Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giggles 2 for the week

Yesterdays giggle was about the job market (If you didn't see it its below),. Have any of you seen the movie "What would a day without Mexicans be like?" It's comedic satire, so for any one whose up for a length debate.... Not interested.

Plus I know its true, this country would fall apart if not for the races that carry it on their backs, but this is for giggles so I'll stop there.

Have you all ever heard of Matisyahu? He's a Hasidic reggae artist from Brooklyn (ah we are so wonderful) and he is pretty good. Here he is:

But here is the giggle for today.. I was waiting for the A train at 42nd yesterday and was greeted by this flyer of yet another Jewish Reggae Artist:
Questions you may be asking yourself?
Are those cornrows? Yes they are, with the zig zag parts.
Is his Yamaka green and gold? Yes it is.
Is that the Jamaican flag in the center of the Star of David? Well yes it is... you all are very observant.
What you can not see because the print was too small was his name......

And that is how it was written on the flyer. I could not stop laughing because this so gimmicky.

Back to the serious stuff tomorrow.


clnmike said...

I heard his work before but jewmaican? I just lost respect for him.

The F$%K it List said...

@clnmike This is a different guy, the hasidic guy is still the same. This is some new dude trying to capitalize off the whole jewish reggae artist thing.

A Go Bytch said...

is buddy serious???

Go B.

dejanae said...

yes i have heard of Matisyahu
did a post on him in fact
i think he's hot
i dont know bout this jewmaican character
that will be all

A Go Bytch said...


gO b.

Keith said...

Yes, I've heard of him...I think it's funny..the whole Jewmaican
thing he has going on.

DollFace said...

Girl I haven't been to BK in awhile, but if this is what's waiting for me, it may be a little longer before I come. J/K I heart Brooklyn!!!

Hey girl!!!! :-)

Mizrepresent said...

lol, smh...dang i just don't know what else to say.

★TECHIE™★ said...



Super Woman said...


This is what happens when the jews start moving into flatbush out of crown heights and jamaicans start moving on Albany in crown heights
(Real Brooklyn People Know what i mean)

They get confused LMAO

The F$%K it List said...

@Go B Chile I wish he wasn't serious but he so is. And I'm gonna get you about that tag, it will be up in a few days I promise

@dejane Jewmaican is a hot mess that's all I can say

@Keith Jewmaican is a different cat, I swear he looks like Sean Paul hahaha

@Dollface, This is totally a Williburg thing, crazy mofo's.

@Miz LOL is all I could think of at first.

@Techie I knew you'd get a kick out of this. Too much

@Superwoman Welcome! I know exactly what you mean. All this mixing has folks forgetting where they really came from.