Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone please call 911

911 - Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige

Since last week I have been suffering from low grade fevers and chills, but I just figured it was just the weather. I made it through the work week and was happy to hit the sheets on Friday night. However I was sleep before "The Game" even went off. Saturday as usual I was up early, made breakfast and started out with my weekend. After we went to LI and C.J. and I hit the library I was beat, and it was only 2pm. Mr F had a boys night planned so he played with C.J most of the day as I sorted laundry (that never got done). I don't remember when Mr F left or when he got back I just know it was around 8pm (he tells a different story). Sunday morning was the tell all because I could barely speak and my throat was on fire. But still Superwoman had to keep going, getting ready for work, cooking dinner of which I ate only the baked sweet potato (and I love baked chicken!)

Monday morning after two hours of gargling with tea tree oil and warm water, I decided I needed to get to the Dr fast. Diagnosis: STREP Throat. Once back home the madness began, C. J was everywhere, and Mr F honestly tried but a tired man and an active well rested 2 year old will always make for craziness.. The day went something like this, "Mommy you watch Hulk", "Mommy you read book" "Mommy I don't want daddy, I wanna lay down I sick" on the other hand "Babe, CJ won't stay still so I can change his pamper" "Babe, can you give me the Dr's number I need to reschedule the appt".

There is no Calgon that could take me away! Finally I just gave in and let everyone get in the bed with me.

As I laid there watching them sleep peacefully I wondered "what in the world would happen if I just ran away? not forever but just for a day!" It would be complete chaos, so I asked Mr F what he would do....you know what this man told me? He would try to make it work until I got back but he would probably end up at his momma's house. Now what the hell! I said run away for a day not forever, MEN I swear!

I guess he realized that I was not happy with his answer (and I'm still not)because he came home today, and whisked C.J. away, bought lunch and even bought me my medicine. So maybe I won't run away but only for two reasons:
1: I LOVE my boys. Yes they make me crazy sometimes, but C.J.'s only 2 and Mr F really means well.
2: I'll keep that one to myself but those of you who know me, know the answer! Heheheh
So it's back to the grind tomorrow, strep and all. As long as I am not contagious I feel ok with returning to work. SO I will. I've packed my soup cups (YUCK, I hate soup), my meds, and my new vitamins and I'll drink ginger ale and tea all day. Wish me luck on my return.

Oh yeah I know that song has nothing to do with being sick, and calling 911 but that's how I felt all day Monday.


Lena said...

LOL @ his response! At least he was honest with you though. Remember that episode of the Cosby's when years and years later Clair found out Cliff went to his momma's house with the girls instead of the lake like he said he had done for the weekend - well he went to the lake but dropped the girls off. Hope you feeling better or will soon.

ShellyShell said...

That response is so typical of a man...lol! Hope you feel better!