Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two days off the financial plantation

HAHA, O.K that's 100% and exaggeration, I love my job, and my company but a sister is T-I-R-E-D. I am not in the mood to write anything but I will come visit your blogs today.

So for now I am just going to curl up in my bed with C.J.Read the newspaper and watch CNN (research for tonight's blog radio)
Obama... and why he rocks (or if you don't think so what's your beef?)
Economy/ unemployment... Yo what happen to my job son?!
Stock market ups and downs.... Is that my 401K plan flying away?
You know you want to know so tune in.....

And lastly, catch up on my new favorite shows (Tru Blood) and old favs (Brotherhood).
And if the mood strikes me I might even cook a meal for these boys and put away some laundry... Nah I'm on vacation.
Hey babe pass me the menu folder, I'm relaxing, relating and releasing!

So I'll see you guys on Wed, with many tales of the randomness that is my life.

oh one more thing is it me or is this thing just scary?C.J, saw these in a magazine and I wanted to run screaming from the room..... I don't like them at all.


Kitty said...

They look wierd but they got NOTHIN' on Boobah! LMAO!! Google em if you don't know what I'm talking about. Enjoy your vacay!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, how is it that I have never heard of either of those shows. And what's up with the smiley face dildos? That's not cool.

The F$%K it List said...

@Kitty I'm mad at you for sending me to look at those scary things!

@One Man's HBO and showtime shows. Tru Blood is about vampires and brotherhood is about the Irish mobsters (showtime).

Keith said...

I Love "True Blood" too...did you see it last night?? Can a Black man
make it through any sci-fi or horror show?? Looks like my man Lafayette may have bit the dust..