Thursday, December 11, 2008

In honor of Huey Freeman

Since Aaron McGruder is off creating the new season of "The Boondocks" show, I'm taking it upon myself to give out the awards for the "Most Embarrassing Black People Awards".

Feel free to leave your nominations in the comment box and why.... Stay away from the obvious (Plaxico, OJ, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jeremiah Wright etc. cause you know a sister is all over that one. ) I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

The award show is a formal event so break out your Sunday best, we are Bourgie up over here, hahaha.


Dee said...

I would like to nominate NY Rep. Charles Rangel for all of his sketchiness that is too plentiful to write here, see:

I also would like to nominate Jesse Jackson Sr. for being really NASTY to my man Bam all sorts of ugly names (on air, open mic: and then bawling on Election night after Bam's victory. Hypocrite much? Or psycho? I say both.

Time for the changing of the guard. Yes we can!

Oh - honorable mention goes to Jesse Jackson Jr. if it is found that he put up some money to buy Bam's senatorial seat. To be determined....

Dee said...


While I'm at at, let's nominate Democratic Delegate Ann Price Mills, who could not let Hillary go after she lost the Democratic nomination and pretty mych spat in Bam's face and all of his accomplishments thus far. I'd like to hear from her silly ass now.

I have more, but will leave the rest of the coons and buffoons for others to comment on.

Keith said...

When I get my suit out of the cleaners,I'll see if I can attend.
I think James T.Harris should get one too..That's that Black fool at the McCain rally who said"I beg you Mr. McCain, take it to Obama."
and hugged John McCain. He put the
"T" in Tom. And let's not forget
Clarence "Uncle"Thomas of the Supreme Court.

DollFace said...

I would like to nominate all the college girls on the various campuses who think wearing tights (with their GIGANTIC arses), shirts that stop at the waist, and heels, are the hotness. Did you look in the mirror before you left the house this morning?

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Lol @ all ya'll. I think ya'll have the nominations covered.

Dee said...


Let us not forget singer Joe, who, until a few months ago, thought you could vote for the President online. Yessir, he wins, hands down.

And I'm done. For now.

The Jaded NYer said...

Can we nominate Condi, for sticking by that damn Bush Administration as if nothing was wrong?

clnmike said...

Lets see I would like to nominate,

1-Young Berg for his "I dont like dark Butts".

2- Soulja Boy Tell Him, for his comments about a=Africa and slavery.

That is all but the month is still young.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Can I give my 21 year old nephew, becaue I found out that his dumb ass decided to go and tell his girl friend's father that she was pregnant. I thought that crap was stupid, but what do I know. I mean, It wasn't like he was going to marry the chick. Anyway, the thing that got me was that my little sister told me that he had already went over to tell the father and then tried to charge up the father for being upset about the shit. LOL. I love my family. They all need help.

Anonymous said...

How about BET in general? And them folks on Vh1's reality shows?

Ms. Jones said...

Man everybody pretty much has it covered....I'm going to go ahead and nominate all the dudes 20 and older who only have rap career dreams....its time for a backup plan!!!

Smarty Jones said...

I'd like to nominate Big Baby of the Boston Celtics for stomping off to the bench after some criticism from a teamate.
I'd also like to nominate Adam Jones for beating up his own bodyguard and for not staying in timeout. ;-)
I'd like to nominate McDonald's for all these stupid ass Chicken McNugget commercials.
I want to nominate that crazy ass girl from the MARTA train in ATL who accosted that little old lady.
I want to nominate Da Brat for going to jail for hitting a waitress in the face with a rum bottle (wasting all that good liquor).
I know this goes without saying, but we have to nominate Messy Jesse Jackson Sr. for wanting to castrate the president elect.
OK, I think I'm done now.

12kyle said...


Bob Johnson (BET-founder)- for his vicious verbal attacks on Barack Obama prior to him winning the Democratic nomination

Tavis Smiley- for his downright playa hating on Obama. The way that he talked about the man you would have thought that Tavis and Hilary were f#$kin' and Barack tried to holla at her!

T-Pain...just because

Flavor Flav- I loved you growing up, man. Whut happened?

Black Radio- just downright terrible. When people talk about the lack of diversity in music, you can start the finger pointing at black radio

BET- just because

OJ Simpson- youz a stupid summabish!

Souljah Boy- those were some dumb ass comments that he made shouting out to the slave trade. I hope you save your money, bruh. McDonald's has your name all over it in 5 yrs.

Every brutha or sista that got locked up and was shown on the 6pm news.

Jesse Jackson- you're too old to be acting like a lil beeyoch!

Michael Jackson- just because

Barry Bonds- dummmeeeeeeeee

that's it...for now. lol

nikki said...

i nominate bob johnson. i mean, he was skrate foolish with his hating on obama. bet he wishes he could take that shit back now, don't he? now he's the odd man out, which is indicative of just how out of step BET has been for over a decade. guarantees BET will continue to be irrelevant.

Harold Gibson said...

I nominate keyshia Cole and her ghetto ass family and those stupid housewives of atlanta include the white chick too.

I also want to nominate Armstrong Williams and Tom Sowell. Just because...I mean how can you speak in one breath about a better America for your children and support anything Caribou Barbie is trying to do.

Will Smith for starring in Hancock...why?

Eddie Murphy for starring in Meet Dave...why

Neicy Nash for the horrible tv show.

over and out

clnmike said...

We have a late entry in to the award show,