Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Train to crazy town leaves in T-NOW

I thought about having some kind of format for my post, but doesn't that total go against the name RANDOMSARCASM?

(yesterday) I saw this homeless woman pick up a wrapper out of a puddle, read it and throw it back on the ground and scream "I don't need that Sh!T. LOL.

I saw an entire homeless family, (a mom, dad and three kids one of which was a baby). I had to give them a little money and my subway sandwich. I think they needed more than I did.

Every time I'm early, the A train is late. I will make sure to note that when I have to fill out the MTA's stupid report card.

Fila gets an A for marketing, they've produced a t0shirt that says WTF, only the F is the Fila

Whose celebrating Black Solidarity day with me this year?

Did you just say you don't know what that is, shame on you! .
Black Solidarity Day was initiated in 1969 as a day that was observed nationally by African-American men, women and students. Always occurring the day before elections take place, the original intention was to bring black people together to discuss their political status and where they were headed in the future. Part of this discussion would include the evaluation of educational goals. The day's original focus was not meant to be religion. Traditionally, Black Solidarity Day is a "day of absence" during which black people do not attend school or work; nor do they spend money throughout the day, Gill said. This practice emphasizes the widespread effect of black people's presence both in the work force and as a stimulant of the nation's economy.

Healthy 10 years olds, that are chasing pigeons one minute should not be in a stroller the next. Feet just hanging on the ground. WALK DAMN IT!

Its kind of nippy in the NY right now but not full length goose weather lady.

I *Heart* Twitter, and once I get my blackberry its all over It's on!

I*Heart* my sisters. The F$%K it ladies are FABULOUS!

I ran into 2 friends from Public School, one has matured and the other still sounds like we are in the 8th grade.

I have to applaud Mr. F$%K it for wearing one of my t-shirts (its a 3xL peanut gallery) that read "It takes a weak man to complain about a strong Black woman, who raised you?" Good Look BABY!

C.J wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday anybody interested in taking him? My treat, heheh.

It's breast cancer awareness month,Ladies take care of yourselves, and be aware. My nana is a survivor. AWESOME

Jack's on 44th between 5th and 6th is the best store ever. You want it they have it.

Want to know my secret obsession, here it is click Best workout music ever!

My flaky memory has lead me to stand up my boys from A/N again.

Mean, Rude kids suck, age does not matter.

And lastly, Thanks to Jaded and the news that the Mayor of my fair city may get an additional term (LOVE YA BLOOMBERG) I am in a NY state of Mind.

And remember I did it my way!


Ms. Jones said...

You were so on point when you said "Did you just say you don't know what that is, shame on you!" because I was like what the hell lol...doesn't sound like a half bad idea to me, can you imagine if all black people didn't spend money in unity?!?! that'll show em...

Eb the Celeb said...

This Black day... is no fun if we cant go to a bar and get twisted... it said we cant spend any money... so we just gotta sit in the house and look at ourselves... because if we watch tv that's spending money on power... right?

and I will take my lil boo... Chuckie Cheese is a couple blocks from my house... if you make it to harlem... i'll get in the bed of balls...

Kitty said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't know what Black Solidarity Day was. I've heard of it tho. I say we buy the alcohol and grub the day before and cook out or house party.
Isn't twitter the best? I love it too.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i HATE to see big darn kids i strollers...or with pacifiers-ugh!

Mizrepresent said...

Say it, why don't this randomness. Looking forward to meeting you October 11th, OKAAAAY!

The Jaded NYer said...

GIRL!!!! that playlist is AWESOME! I think I teared up a little bit...

I love your random posts :D

12kyle said...

closing out the random post with sinatra??? lmao!! u r off the chain

Big Cheekz said...

thx for that black history 101 lesson. shamed to say i didn't know abt black solidarity day!

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Absolutely love these random blogs. I learn oh so much about my blog buddies this way. Lmaooo @ grown ass children in strollers. I saw something like that at the mall not too long ago. This kid was longggg and his feet were dragging on the floor. Ugh, I was mad about it!

Lena said...

That is so sad about the homeless family. Made my heart ache.

Children should not be in a stroller after 2, maybe 3. It drives me up the wall when I see big ol' kids dragging their feet along the street while in a stroller.

Aw if I was in NYC I would offer to take him. I would enjoy the free show of him singing to me.

A Go Bytch said...

Hmm..okay the first homeless woman story was funny. Was it intended to be? What's gonna happen when you get your BB girl? I just got one I want to be in the loop.LOL

Go B.

The F$%K it List said...

@ Ms. Jones If only we all would do it. It should be like our day of atonement.

@EB HA, well maybe we can meet at someones house and eat and laugh.

Ok what time should I be in Harle?

@Kitty Twitter rocks, but where you at the debate is on and we are twitting away.

@PCD it makes me crazy to see big kids in strollers

@Miz Yes I can't believe you will be here so soon.

@Jaded Thank you, you inspired it with your love of NY post.

@12K I love me some old blue eyes. No one does it better

@Big Cheekz. Yeah I think I may do more after the things I heard on my commute this morning Black folks need some learning

@She Word Thanks they are my favorite too.

@Lena hey girl! Yes I never give them money but I had too. The kids were tearing at this bag of chips this woman gave them. Broke my heart.

@Go B I sent you an email. So if you don't know NOW YOU KNOW!

★TECHIE™★ said...

On your last line regarding bloomberg, I HATE THAT SON OF A BITCH. He's one of the reasons that the city's ecomony is falling down the tubes. Im speaking on that do 2 the fact cuz I WORK 4 THE CITY and MY JOB COULD BE @ STAKE.. SO BLOOMBERG 3RD TERM, I DONT THINK SO.