Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm writing a 4 page letter

Only there will be no kisses sent with it, more like a middle finger.

Dear MTA,

WTF! I was on the F train this morning, (the first stop) and as we pulled out of the station and into the tunnel and I hear"
"Attention passengers we are being held here due to train
traffic from an earlier incident."

Word? We are sitting in a tunnel and there was traffic, so why in the hell did the train leave the station. After sitting with half of the train in the tunnel and the other half still at the previous station, the train starts to move. It's moving rather quickly so I put on my ipod and then I hear this:
"Attention passengers, we are seeing a high number of trains delayed because of a stalled train at 71st Continental, as soon as it clears we will proceed."

MTA I know you have a problem with number forecasting (which is why you are always broke) but maybe you can apply forecasting to other areas, like better service so you can avoid the angry passengers. Let's take today for instance, the express trains were backed up and delayed, but the local tracks were empty... hmm what do you do? What do you do? Well if you have common sense you re--route the trains, but if you are the MTA you do nothing. That's right nothing, sitting on the express-less track while suffer alcohol poisoning because the man next to me is DRUNK at 7am.

And now they want to raise my fare 23% are you serious? All its going to do is go to paying rent on empty buildings and raises. And I'm sorry but raises go to the ones that do exemplary work, not the F student. If Governor Patterson is going to use the states stimulus money to help the MTA, he needs to have them detail every dollar.

*thinking I might have to buy a add on seat to my bike so CJ and I can get around the city*

*oh I can't forget to curse the 4 train, for leaving Utica to go to New Lots and going down the wrong set of tracks. Where did I end up you ask, back where I started on Utica only on the Uptown side. Lord help me*

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Mo said...

see, thats why i'm not so ready to head back to NY. last time I was home, they def stopped service on the D train at 59th. I was trying to get to the chinatown bus...had to take a shuttle after a conductor put me on the wrong train. i tell u...i also hate when they stop in the tunnel cuz then it starts to get all hot and someone not attractive is breathin hot breath on you. yuck! MTA sucks.