Thursday, November 13, 2008

C.J is a spelling genius....

In the last 48 hrs I have watched my little boy "spell". I know you are thinking isn't that boy only two years old? Yes he is and no he's not really spelling (unless I tell him to repeat after me), but he thinks he is......

1st Story
On Tuesday while I was working from home, I had the genius idea of going to IHOP for breakfast, which after actually doing some work turned into an early lunch ( I forgot about the other parents who were home, and didn't feel like cooking, a story for a later time). So after brunch, I came back home and finished working while C.J. & Mr. F$%k it took naps. When they woke up, Mr. F$%k it and I were talking which is where the story begins.

Me: IHOP was a mistake, every parent in Brooklyn and Queens must have been there. Then to top it off I had the most amazingly S-T-U-P-I-D waiter. I think he was the worst waiter in all of N.Y.
C.J.: Yeah Daddy he was C-E-D (with his mad face, eyebrows raised and eyes lowered)
Me: HAHAHAHA ( I was doubled over in laughter)
Mr. F$%K it: (after recovering from shock) Yeah that's true lil man
C.J. Uh huh. Bye Daddy I go watch Blues Clues
We both just looked at him and then each other. There was nothing to say after that.

2nd story
C.J and I were in the cab on our way to the sitter, and in an effort to get him to sit down I try to get him to tell me what he sees out the window. On Farmers Boulevard there are a lot trees so when I ask him what did he see, he said leaves. YEAH CJ.
ME: Do you know why all of the leaves are on the ground
C.J. Yes, they fell.
ME: Do you know what season this is?
ME: (in shock) right Fall, let's spell it F- A-
* ME dead*
So when I get to the sitters house I asked her because this is the first I've heard him spell Fall. She tells me he walks around saying FALL - L-L all the time. HAHA

This is not a spelling story but still pretty funny.
Now that CJ is in his toddlers bed he has taken to visiting me at random hours every night, but his favorite time is usually about 3am. Normally I would escort him right back to his room, because co-sleeping is not my idea of a good night, he sleeps to wild and I enjoy being in the bed alone (Yes I said ALONE, Mr F$%k it takes up too much space but I deal with that). Well two nights ago he visits and I was just too tired to take him back to his room, so I move over and give him one side of the bed and tell him "C.J. go to sleep now" , this child turns to me and looks me dead in the face and said "No Mommy C.J. wake up, you go sleep, I watch Barney" I turned off the cable box and told him No TV and to go to sleep. To which he responded "Mommy you go sleep, I rub your back, Can I have 'mote?" Did he just turn my words against me? Dang!

I didn't let him watch Barney but I laid awake thinking about it for a moment.
Ah life of a Mommy... I Love it.


Sexxy Luv said...

lmao! little CJ is getting big. the toddler years are the best! I'll give you a little advice now...stop spelling out words that you don't want him to repeat! i use to do the same thing except with curse words and those were the 1st words my boys knew how to spell! lol

the joy of being a mommy...i love it!

The Jaded NYer said...

Awww!!! I miss this age!!! you need to follow him around with a tape recorder because toddlers say the darndest things LOL

With my girls, if I don't want them to know what I'm saying, I'll say it in Spanish... except recently they've started looking at me sideways, asking me, "What did you just say?"

damn smart a** kids!!

12kyle said...

awwwwww!!! don't u just love this age?

clnmike said...

lol, that was cute.

Mizrepresent said...

lol, that was too do say the darnest things!

Keith said...

That's cute...I love kids at this age- Two..This is when they are the most precious.