Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random 'Ish

Why do people run when they get off the train? What are they trying to catch

Listening to pandora makes me happy! Especially my Beres Hammond station

I am completely obsessed with Rupaul's new show. I love drag queens (one of my must see shows)

I've decided that in 2010 or early 2011 CJ and I are going to Egypt

Only 30+ days in and Obama is still getting folks to have hope. That's a man of faith.

Will the republicans be all "my bad" when Obama's stimulus pkg helps?

If I had to pick a theme song that played when I walked it would be either Lily Allen F$%k you very much or Pink's so what.

My motto in 2009, is that's on you! Why? Because what I say I mean and if you hear something else ooh well that's on you.

I miss my friends from Hollins! I wish they would all move North, its only cold a few month out of the year.

I really hate last minute invitations, I'm working on being less rigid about that.

If Carla wins top chef I'm booking a flight to wherever she opens up her restaurant. Love her

Have I told ya'll that "for the love of ray j" is the nastiest scumbag of a show ever YUCK ( I lost about 30% of my brain cells watching 2o minutes of that damn show, I regained them by watching a doc on PBS).

Can a sister just find a house? All this looking is wearing me out.

OMG I saw a house this weekend and a family of little people lived there. No I didn't freak out (well not completely).

I saw a man today on the street today and he had only four strands of hair and they were blowing in the wind. He looked like this:Now that I have my bberry I want to take pictures of people but the click of the camera is a dead give away. How do I turn that 'ish of?

I think the IKEA in Brooklyn painted over the Biggie mural, dang they couldn't wait a year. I might have to boycott that place. Plus I got into mad arguments.

Well ok I'm not going to boycott because where else can I get the hotness of a dresser for only$40 on sale. LOVE YOU IKEA.

I so looking forward to seeing this silly ass movie "I love you man".

As much as I love basketball, I haven't really committed to one NBA game. It's just not the same without Mr. F$%K it.


Ms. SoChic said...

See now I gotta watch RuPaul's show. You are NOT helping my reality show addiction. LOL!!!

PS don't say 'that's on you'! :)

12kyle said...

Love the randomness! You know i love it!

I haven't figured out how to turn that clicking noise off either. I've gotten to the point where I just don't care if anybody hears it! LOL. Normally, i'm in an area where it's noisy any way.

Kitty said...

Don't you just love Rupaul's Drag race? It seems like most of twitterville is on Ray j's show but it come on at the same time as Ru's show where I live so I never get to see it (luckily it seems).

clnmike said...

-Why Eygpt? Im scared of any country too close to the Middle East.

-Lilly Allen is the truth!