Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes that's right today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging the random things that pop into my head. It started with a random thought about the KKK and here were are today celebrating one year of it all. You might ask how am I celebrating? With a drink of course! Moscato D'asti CHECK! Cru d'ete CHECK!

I never thought I would be doing this for a month, much less a year. But what can I say NY inspires me. I've met some great people in cyberspace, and as always the NY Blogger crew does it big and are the FLLLLLYYYYEEESSSSTTTTTT.

Well I'm off to pop bottles! Have one in my honor tonight, hell the entire weekend!

oh you wanted more, tomorrow I promise. Until then you can blame it on the a-al-cho-hol

or as CJ says Blame it on the Juice, got me feeling loose. Lord what am I going to do with this child! We've created an entire hook that is child friendly.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random 'Ish

Why do people run when they get off the train? What are they trying to catch

Listening to pandora makes me happy! Especially my Beres Hammond station

I am completely obsessed with Rupaul's new show. I love drag queens (one of my must see shows)

I've decided that in 2010 or early 2011 CJ and I are going to Egypt

Only 30+ days in and Obama is still getting folks to have hope. That's a man of faith.

Will the republicans be all "my bad" when Obama's stimulus pkg helps?

If I had to pick a theme song that played when I walked it would be either Lily Allen F$%k you very much or Pink's so what.

My motto in 2009, is that's on you! Why? Because what I say I mean and if you hear something else ooh well that's on you.

I miss my friends from Hollins! I wish they would all move North, its only cold a few month out of the year.

I really hate last minute invitations, I'm working on being less rigid about that.

If Carla wins top chef I'm booking a flight to wherever she opens up her restaurant. Love her

Have I told ya'll that "for the love of ray j" is the nastiest scumbag of a show ever YUCK ( I lost about 30% of my brain cells watching 2o minutes of that damn show, I regained them by watching a doc on PBS).

Can a sister just find a house? All this looking is wearing me out.

OMG I saw a house this weekend and a family of little people lived there. No I didn't freak out (well not completely).

I saw a man today on the street today and he had only four strands of hair and they were blowing in the wind. He looked like this:Now that I have my bberry I want to take pictures of people but the click of the camera is a dead give away. How do I turn that 'ish of?

I think the IKEA in Brooklyn painted over the Biggie mural, dang they couldn't wait a year. I might have to boycott that place. Plus I got into mad arguments.

Well ok I'm not going to boycott because where else can I get the hotness of a dresser for only$40 on sale. LOVE YOU IKEA.

I so looking forward to seeing this silly ass movie "I love you man".

As much as I love basketball, I haven't really committed to one NBA game. It's just not the same without Mr. F$%K it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National Pancake Day!

Today is National Pancake Day at my favorite place in the world IHOP! Go to participating IHOP's and get a short stack for FREE between 7am- 10pm. Diets be damned folks, its a recession and the Pancakes are FREE! Enjoy...

Now back to serious business.. Keep reading.

Right America feeling wronged

Alexandra Pelosi's daughter did a documentary on the right wing and their feelings during the election... And oh boy was it scary. I believe McCain supporters have the right to be upset that their candidate did not win the election but so much of what is said is nonsense rhetoric and hatred and its a shame. You can sing"God Bless the USA" until the cows come home but that does not make you a better American, nor does your lack of education (one of the right wingers says Obama does not know real America because he went to Columbia and Harvard), growing up in the country or many of the other reasons given.

At the very least the NASCAR watchers were honest, we are not ready for a Black President, we don't care for Black people. That is real and though backwards as all hell, its not full of false claims and unwarranted fear. As you watch this video you will hear repeatedly things along the lines of, he didn't wear an American flag pin, he's a Muslim, Socialist, he's so eloquent like Hitler, oh and my favorite 9/11. If you haven't seen this documentary take the time to watch it.

Racism is real in this country, the sheets have been removed, and been replaced by fur coats and tweed jackets but the message remains the same, This is a country that is and will forever have a race issue because of people like this.

I've read a lot of blogs that say the same thing, African Americans are too sensitive, and that we need thicker skin and to me that is a load of crap. If there is a people with a thicker skin than those that are the decedents of SLAVES, stolen from their homes, separated from their families, culturally raped and oppressed please show me them. I will say we need to be more aware and less surprised by the actions of some but tougher skin.... Nope I don't buy that. I know my history, and I honor it everyday by being strong enough to face obstacles that most can't and won't.

On a funny note, if you make it to the end where the McCain supporters are talking about leaving the country take note of where they want to move to:

Costa Rica
The Bahamas

I'm just saying....

Monday, February 23, 2009


I really am at a loss for words, which is a rare occurrence. I was going to respond to the NY Post and their blatant racism and even respond to some of your comments but then my best boyfriend ever John Legend took care of that, see this is why I love him, and then I had to control myself and not watch the Oscars because all of the hype makes me crazy (I watched Big Love instead, BEST SHOW on TV now).

I've just come to the conclusion that I must be a Bear, a small, dainty, sexy bear but a bear indeed, because this winter I just want to hibernate. Come home, eat, put on my cozy PJ's (yes I know that when bears hibernate they sleep the entire winter, but don't be silly I'm a human bear with bills to pay), wrap my hair and go to bed. I don't even want to watch TV just go to bed, it's rotting my brain anyway so in an effort to not end up a severely retarded bear, I am not watching as many shows as I could be. And before I go to bed besides using twitter I'm reading to C.J. and playing with him until I pass out beside him. So that's where I am in 2009 right now, relaxing, spending quality time with my family and getting some much needed rest, but I miss blogging daily so I am going to force myself to stay up one more hour.

Ya know you miss my brand of crazy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leaving it to the readers

There is a lot I can say about this cartoon, featured in the latest edition of the NY POST. Historically the most racist newspaper in NYC. But I'm going to leave it to you in the comment sections:


Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation 3rd Birthday

Thanks to my friend Sonshine and the Hollins College crew, I have started the planning CJ's birthday party six months early. Now I wasn't going to wait until the last minute to plan it, I had the theme after his 2nd birthday, and knew where but now I've started looking for the decorations and party favors. So this weekend I turned to the best place to get decorations and favors, Oriental Trading, with my sharpie, glass of tea and book in hand I started circling the necessary decorations and favors and putting stars next to the things I might want to buy.

In the process of doing this, CJ woke up from his nap and decided that he too needed a cup of tea and a pen to circle things. As I was pretty much done, I gave in and let him add to the list. The first thing he circled was great and I had missed it but everything afterwards was just hilarious.
First the baseball themed decoration:Super cute picture frames, for $6.99 you can make 12. So I added this to the list of party favors, I will get a pic of CJ and it can be the thank you.

Now for the jokes:I asked him twice about that flask, he insisted that he had to have it. Even got mad and said "Mommy I already say YES" and walked out the room. When he returned I asked why he needed the flask and the champagne fountain, he said for juice. The Mr. and I were on the floor laughing and CJ just looked at us like we were crazy.

This morning I asked him again and the answer didn't change so if you see the pictures of the party on FB this summer and CJ is carrying around a flask or refilling it at his juice fountain please don't call BCW on us because he said he needed it. LOL

Anyone want to dress up like Mr. Met for CJ's party in July? hehehe

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are Reality shows setting unrealistic standard for skanks?"

This is the funniest thing I've seen since David goes to the dentist. I love faux news programs as you all very well know. So enjoy a quick hump day laugh :)


Statistics show that only 2% of skanks will ever ride in a stretch Hummer limo.
These shows teach skanks to talk shit about other skanks, to call each other fakes, steal each others leather boots. HAHA
She called you a Hoe.. STEP UP HAHAHAH!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Things... Yes I know its usually 10 Things but not today.

So I 've been MIA for a few weeks but after this week I will be back blogging like I use too. I think I just needed to clear my head of a few things. So here are some of the things that have had me all worked up...

  • HOUSE HUNTING, Ugh who thought these could be the two ugliest words in the English language. Well they totally can be when your broker is not doing his/her job. So I finally got rid of that dead weight. Still haven't found a house but I'm optimistic that I will soon.
  • WINTER! Now I am a NYer, I have lived with this cold weather my entire life. Laughed at my friends down South when they complained that they were at 30 degrees (I mean I bust out laughing). But for the Love of God, I am tired of this cold! I hate being stuck in the house, and please if I never see another snowflake this season I will be happy happy!
  • MY BIRTHDAY! I am usually pretty cool when it comes to my birthday but for some reason this year I was stuck on stupid. I can't believe I am 34, THIRTY FOUR! Then I did a little soul searching and realized I have accomplished a lot in these 34 years and I've been fabulous through it all.
  • FACEBOOK! haha. I spend so much time on there chatting with old friends, that I forget that I have this blog to maintain. (and Twitter too, all that mini blogging). It's all about balance.
  • BB- translation my CRACKBERRY! I told Eb that I should have never gotten that damn thing. I can't imagine how I lived without it so long. BB Messenger, FB and Twitter at my fingertips at every moment of the day. Someone check me into a program because I'm officially addicted. LOL
  • FRIENDS being NOT SO FRIENDLY! In being on FB constantly I've watched as people who claim to be your friends, and have been for many years say some of the most unnecessary things and think its funny or cute. Just in case you haven't gotten my message on that its not! It makes you look silly and could potentially end friendships instead of building which is the point of the SOCIAL Network. I'm not one of these women that will say it on a webpage if I can't say it to your face... ASK ABOUT ME *hahaha*, Honestly I don't even follow up the nonsense because my real friends know I don't have time to beat around the bush and play games, I'll just block and delete you from my life.PERIOD. Oh and you are my friend, don't use my pictures for your espionage, you will get your feelings hurt because that kind of immaturity is uncalled for!
So now that I've got all that sorted out Monday February 16th will be the return to regular scheduled programming.

Why...The America's Best Dance Crew addition

I've said it a million times and I will continue to, I love America's Next Dance Crew but I hate the judges. Some might say hate is a strong word but NO its really not when it comes to this show.

The dancers on this show deserve so much better, they come out and perform / outperform these silly tasks (like Wack school dances, translation old school) and the best they can get are these same five lines.

  • You guys are hot! or You girls are here to win! - Uhm yeah its a competition
  • No matter how big the moves make sure you keep it tight.- What does that even mean?
  • Yo I love this group. - If you say that to each group doesn't the love get null
  • The one thing I noticed is that you guys show each other love. - what does this have to do with dancing?
  • When you all first performed I wasn't sure what to expect from you. - OK, I don't even know what to say about this one....
That's it. I swear I hear the same lines over and over again, even from Shane Sparks a well know choreographer. If I were dancing on this show when they do the clip shows I would so clown the judges about the lack of real criticism that is offered. All that said I still love the show because it showcases these young adults trying to do better (and a lot of them do get dance deals with recording artists), but I'm going to need the judges to really speak about dancing and cut out all of this Hip-hop rhetoric... cause that ain't hot.

Another just why is as simple as a picture:Lil Mama. PLEASE FIRE YOUR STYLIST! I get what you are going for and they mussed the mark! A young woman your age should not be this overdone. And we get it already you like things that glitter, and that's cool but must it be all over your hat, shirt, nails etc..... REALLY?

Shane, Please put on some real clothes. Sweats and a du-rag are played out. I'm just saying you are not performing so why can't you put on real clothes..

JC, I have nothing to say, you are too cool for school, but you could offer better advice to these kids, you are after all a JUDGE. JUDGE then!

PS Randy calling a show ABDC is just stupid. ok I'm done, and yes I will be watching next week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why do the TV Gods continue to foresake me.....

This evening I was doing my regular Tuesday night channel surfing when I happened upon this:

WHY WHY WHY are they giving these people yet another TV show. Now normally I would go off about how silly these contestants are, and YES some of them are. But two of the contestants actually seem like they are there to do more than just hook up, cause mad drama and take the $250K to get a boob job. One contestant wants to further her line of wigs that she creates for cancer patients, and another to for a boy charity. But otherwise its just the same old BS with the same old fools, rolling around in mud, and eating strange things. (Sigh), maybe I'll turn in early...

But then this came on:

OH my god! Is this girl really crying in the first episode! And is her name cocktail? And why are all these chicks calling Ray J their man, don't they know what happens on these shows. You act a fool, drink, get into fights, Roll around with Ray J and then he doesn't pick you. He picks your worst enemy but then on the reunion show he is like "nah I decided to do another show and find my real love." That's it show over.

AND ITS RAY J, NASTY A$ RAY J! Ewwwwwwww, have you seen that video with Kim K? BLEECCCCHHHHH

Am I the only one confused about why this kind of 15 minutes of fame is important to these damn woman. I'm done!

*I need to pull myself together, and try to regain the lost brain cells*