Saturday, November 1, 2008

My poor baby.....

On Thursday I got the call every mother hates " Hi, its me Mrs. Katherine, CJ is not doing well today and I can't get Mr F$%K it on the phone". I was sitting at my desk trying to deal with a rather annoying request from a rather annoying client when I got the call. My first thought was "OK I need to get out of here and get to my baby" Second thought was "Now where the hell is Mr. F$%K it?" My last thought before I exited the building was "I need to make sure I answer this request because I don't want people feeling sorry for me and offering to pick up my work. Life as a full time working mom is hard enough without others feeling the need to throw you a pity party because they think that is what you need.

Anyway I answer the email, send an email to everyone that I am leaving and rush out the door. When I finally get to CJ, he is laid out in his little bed at the sitters burning with fever. Now I consider myself to be pretty tough but when I don't CJ running, jumping and causing all kinds of havoc I freak out. I got him up, dressed and home as quickly as I could only to find Mr F$%K it list home sleep (he's lucky his a$ was home asleep because I had a few choice words for him otherwise). Long Story short he has a rather intense cold and he had a very high fever. Our crazy pediatrician (he really is a awesome dr but still a tad nutty), suggest no medicine, steam 2-10 minutes a day 10 times a day (clearly not something one can do at work) and high caloric intake (he actually said if he wants ice cream at 2am give it to him, hehe). But the real kicker and worst part of the entire thing was CJ was not able to enjoy his first real Halloween!

After searching high and low for the perfect Fire chief (no simple fireman for my boy) costume, complete with real helmet, and baby boy was too sick to even say trick or treat (he saw twick or tweat).

So today is his honorary Halloween, he will be wearing his costume all day. So if you see him show him some love and give him some candy :).CJ will be so much cuter than this little boy :)

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Lena said...

Awww I hope he is feeling better! Give him some candy for me! I want to see him in his costume that I know you haunted down to get.