Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ignorance is not always blissful

I was visiting a blog I use to frequent often only to find that it has (like so many others) come to an end). Ahh sad to see you go Stuff Black People Hate. While I was reading older post I came across this:

Stuff Black People hate 8/29 This is something I have been saying for ever! I hate the "N" word, I can not think of a more vile racial slur and I NEVER use it. The thought of hearing someone that looks like me, shares ancestry ties use this word makes my skin crawl. When used in my presence be prepared to get the serious side eye and maybe even a lesson on why you need to refrain from using it. I've heard all the arguments about taking it back so that it has no power and to that I say BULL SHIT! You can't take back something that was never intended for good, but to degrade and dismiss you as less than human. A word that is soaked in blood will always be soaked in blood.

With the ever increasing popularity of Hip-Hop, so has grown the popularity of this word. I remember reading a story about Ja-Rule getting into a fight with a white concert goer because they said the N word while singing along to his song. WTF kind of nonsense is that? You can't say buy my music and make me rich but I will beat you senseless if you disrespect me and my people. Dude you made that possible! And you keep making it possible every time you step into a recording booth and that word.

When I hear kids on the train or bus referring to each other as such, it saddens me to no end, I wonder what went wrong. I was raised by my mother who reinforced the ugliness of that word. Though I don't remember it being used in JHS, I do remember that my teachers instilled in us the same values that my mom did. So could that be it? The lack of guidance, both at home and in the schools. It very well could be, so what does that say for us as a community.

History was just made, a man of color is now the President of the United States, will you refer to him as that "N"? Do I expect that a miracle people will just refrain from using the word just because there is a Black President, absolutely not!  But I do expect people to take notice. Let's see what happens....

You are not a N-----

yes Kim, yet another school daze reference! Spike was the truth!

It's been a long time I shouldna left you...

So much has happen since my last post and I could totally backtrack on all that has happened, but what sense would that make.

If you read this blog at all you know I LOVE Barack Obama, excuse me President Barack Obama and that on the day of his swearing in I was at home with my son, basking in the glory that is our Victory! We've gone from We Shall Overcome to Yes we can and now to Yes we Did!

The next 100 days should be interesting (they already have, our President is wasting no time) and I look forward to watching and commenting on all of them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day....Just why!

It's snowing here in the Big Apple, and for the most part its not miserable. Its kind of cold and the bus ran slower than normal but its a snowy day so no big deal!

Here is what the street looked like this morning:Pretty right? I even stopped to write a message with my finger in snow for my friends daughter in NC. She might never see this much snow. So all and all I had a seamless commute. But of course leave it to my fellow commuters to give me something to talk about, so here are things I don't get about NYers on a snowy day.

If the snow as light as it was today I can see you wearing leather sneakers, they offer you the stability to walk safely and keep your feet dry. I do not understand wearing suede or sneakers that are made of cloth. Chuck T's are not a suitable sneaker for this weather. And then I don't want to hear you complain about wet feet, DUH you have on cloth shoes, that are flat to the ground.

Snow is slippery, even 1/2 inch can catch you busting your ass, so if you are wearing high heels running for the bus I hope you enjoy the slip and slide. HAHAHAHA. I normally would not laugh at someone falling but I couldn't help it this morning.

A sweater is not going to keep you warm! As I watch you turn blue I can't help but give you the side eye and think what a dumb ass you are. Especially since you have on brand new Jordans (who does that, its snowing!) and a rather pricey watch.

Lastly for my dear friend and my cousin, I don't get this at all train. The train is a gross, extra dirty and grimey. The A and F trains especially!

This one is a little blurry because she has was moving fast in her suede Puma's and high water pants, hehehe. (fur1)

Full length fur coat! Now I can see a jacket but I don't get this. I know fur is warm but so is a goose, and its less formal than a fur coat. But to each his own!

Oooh now this Blackberry is going to get me into so much trouble, but I'm willing to risk it so you all can have the same visual I do every day on the train. Welcome to my new madness.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Miss America may as well resign

So today is my birthday and I had the most horrific start this morning but I managed to make it into the office happy and smiling. This is the first year since I started in the business that I have EVER worked on my birthday and it actually wasn't so bad.

I had a great lunch, courtesy of my work BFF. We got a good laugh while we were out and that made for an even better time.

My manager bought two cheesecakes and the NYC famous black and white cookie for me and my pal Cheer bear (we share a born day). The cookies made me laugh because we joke that we are Yin and Yang and here we get Black (Yang) and White (Yin) cookies for our birthday. That RB is too slick!

On Saturday while purchasing a bottle of wine, I was carded and told by the wonderful cashier that I looked no older than 17, now how sweet was that. (though if you saw a 17 year old walking around your liquor store for over a half hr wouldn't you say something...I'm just saying).

Lastly I've been shown so much love (especially on FB) today from all my peeps, it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. dare I say it:

And I pity any girl who isn't me today(or for the rest of the month for that matter). XOXOX.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A week on the train in review

First things first
Happy New Years everyone! I hope 2009 brings you everything 2008 did not, as well as good health and fortune
Now for my first train stories post of the new years:

Pregnant woman I have seen for over a year saying she is mucho prego. This woman says her speech in English than in broken Spanish. She has on jewelry but says she is homeless, 12 months and still pregnant that sounds like a phenomomenom to me.

Breakdancers dancing to diamond girl, why did all the white people get up and move like these kids would hurt them LMAO...
I always wonder why there has to be one really little one, like 6/7 years old. Where do these kids tell their parents they are at at 6:30pm?

The candy boys! They crack me up because their entire spiel is that they are out here to make $ so they can stay out of trouble, my thoughts are they should be at home doing homework IF they want to stay out of trouble.

Hey lady eating fried chicken with hot sauce! The chair is not a napkin EWW

Why are all the people working in the Federal court building so hood! Like 10 inch long nails, baby hair gel, loud obnoxious talking about criminal cases. I mean what if the guy you were flirting with while he was being processed is someone I know

One of these things don't belong with the others dude is wearing timbs, bomber, skull cap and a murse (man purse) tucked under his arm... LOL
Oh boy I think mr murse is a tad nutso talking to himself

I've said this a million times but clearly the people on the E haven't heard me, a sliver of space does not a seat make so do not ask me to move over. I'm sure the woman next to me is a lovely person but I don't want to sit in her lap O.K?

Its always cool to get the free news paper but I'm pretty sure it not good to use to clean you nose (passes woman a tissue)

Teenagers maybe 15 talking about "notorious" aren't they to young to know who B.I.G was?

I hate the smell of coffee and am secretly wishing the train would jerk and the woman next to me would spill hers so my nausea will cease. Or at least she can keep the top on SMH

Or maybe it the woman on my left that thought the bottle of vanilla body lotion should be applied to every inch of her forearm on the train BLECH!

Dude with the broken foot why are you hopping around an empty train sit the hell down.. And if your foot is broke why don't you have crutches smh.

Lastly if I see one more teenager walking around with stir-ups, short shirt and cropped jacket, ya'll are going to have to come get me from Central booking. The latest fashion victim this morning had the nerve to 1) not have on tights under her pants so her feet were exposed. 2) her feet looked like she had been out in the fields kicking flour all day. YUCK.

HAHA, I slay me!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gimme a Break!

I am extending my blog vacation until Friday night, when I don't have to go to work the next day and I can stay up past 10pm and formulate my thoughts. So don't cry, I'm writing down all my crazy train experiences and I have at least two top ten things I hate written.

In the meantime get lost in these blast from the past:

Smarty Jones this ones for you:

"Denise, is this my shirt?, Is this the shirt I spent $30, the shirt they are suppose to think is a Gordon Gartrelle"

Jerome's in the house!

"Obo bim bopbop Bim bobsee, bada dan bada dan, I'm am international playa!" Martin was a classic, and Jerome was always a laugh a minute.

Ah this is my life on vacation, see you on Friday.