Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Right America feeling wronged

Alexandra Pelosi's daughter did a documentary on the right wing and their feelings during the election... And oh boy was it scary. I believe McCain supporters have the right to be upset that their candidate did not win the election but so much of what is said is nonsense rhetoric and hatred and its a shame. You can sing"God Bless the USA" until the cows come home but that does not make you a better American, nor does your lack of education (one of the right wingers says Obama does not know real America because he went to Columbia and Harvard), growing up in the country or many of the other reasons given.

At the very least the NASCAR watchers were honest, we are not ready for a Black President, we don't care for Black people. That is real and though backwards as all hell, its not full of false claims and unwarranted fear. As you watch this video you will hear repeatedly things along the lines of, he didn't wear an American flag pin, he's a Muslim, Socialist, he's so eloquent like Hitler, oh and my favorite 9/11. If you haven't seen this documentary take the time to watch it.

Racism is real in this country, the sheets have been removed, and been replaced by fur coats and tweed jackets but the message remains the same, This is a country that is and will forever have a race issue because of people like this.

I've read a lot of blogs that say the same thing, African Americans are too sensitive, and that we need thicker skin and to me that is a load of crap. If there is a people with a thicker skin than those that are the decedents of SLAVES, stolen from their homes, separated from their families, culturally raped and oppressed please show me them. I will say we need to be more aware and less surprised by the actions of some but tougher skin.... Nope I don't buy that. I know my history, and I honor it everyday by being strong enough to face obstacles that most can't and won't.

On a funny note, if you make it to the end where the McCain supporters are talking about leaving the country take note of where they want to move to:

Costa Rica
The Bahamas

I'm just saying....


Keith said...

They want to move to the Bahamas???
No Black people there right?
Bwahahahahahahahahaha...A mind truly is a terrible thing to lose.

ShellyShell said...

I heard about this and I need to watch it!Like you said when you have Nascar loving white people who are being real I can deal with that! But it's the ones that act like they are so educated. Those are the ones I grew up with.That shyt for 18 years was a mess! "Oh you're nice enough but we don't want you guys in any type of leadership position or to date our children." When my mom was hired as Director of Nursing you should have seen the chaos it created. She said if she was darker they probably wouldn't have hired her. She's like the color of Lana Turner.Poeple didn't want to listen and tried to act brand new. They had NO idea who they were dealing with!LOL! I can't stand going back to visit my parents because of that shyt!I could write a book on that closet racism in that raggidy azz town!
Hmmm Costa Rica and the Bahamas! No black people! Interesting! LOL!