Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woo-Sau (also known as Random 'Ish)

I need to take my butt to bed but first I had to get the weeks madness off my chest....

  • I'm counting the seconds until the weekend starts and I go on vacation.
  • The F$%K it family is going pumpkin picking in Queens at a farm,
  • Yes you heard me right Queens, farm. Who knew? I did haha
  • I saw a man today hail the bus like it was a taxi, Why? Its going to stop anyway.
  • Speaking of the bus, I didn't have to pay to ride today. Thanks MTA
  • I thought about doing a post on my ever growing Lexicon but then I realized I would have to explain too much so that's a No Go.
  • I really can't take the ignorance that is Diddy, yet I keep watching all these shows
  • Really Diddy, did you just call a sock monkey Sambo? See above
  • After the ridiculous conversation I heard this morning between two teenage boys, I need to break out my copy of "Assata"
  • Ah another season of wearing Blue and Orange and disappointment, not the Mets... its almost basketball season. The Knicks.
  • Ya'll know how I LUV me some KG but I'm ride or die for my NY teams, even if it means that I spend nights screaming at my TV and shaking my head at the end of the season. HAHA
  • I had the most delicious Sushi today for lunch and it was only $7.50 for 10 pieces. Thanks Cafe Ziyah (41st and Madison NYers and they are open on the weekend).
  • OOOH and a $2.25 chocolate fondu cake. The Japanese have their mark on sweets.
  • Beyonce is finally owning up to being Married to Jay Z in Essence.... Who really cares?
  • Don't you wish you were a CEO at AIG? Bailouts and $440K on a spa vacation.
  • I asked my girl Cheerie if she knew who Klymaxx was? She said no, is that a new pharmaceutical company. LOL!
  • I hate those "the sunny side of the truth" commercials. ANNOYING.
  • Irresponsible people make me sick! Especially when they have kids.
  • Uhm is it safe to drag your sleeping child in his stroller behind you as you cross Madison Avenue? I'd say No
  • Steamed seafood dumplings Yum, What you know about that?
  • I am officially obsessed with Tilapia, I love it.
  • 12kyle has me all wrapped up in old school hip hop since the Vh1 honors.
  • I just spent the last hour watching Alvin Ailey's Revelations... If you've never seen Revelations live you are missing out on the most amazing and beautiful piece of art EVER!
So my new thing is to close with a video playlist on how I feel on this day, so here it goes:
There ain't nothing like Hip Hop Music:


Keith said...

Hey girl, You're just like me, You write at night...Isn't it kool and quiet? It helps you get your thought processes together.

Keith said...
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Mizrepresent said...

What's up girl, so you are going to be out of town this weekend.????I'll be there today! Hope we get to holla! Ah that Klymaxx response was hella funny!

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm jealous of people who can take vacation time... at my job, it's this retarded process where I earn .267 vacation days per month lol

seriously... did I mention my job sucks?

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

Thanks for the craving for sushi I now have... LOL at the Klymaxx comment too funny. You sound like me in Chicago the Bears and the Bulls make me so sad but I'll be a fan till I die.

dejanae said...

revelations is definitely a great show

lyre said...

"Don't you wish you were a CEO at AIG? Bailouts and $440K on a spa vacation"
Had me a wonderful 1 hour massage last Saturday. If I had the USA by the balls, I've live at a spa.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Girl what ever happened to Klymaxx???? They was the best girl group.....

We got a meeting in the ladies room...ut oh ut ut oh!! yea you took me back LMAO

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

beyonce=sit down

sock monkey sambo was hilarious. even funnier was the chick..."whats a sambo?"

tilapia is can do so much with it...yum!

i've always said there should be some type of screening and approval process for people to have kids. everyone shouldn't be allowed. china might be strict, but they don't play! they have serious guidelines

Ms. Jones said...

I hate when people hail the bus like a taxi..or better yet when the step in the street waving their hands, is that really necessary? Its called a bus STOP for a reason right lol....Thanks for the Alvin Ailey links :)

12kyle said...

pumpkin picking in NYC? say word! sounds like something we'd do in SC. LOL

can't front on the old skool

Kieya said...

when did Queens get a farm?
well, i guess if the Bronx can have a zoo....

you should hit those boys with "Assata" and then make them read it

i am right there with you & NY teams son! Knicks for life!!

....who is Klymaxx?

Revelations gives me goosebumps everytime!! My goodness, I get so wrapped up in it cuz its AMAZING!

Kitty said...

Giirrrl!! "rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham!!" Yes please and thank you. Alvin Ailey is the bee- knees. Have a great weekend!

Eb the Celeb said...


Ya tail better be at the blogger's delight event tonight

and I feel the same way about diddy... uuggh... he gets on my nerves... and yet I still watch

and yeah... no one cares about beyonce... first of all... she aint gon tell what we wanna know... she only gon tell what we already know... and that's just to promote her new album... I want the chick to finally admit that she aint 27 and they she really like 33... then I will have some respect for her.

The Dreamy One said...

see tht bullshyss with bailing them out worked my nerves and then to hear that i was like what in the hell!!!

never ate sushi,lol

talapia is not a good fish to me, but glad you like it,lol

yeah i dont like irresponsible parent either!!!

hope your weekend was great!!