Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 Things

That piss me off.... So pay attention.

If we get on the elevator at the same time, and its just the two of us please don't bother chatting it up to me about the weather, how you don't want to be at work etc... Just smile, say good morning and keep it moving (this does not apply to people that know me).

Men, don't you think its kind of rude to hit on me when I am with my two year old on crowded 5th avenue...Oh you don't well I do, so to the trash with your card.

If we are on the train and you are not getting off MOVE FROM THE DOOR! And do not get mad if I say excuse me when I am exiting the train.

Speaking of the train, If I wanted to hear "Sasha Fierce"teenage boy I would have bought the CD, and I didn't so turn down your IPOD!

DO not call my mobile phone and play games, if I answer your suspect number say something because I will call you back and curse you out. . A guy called my mobile Saturday and for 5 minutes of me saying hello he said nothing but was breathing heavy. Yep he got clicked and then cursed out.

Customer Service Rep. your job is to service me the customer (dang its right in your title) so please curb your attitude and do your job. I am not afraid to ask for your manager.

I hate when Artist put out CD's that have a special edition and it sucks. Sorry Beyonce Sasha Fierce is kind of Lame, But I will jam to "Ego"That's my theme song.

I'm not into the sister girl hug, but definitely not in the bathroom at the office. I'm glad you are there too sister, but I just met you and we are in a bathroom. So again smile and nod, smile and nod.

When people do not wash their hands after using the ladies room. EWWWW, I am standing right next to you so running the water over your hands is not WASHING them. (not the sister hug lady it was another woman, so EWW again)

10 Things might have to be something I do more often. So next up 10 things I love in the winter.

See ya'll tomorrow.


Eb the Celeb said...

Ego is my theme song too...heheheehh

but ummm... you would hate me on the train cuz I have my ipod blasting something vicious....

its to drown out all the fuckery that happens on the train... the teenagers talking too damn loud, the foreigners speaking in their native tongues, the homeless begging for change, and the so called mariachi band, or new R&B group trying to make it

I dont love nothing about winter...

christmas doesnt even get me excited anymore so I'd just rather skip frm fall to spring.... thx!

The Jaded NYer said...

we are definitely on the same wavelength; LOVE this list!

Kitty said...

I blast my ipod on the train to drown out the foolishness too.
Sasha Fierce was kinda wack. "Sweet Dreams" is the best track on the album imho.
Ick I hate it when people don't wash their hands. Nasty

clnmike said...

Playing on the phone is grade school ish.

And hitting on a woman with her kid there is a no no.

12kyle said...

women don't wash their hands after using the restroom? ewwwwwwwww

Kin'shar said...

You know what I hate to see a man use the bathroom and just rinse (no soap) the fingers that touched his penis....hey come on now.

Keith said...

"EGO" is My Theme Song too! -lololol

You know how I feel about Bathroom
etiquete or the lack of it.

I'm like Eb...I don't care for Winter either..

Hitting on a woman with a kid is a no no to some...but others don't care...

I hate when the artist releases a deluxe edition (BEYONCE) with more songs and you gotta by the CD again.