coffee drinker either but man would have to try that on one of those early mornings. lol

The F$%K it List said...

@nikki I totally agree he was fab!

@brothers blog My friend and guinea pig said its very good.