Thursday, January 8, 2009

A week on the train in review

First things first
Happy New Years everyone! I hope 2009 brings you everything 2008 did not, as well as good health and fortune
Now for my first train stories post of the new years:

Pregnant woman I have seen for over a year saying she is mucho prego. This woman says her speech in English than in broken Spanish. She has on jewelry but says she is homeless, 12 months and still pregnant that sounds like a phenomomenom to me.

Breakdancers dancing to diamond girl, why did all the white people get up and move like these kids would hurt them LMAO...
I always wonder why there has to be one really little one, like 6/7 years old. Where do these kids tell their parents they are at at 6:30pm?

The candy boys! They crack me up because their entire spiel is that they are out here to make $ so they can stay out of trouble, my thoughts are they should be at home doing homework IF they want to stay out of trouble.

Hey lady eating fried chicken with hot sauce! The chair is not a napkin EWW

Why are all the people working in the Federal court building so hood! Like 10 inch long nails, baby hair gel, loud obnoxious talking about criminal cases. I mean what if the guy you were flirting with while he was being processed is someone I know

One of these things don't belong with the others dude is wearing timbs, bomber, skull cap and a murse (man purse) tucked under his arm... LOL
Oh boy I think mr murse is a tad nutso talking to himself

I've said this a million times but clearly the people on the E haven't heard me, a sliver of space does not a seat make so do not ask me to move over. I'm sure the woman next to me is a lovely person but I don't want to sit in her lap O.K?

Its always cool to get the free news paper but I'm pretty sure it not good to use to clean you nose (passes woman a tissue)

Teenagers maybe 15 talking about "notorious" aren't they to young to know who B.I.G was?

I hate the smell of coffee and am secretly wishing the train would jerk and the woman next to me would spill hers so my nausea will cease. Or at least she can keep the top on SMH

Or maybe it the woman on my left that thought the bottle of vanilla body lotion should be applied to every inch of her forearm on the train BLECH!

Dude with the broken foot why are you hopping around an empty train sit the hell down.. And if your foot is broke why don't you have crutches smh.

Lastly if I see one more teenager walking around with stir-ups, short shirt and cropped jacket, ya'll are going to have to come get me from Central booking. The latest fashion victim this morning had the nerve to 1) not have on tights under her pants so her feet were exposed. 2) her feet looked like she had been out in the fields kicking flour all day. YUCK.

HAHA, I slay me!


Keith said...

Feels like Home.....don't it?LMAO
@your observations..How are you?

Kitty said...

Sounds like you got some characters on your train route.
Those kids kinda annoy me too. All I think is "future d-boy/ stick up kid"
Mean, I know, but true. But I prefer the one's selling M&Ms to the ones asking for money to help them "buy new uniforms for their track team" or some BS.

There's a lady that gets on the bus in the morning with a fur coat. A fur coat and riding the bus? Why?

The Jaded NYer said...

Ahhh, my favorite: subway stories!

(and I think I've seen that pregnant lady before LOL)