Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ignorance is not always blissful

I was visiting a blog I use to frequent often only to find that it has (like so many others) come to an end). Ahh sad to see you go Stuff Black People Hate. While I was reading older post I came across this:

Stuff Black People hate 8/29 This is something I have been saying for ever! I hate the "N" word, I can not think of a more vile racial slur and I NEVER use it. The thought of hearing someone that looks like me, shares ancestry ties use this word makes my skin crawl. When used in my presence be prepared to get the serious side eye and maybe even a lesson on why you need to refrain from using it. I've heard all the arguments about taking it back so that it has no power and to that I say BULL SHIT! You can't take back something that was never intended for good, but to degrade and dismiss you as less than human. A word that is soaked in blood will always be soaked in blood.

With the ever increasing popularity of Hip-Hop, so has grown the popularity of this word. I remember reading a story about Ja-Rule getting into a fight with a white concert goer because they said the N word while singing along to his song. WTF kind of nonsense is that? You can't say buy my music and make me rich but I will beat you senseless if you disrespect me and my people. Dude you made that possible! And you keep making it possible every time you step into a recording booth and that word.

When I hear kids on the train or bus referring to each other as such, it saddens me to no end, I wonder what went wrong. I was raised by my mother who reinforced the ugliness of that word. Though I don't remember it being used in JHS, I do remember that my teachers instilled in us the same values that my mom did. So could that be it? The lack of guidance, both at home and in the schools. It very well could be, so what does that say for us as a community.

History was just made, a man of color is now the President of the United States, will you refer to him as that "N"? Do I expect that a miracle people will just refrain from using the word just because there is a Black President, absolutely not!  But I do expect people to take notice. Let's see what happens....

You are not a N-----

yes Kim, yet another school daze reference! Spike was the truth!


Keith said...

I totally agree with you on that.
It was never used in my house..but I heard it on the street everyday..said by people who looked just like me. I was 14 before a white person called me that. I've never felt comfortable calling anybody that. I hope the rappers will get it together and cool out on it's usage.

Smarty Jones said...

You already know what it is! I actually refused to use the phrase "the N-word" because I think that diminishes the power.
I think the key is policing ourselves and speaking up when our family and friends use it. I do that and they're so tired of hearing me say something about it, they don't use it in my presence.
Now if I can work on them not saying it in front of their kids and not at all, I will be a happy camper.

The Jaded NYer said...

I was never taught all that in my house, prob 'cause my peeps are mad racist, but I understand your point.

will it stop me from being ignant as all hell?

I'll make an effort; it's all I can promise ;-)

clnmike said...

As a chronic abuser of the word I understand the hypocracy of using the word and not accepting others use of it.

At the same time I look as it as an in house thing, thus others are not privleged to use it.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Like Keith, it was never used in my house. I remember being so offended when my friend's family would say it like it wasn't a big deal. Just to show you how you can be desensitized to this kind of thing, years later I'd find myself using it w/o thinking twice. No more, I agree with and have been hypocritical all these years, so I'm breaking myself out of even thinking it.

12kyle said...

gotta side with clnmike on this one. the word is only used among my close friends. i can't say that i use the word often but i do use it.

ShellyShell said...

I hate that word. Especially since I had to grow up around sooooo many of "The Others" who felt like it was ok and then I proceeded to whoop ass they wanted to say "Oh we're sorry we didn't know"
It wasn't used in my house at all but I hear it ALL the time! I can't stand when I'm on the train and the kids are saying it every other word and "the others" are sitting there! Uhh that shyt burns me up!