Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation 3rd Birthday

Thanks to my friend Sonshine and the Hollins College crew, I have started the planning CJ's birthday party six months early. Now I wasn't going to wait until the last minute to plan it, I had the theme after his 2nd birthday, and knew where but now I've started looking for the decorations and party favors. So this weekend I turned to the best place to get decorations and favors, Oriental Trading, with my sharpie, glass of tea and book in hand I started circling the necessary decorations and favors and putting stars next to the things I might want to buy.

In the process of doing this, CJ woke up from his nap and decided that he too needed a cup of tea and a pen to circle things. As I was pretty much done, I gave in and let him add to the list. The first thing he circled was great and I had missed it but everything afterwards was just hilarious.
First the baseball themed decoration:Super cute picture frames, for $6.99 you can make 12. So I added this to the list of party favors, I will get a pic of CJ and it can be the thank you.

Now for the jokes:I asked him twice about that flask, he insisted that he had to have it. Even got mad and said "Mommy I already say YES" and walked out the room. When he returned I asked why he needed the flask and the champagne fountain, he said for juice. The Mr. and I were on the floor laughing and CJ just looked at us like we were crazy.

This morning I asked him again and the answer didn't change so if you see the pictures of the party on FB this summer and CJ is carrying around a flask or refilling it at his juice fountain please don't call BCW on us because he said he needed it. LOL

Anyone want to dress up like Mr. Met for CJ's party in July? hehehe


Eb the Celeb said...

He is too much!

The Jaded NYer said...

I already say YES... and then left the room as if he put his foot down??? HAHAHAHAHAHA... I love it!

Keith said...

HAhahahahahahahahahahha....Kids...You got to love em! Hey that's what I used to carry mine for...Juice!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i love oriental thing ever for the kiddies!

clnmike said...


I like this kid.

ShellyShell said...

That shyt it funny as hell!

Sunshine said...

Note to self, do not let child choose items from magazine for the party