Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter killed the Blogger star

12kyle has been making fun of me for not posting as often as I use too, but I told ya'll I wouldn't be because I have decided to dedicate more time to CJ. Besides watching 24 I don't even put the TV on until he goes to bed (Thank you DVR), its a sacrifice I want to make. So between potty training, reading books with CJ, teaching him numbers, playing dominoes and trying to get him to stick to his schedule I barely have time to type anything (I have a notebook full of stories).

But today as I posted about the dreaded MTA I realized its not just all the Family/ Mom stuff that's been keeping me from blogging regularly, its TWITTER (yeah follow me son, F_uitlist). I'm always on there sharing in real time, stuff I would normally share here. So since 12Kyle and Kitty got me addicted to Twitter I'm blaming them and you should too. HAHAH

*on a side note, I'm going to try to make it back to my normal daily scheduled blogging, just bare with me. I have mad things going on!*

I'm writing a 4 page letter

Only there will be no kisses sent with it, more like a middle finger.

Dear MTA,

WTF! I was on the F train this morning, (the first stop) and as we pulled out of the station and into the tunnel and I hear"
"Attention passengers we are being held here due to train
traffic from an earlier incident."

Word? We are sitting in a tunnel and there was traffic, so why in the hell did the train leave the station. After sitting with half of the train in the tunnel and the other half still at the previous station, the train starts to move. It's moving rather quickly so I put on my ipod and then I hear this:
"Attention passengers, we are seeing a high number of trains delayed because of a stalled train at 71st Continental, as soon as it clears we will proceed."

MTA I know you have a problem with number forecasting (which is why you are always broke) but maybe you can apply forecasting to other areas, like better service so you can avoid the angry passengers. Let's take today for instance, the express trains were backed up and delayed, but the local tracks were empty... hmm what do you do? What do you do? Well if you have common sense you re--route the trains, but if you are the MTA you do nothing. That's right nothing, sitting on the express-less track while suffer alcohol poisoning because the man next to me is DRUNK at 7am.

And now they want to raise my fare 23% are you serious? All its going to do is go to paying rent on empty buildings and raises. And I'm sorry but raises go to the ones that do exemplary work, not the F student. If Governor Patterson is going to use the states stimulus money to help the MTA, he needs to have them detail every dollar.

*thinking I might have to buy a add on seat to my bike so CJ and I can get around the city*

*oh I can't forget to curse the 4 train, for leaving Utica to go to New Lots and going down the wrong set of tracks. Where did I end up you ask, back where I started on Utica only on the Uptown side. Lord help me*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lessons from a Drag Queen.

If you follow me on any of the various social networks or have read my random posts, then you know I LOVE ME SOME RuPaul and her new show RuPaul's Drag Race. Well this week the show ended and I was so happy to see that the winner was Bebe Zahara, and as I watched (all season) I thought about all the things women can learn from these Queens. Sort of a refresher course for some and maybe something new to others:

Wrote a song about, wanna here it, here it goes!

1)) BLEND BLEND BLEND, these men have 5 o'clock shadow that they cover flawlessly by blending. The baddest Queens know this..If a person is sitting next to you and they can see where your makeup ends and the untouched skin begins, you FAIL. So Blend ladies until your arm falls off if need be.

2) Tuck, Tuck, Tuck. Now REAL women don't have anything to tuck right? but if you have on bunchy underwear, or serious VPL what do you think RuPaul would say to you? It's sloppy at best, so ladies tighten up, because one of the drag Queens was almost eliminated for slippin'

3) Celebrate Life, in this day and age we do more complaining and less celebrating. Times are hard I get it but they aren't getting any easier because we are putting out bad energy to the universe. Every one of these contestant (minus Chanel) were so happy go lucky, even when they had to let some one else do their makeup and it was a mess. Still they smiled. Ongina (my other fierce Fav) revealed she was HIV positive, yet she had the most amazing personality. She smiled and laughed as so can you damn it. Anyway frowning causes wrinkles so Live happy people!.
4) Sing for your Life ~ What an awesome way to chose the person that got to stay. We all do it, when you are so full of emotion and the only thing you can do is slap on that Mary J "My Life" and sing so you don't cry, that's what you're doing Singing for your life so you can keep going.

5) "If you can't love yourself how in the hell you gonna love someone else" RuPaul said this at the close of every show. I live by that rule daily, but I have seen so many of my friends fall victim because they tried to love some one more than they loved themselves. So maybe RuPaul can get through to them.

6) Lastly ~ OWN IT! Your positive energy and self confidence are what you need to make it in life. If people criticize and tell you that your dreams are impossible tell them to BEAT IT! When you start to absorb and allow the negativity around you to take control , you Fail. So accept yourself flaws and all and put some bass in your step!

Ok its not all serious, I loved that Santino (PRunway) was a judge. He was a hard A$ just like on Runway, Love him.

The only thing that could have made me swoon even more would have been a guest appearance by the Real life female drag queen Ms. Kimora Lee. OMG can you imagine how awesome that would have been.

RuPaul also gave me some new words to add to my Lexicon, and I love it.

Lipsync for your life and Don't F$%k it up
It's severe up in here!
CAMEERROOOONNNNN I will never say the name of that country the same again
Sashay- You away
Shantay- You stay. (these two are in regular use)
manel-toe male Camel toe.
Face Face Face, I give Face Beauty Face

oh there are so many more, now I need to get a Fab Queen in my circle and all will be right with the world.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here in Bizzaro World

I am so confused about what is going on in this country and definitely in this State.

NYS is in a financial crisis, and Gov. Patterson is cutting services that will only make it harder to live in this state, and even harder to live in this city. Hospitals, education budget, all being put on the chopping block, The MTA is threatening to raise the fairs AGAIN, because they are BROKE AGAIN (my monthly pass will be raised about 23%, but my Nana's access a ride will rise twice that and she's a senior citizen, WTF moment indeed!) So imagine my surprise when NY1 reported this:

NY1 Exclusive: Many State Senate Staffers Receive Hefty Salary Bumps

By: Josh Robin

An exclusive NY1 investigation found about three dozen aides of state senators whose salaries noticeably grew over the past three months. NY1's Josh Robin filed the following report.

To the victors go the spoils. Fresh from ousting Republicans from more than 40 years of state senate control, Democrats have dished out hundreds of thousands of dollars in raises to select staffers, even amid a fiscal crisis expected to require tax hikes and deep spending cuts.

A NY1 investigation found about three dozen aides saw their salaries grow in the past three months.

Among the aides is the deputy chief of staff for Nassau Senator Craig Johnson, whose salary climbed 63 percent, from $47,500 in 2008 to $77,500 this year.

The chief of staff for Bronx Senator Jeff Klein saw his wages grow by 36 percent, from $55,000 in 2008 to $75,000 this year. Four other people in Klein's office saw salary increases, but their positions stayed the same.

With their new majority, Democratic lawmakers say they and their staffs have gained new responsibilities. Johnson became a committee chairman and Klein has become the Senate's deputy majority leader.

"Remember, staff don't get paid for a Saturday and Sunday and overtime," said Senator Majority Leader Malcolm Smith. "So even a salary bump, if you had to pay them by the hour, they're being paid a whole lot less than what they're worth in terms of the time that they're putting in."

Johnson did not want to appear on camera.

"Their level of responsibility has only increased since January 7, so because of that, they are compensated in line with what the previous Republican majority was paying its staffers for similar duties," said Johnson spokesman Rich Azzopardi.

"My staff, you know, as well as I do, work 24/7," said Klein. "Now I'm the deputy majority leader, the number two senator in the state, so they automatically assume more responsibility."

As those responsibilities have grown for Democratic senators, so have the number of staffers, committee aides and central staff working for the Democrats. Meanwhile, resources for Republicans will be a fraction of what they were when they were in the majority.

To good government advocate Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group, that spells a troublesome, if familiar, Albany way of rewarding those in power.

"The Democrats are in charge, the shoe's on the other foot," says Horner. "They're gobbling up all the resources at the expense of the Republicans."

Democrats say they do plan to cut the Senate's $100 million budget by 10 percent overall, making fewer hires and taking other measures. But that is just a tiny amount in the face of the state's multi-billion dollar deficit.

See right there in the bold (look up), MULTI BILLION DOLLAR deficit, and you know where they expect to get more money, THE PEOPLE IN THE CITY! Yes the state is affected too, but the people that are residents of the city will feel it twice because according to the news the city government did a forecast and made SOME of the adjustments needed to help with the adjustment for the growing recession. A Deputy chief's salary jumping 63% since January, some people don't have that happen their entire working career, and he thinks its justified because he took on more responsibility, HUH? You thinks its justifiable to grant raises when you know your state bleeding? Hospitals closing, the transit infrastructure falling apart but hey what can they do with that money.

Rings of the same BS as AIG and their "honoring contracts" as the reason they had to grant these ridiculous bonuses. Speaking of which, Obama's people better get it together, how in the name of anything holy, did they think that granting crooks bonuses of this magnitude would not have the people with pitch forks in hand. DA HELL, I work in the same industry and I'm making sure my machete has a a sharp enough blade.

I really can't see how any of this makes any sense, this is indeed Bizzaro world.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary.

While twittering away the other day I made the comment:

"Only Frank, Dean, Mel, Nat and Sammy will calm me so I don't slap someone in here today"

After witty banter about the choices we all use to stop from going off at work, I started thinking that I have a list of music for every emotion I feel during a day (thank you Ipod and Pandora), so I've decided to share it with you to invite you further into my crazy, and as a mood ring into my emotions, just in case you see me and I'm playing any of these songs:

If I'm playing:

~"Dancing Queen" ABBA, then I'm probably feeling sad. For some reason this song makes feel better whenever I hear it. When I hear the chorus I want to dance around in circles. So this the best way to get me out of my funk.

~ANYTHING by Frank Sinatra, then I'm probably @ 1omph on my way to 60mph in less than 10 seconds, about to crash. I can hear the first four notes of NY NY and I am fine, slowed down and happy. *Note if I have to be in the office at 8am Frank, Dean, Mel, Sammy and Nat will be in heavy rotation. On a really hectic day I might even Youtube Guys and Dolls.

~Any Pop song, but lately Brittney Spears "Circus" and that God awful Timberland song about being broke (don't judge me!) then I am in a silly mood. For some reason when the the guy says "Baby Girl, I don't got a roomy house I rent a room in a house" it sends me into a fit of laughter. I just think that is too funny.

~"I like to Move it Move it", Then CJ has somehow once again figured out how to push the keys on my laptop and has gone back to that song so he can breakdance. How did he even figure that out?

~ "Watch what you say to me" by T.I. Then The Mr has annoyed me to a point of no return today. I will also add to that "sometimes" Bilal because if I didn't have home training this blog would be created from Rikers Island.

~Any Beres Hammond song or song from the hot 1992 Dancehall craze, I'm in the mood to party, wine my hips and drink a nice bottle of red stripe (well not really a red stripe but you know). These were some of the best times of my life so I like to relive them through the music. And anyone that's been out to a club with me knows that if I hear this song:

The shoes are coming off and damn sweating out my hair. I'm going to act a damn fool.

Lastly but most importantly IF I AM PLAYING:
~ Ready to Die, not one song but the entire CD your best bet is to not make eye contact, and back out of the room slowly. Its my I don't want to go to jail CD need I say more....

quote from Martin Luther.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic....

This evening I watched The Daily Show (on DVR) and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was the guest. She was really funny but she also had a lot to say about what Americans know about the branches of government and what they do. According to her research only 1/3 of the people polled can name the three branches but 75% can name an American Idol judge, that's pretty sad. This all got me thinking about what our kids are exposed to, and what they are learning outside school.

In this most historic political time, we are watching as President Obama introduces bill to be passed, as Congress and the Senate take votes and for those of us of a certain age we remember learning all about that in school but having it reinforced by this:

Good wholesome educational TV. I am 34 years old and I still know this entire song. I decided to buy the DVD's for C.J. so he can experience the same joy I did and LEARN.

We learned that Three was a magic number, we multiplied and all we really thought we were doing was singing.
A man and a woman had a little baby, they were three and that's a magic number.
As I listened to this I thought "boy is this is a real hippie dippie song" but its still great.

I'm not saying that the TV out there right now doesn't teach the same lessons, some of it does (like Sesame street that is still rocking on) but everything now is so high tech that the message could get a little lost. So if you hear CJ singing "he's just a bill, and he's sitting here on capital hill" just sing along, you know you want to :).

Monday, March 9, 2009

We'll always Love Big Poppa

Today is the 12 year anniversary of the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. To some its just a day but to Brooklyn and to Hip Hop its more than that. One of our own taken away in a senseless media fueled war of coast. When I look back on it and how stupid people were to take sides and lives I shake my head ( I shook my head back then too 'cause folks never got their 40 acres and they didn't fight like Tupac and Biggie fans).

Anyway I remember exactly where I was when I found out that he had been murdered. My sister V and I had been out late the night before and were sleeping in when my older sister called from LA to tell us. I remember watching MTV coverage all day long and just being sad. I also remember when his body was driven through Brooklyn, it was intense. So today on this anniversary I will post my favorite Biggie Songs.

Brooklyn's Finest - no need for explanation:

Gimme the Loot - I said it to my twitter fam earlier, when this song comes on I have to do the mean mug and act like I'm really on my way to rob someone hahah.

10 crack commandments I love this song, one of his best.

and as much as I want to keep going I will end it here ~ Let Jadakiss speak on how Hip Hop misses BIG.

Friday, March 6, 2009

You need a good laugh!

I Laughed out Loud in the office when I saw this on my homeboys facebook page.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Things MTA edition

Why is it that people rush for the train even after the announcement says this approaching train is out of service?

I know the messages are not that clear, but if you take off your headset blasting Jamie Foxx and listen you'd know.

If you are the first person to get on the already crowded train than you probably shouldn't stand in front of the door and then curse folks out when you get pushed.

Fashion on the MTA, especially the A train will make you forget all the idiots above.. Look at these pants:Where did she even get these Jack Daniel sweatpants,hhahaha. I wanted to take a pic of her entire outfit but she was rather large and I couldn't get the flash turned off.

I saw it all the time, MEN CLOSE YOUR FREAKING LEGS, we get it your stuff needs to breathe but do that on your own time!
There is another seat in the middle of these two jerks and a pregnant woman holding onto the pole. (Finally got the flash to turn off)

Why is it that the trains that run underground from their first to last stop always seem to have the most issues in this horrible weather? I mean really they are not exposed to any of the elements.

I miss riding the A train in the morning, the F from queens is SO Boring. The A was full of hilarious stories.

I miss marijuana sweater lady from the A, she and her 20 inch nails were two days worth of story telling. I guess I could just drop by the court building heheh

I find myself wondering what people are thinking when they make some of these purchases, for example should a woman in her 50's really be carrying a purse that had DEREON written across it? Like really.

Why must the train conductors be so cranky, closing the doors when they see someone trying to get on. You can't really be trying to keep to a schedule, you are already late.

If the MTA was a person at a regular job they would have been fired after 2 weeks, always late, thousands of excuses, always asking to borrow money. FIRED FIRED FIRED

ok that ends my rant about the MTA. I just had a hard time getting home when I started writing :)