Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random thoughts

I'm sitting here watching my favorite showtime series, Brotherhood (after Tudors) and I had a million things running though my mind...

Why do the Irish/Italians always reference rappers when they speak about Black people?

Who would want a Dexter e-card? He's a serial killer, what would the card say?

When is Big Love coming back on?

HBO makes me crazy making me wait one year to see a new season, stop it

I still haven't seen the Noah's Arc movie, and I absolutely loved that show.

Is it still playing?

In an effort to relax more before I go to bed, I have been doing Yoga stretches and drinking tea. Not sure if its working because I feel more energized

I don't usually take OTC drugs but Nyquil cold is the best thing ever. I barely remember my name with that.

I really can't watch Keyshia Coles and the Bad Girls club, I've already killed enough brain cells.

If someone poured a drink on my head, Lord help them (see why I can't watch the Bad Girls Club)

I wonder if they get these girls therapy, after this show is over? If not then what is the point....

What am I going to wear to my offices Christmas party?

Would fishnets be inappropriate? hehe, I kid but I'm sure there will be some there.

Why does my cat insist on sleeping in the bathroom on the new rug:? She has two cat beds!

What is with calling each other Bitch all the time? O.K once but damn it 4 Bitches in one sentence is too much.

Thank God for DVR because I would never be able to watch all the must see TV.

Now that the Supreme court has decided not to hear the case about Obama's birth certificate, will this issue finally die?

If I don't get this Christmas card shot today folks will be getting it via email. I know so wack.

I hate lazy people, stop making excuses and just get the work done.

Is it me or are there quite a few bloggers that needed a rest from it all? We'll miss you.

Blogging is actually what keeps me from blowing up. There are tons of things I haven't published but I needed a release.

I think I am over this layout, I want to do something else. Maybe while I'm on vacation.....

Alright that's it. I hope the train offers me some funny stories I haven't done that in a while, The F to Brooklyn is just boring.


The Dreamy One said...

i just started watching the new season of Bad Girls club and I must say wow. that black girl on there is a hot azz mess. I didnt know people like that really exist in real life,lol.j/j

i love the new series of True Blood on HBO, I am also mad I have to wait until next year to see it. September to be exact. Sucks.

as far as blogger is concerned I get bored to fast. I had to take a break or never come back,lol

get u some rest mami, and leave that Nyquill alone,lol

Kin'shar said...

Dexter Card would say "Happy Hollar day"....LOL

Keith said...

I Loved "True Blood" on HBO this season.

@I too am waiting for "Big Love" to return.

@HBO doesn't have as many good series as it used to (Sopranos, Oz,
The Wire, Deadwood, Rome, Six feet Under, Carnival and Sex and The City are all gone.) I was even starting to like "Tell Me You Love me" and that got cancelled. Now it's just "Entourage", "True Blood"
"Curb Your Enthusiasm", and "Big Love"

I missed "Weeds"..Gotta catch up on that on Demand.

I missed most of "Californication"

I blog too much..I need a break.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

these dern cats...they always have to break in new house items. mine does the same thing, whether its a new coat or a rug or a friggin plastic bag. she will plop her portly self right on it when it enters the house-lol!

Keith said...

You've been tagged Missy..Check out
my latest post.

The Jaded NYer said...

Feel free to send me a Dexter e-card; I love that fool.

that NJ dude (with the lawsuit) really had a bug up his ass, didn't he? He didn't want ANYONE to run. I wonder if maybe he wanted to get on the ballot? Or was he a Hilary supporter? lol