Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dictionary: uninspired (ŭn'ĭn-spīrd')

adj.Having no intellectual, emotional, or spiritual excitement; dull. See synonyms at dull.

This is how I normally feel about the entire holiday season...all that is left for me to do is get a top hat,long wool coat and somehow incorporate "bah humbug" into everyday conversation. I don't know why I am like this, I actually love Christmas but every year this time I am like "OOHHH Boy, I don't want to shop, get a tree blah blah blah". I like to attribute my scrooge-like behavior to two things...

1. The time I overheated and almost passed out in the mall. I hate MALLS to this day. I absolutely can not go into a mall for more than an hour (or the 34th street Macy's) without a wave of nausea spreading over me.

2. Christmas music, I hate all of it (well not Nat King Cole). I blame that on my sisters, for bombarding me with Alvin and the Chipmunk Christmas all those many years. I will leave a store after 5 minutes if they are "holly jolly christmas" BAH HUMBUG!

But this year is different! I don't feel so scroogie and I've been singing the 12 days of Christmas to C.J. for a week and Christmas music doesn't really seem to be having its normal effect on me(though today in the grocery store I heard jingle bells in Spanish and I had the urge to run out the store screaming). Could it be that CJ is softening me to all things Christmas? Now that is too much Dang Kids.


This weekend my niece had her birthday party at Benihannas, and a good time was had by all. Well almost all, I was two seconds from shaking my poor child. Why? because when he is tired he is CRAZY! Here are a list of crazy things he did that afternoon:

1. Before we were seated:running all over the restaurant, and punching my nephew in the chest. They thought it was hilarious but all I could see was a recipes for disaster.

2. Using the chopsticks for karate practice (against the chair) and then throwing them across the room.

3. When he could not get sausage (don't ask) he threw the menu across the table onto the HOT grill.

I know its all apart of the terrible twos and no one seemed to care but all of these things plus my exhaustion just did not mix well. Once I got him to sleep things were better but I was still a tad tight (shoulders touching my ears, I get stressed easily). I thought that when he woke up all hell was going to break lose but he was fine. He just wants to be one of the big kids so I have to really relax and remember he's only two!


How did they come up with this one? I don't know what I could have watched that made Youtube recommend this song:

I do love this song and remember vivdly singing and dancing to it, but I just wonder what did I view on youtube that made them pick it.

This weekend I watched some of my favorite musicals.... if I had not spoken to my Nana I would have been late for dinner... Thanks TMC.

Guys and Dolls:

and my favorite (I can't even say that because I love every part of this movie)

"The Last Dragon"

C.J and I reenacted this scene for Mr F$%k for his amusement, CJ was Bruce Leroy and I was Sho'Nuff. hahah

I watched so many old movies this week but the last one was one of my favorites:

"I disagree homeboy!, A dude could jump off a mountain and not hurt himself because he braced himself" HA Robert Townsend is a comedic genius!

OK happy Monday folks, I will try not to be such a BLAH the rest of the week hahaha.


Lena said...

LOL! I use to play the Chimpmunk and New Kids on the Block Christmas tapes ALLLLLL the time until they mysteriously disappeared. I think my momma has something to do with the mystery. I was thinking CJ prob. soften you up.

Girl, try dealing with 7 cranky two years 5 days a week...I feel your pain.

Have a great week.

The Jaded NYer said...

Christmas is why me and radio broke up... they start that Holly Jolly Christmas nonsense before the Turkey dinner from thanksgiving has even been laid out on the table and I CANNOT TAKE IT!!!!!

and LMAO!! I wish I could have seen CJ as Bruce Leroy!! HA! N and I re-enact scenes from West Side Story sometimes; it's quite the spectacle :D

Miss P said...

oh, i LOVE the Last Dragon! just one more thing we have in common!

Black atelier said...

Okay that is it...Robert Townsend has me crying every time i watch that scene.

Ms. SoChic said...

I LOVE Rick Astley. He sang at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and I went crazy in the kitchen and my two younger sisters were looking at me like I was crazy. I had his record (yes I said record not the tape or cd but the record). BTW rumor has it RZA wants to remake Last Dragon with Rihanna as Laura Charles and Samuel Jackson as Shonuff. My opinion - leave the classics alone.