Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day....Just why!

It's snowing here in the Big Apple, and for the most part its not miserable. Its kind of cold and the bus ran slower than normal but its a snowy day so no big deal!

Here is what the street looked like this morning:Pretty right? I even stopped to write a message with my finger in snow for my friends daughter in NC. She might never see this much snow. So all and all I had a seamless commute. But of course leave it to my fellow commuters to give me something to talk about, so here are things I don't get about NYers on a snowy day.

If the snow as light as it was today I can see you wearing leather sneakers, they offer you the stability to walk safely and keep your feet dry. I do not understand wearing suede or sneakers that are made of cloth. Chuck T's are not a suitable sneaker for this weather. And then I don't want to hear you complain about wet feet, DUH you have on cloth shoes, that are flat to the ground.

Snow is slippery, even 1/2 inch can catch you busting your ass, so if you are wearing high heels running for the bus I hope you enjoy the slip and slide. HAHAHAHA. I normally would not laugh at someone falling but I couldn't help it this morning.

A sweater is not going to keep you warm! As I watch you turn blue I can't help but give you the side eye and think what a dumb ass you are. Especially since you have on brand new Jordans (who does that, its snowing!) and a rather pricey watch.

Lastly for my dear friend and my cousin, I don't get this at all train. The train is a gross, extra dirty and grimey. The A and F trains especially!

This one is a little blurry because she has was moving fast in her suede Puma's and high water pants, hehehe. (fur1)

Full length fur coat! Now I can see a jacket but I don't get this. I know fur is warm but so is a goose, and its less formal than a fur coat. But to each his own!

Oooh now this Blackberry is going to get me into so much trouble, but I'm willing to risk it so you all can have the same visual I do every day on the train. Welcome to my new madness.


She W0rd Hustlez said...

yayyy snow! being from texas that excites me, but that fur coat!!! the only person that could've gotten away with a full length fur coat in texas was pimp c!

clnmike said...

Thats one thing I dont miss the snow.

callmeq said...

NYer stupidity doesn't discriminate by region sis. Sure 'nough, these fools up here in Buffalo are accomplishing the same feats as your crowd down there. The difference? The snow is 2 feet high and rising. But I digress. Just the other day I called my roommate out on wearing Birkenstocks without socks. I guess for him it's mind over matter. For me its mind under hypothermia.

Kitty said...

I don't understand it either girl. The stuff you see on the train.. SMH LOL!

Coogie Cruz said...

I miss NYC snow...sometimes.

Keith said...

It's snowing here too...I hate snow, I don't like ice and I hate winter period..I feel you on that.

Kofi Bofah said...


It snows every other day out here.