Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Things MTA edition

Why is it that people rush for the train even after the announcement says this approaching train is out of service?

I know the messages are not that clear, but if you take off your headset blasting Jamie Foxx and listen you'd know.

If you are the first person to get on the already crowded train than you probably shouldn't stand in front of the door and then curse folks out when you get pushed.

Fashion on the MTA, especially the A train will make you forget all the idiots above.. Look at these pants:Where did she even get these Jack Daniel sweatpants,hhahaha. I wanted to take a pic of her entire outfit but she was rather large and I couldn't get the flash turned off.

I saw it all the time, MEN CLOSE YOUR FREAKING LEGS, we get it your stuff needs to breathe but do that on your own time!
There is another seat in the middle of these two jerks and a pregnant woman holding onto the pole. (Finally got the flash to turn off)

Why is it that the trains that run underground from their first to last stop always seem to have the most issues in this horrible weather? I mean really they are not exposed to any of the elements.

I miss riding the A train in the morning, the F from queens is SO Boring. The A was full of hilarious stories.

I miss marijuana sweater lady from the A, she and her 20 inch nails were two days worth of story telling. I guess I could just drop by the court building heheh

I find myself wondering what people are thinking when they make some of these purchases, for example should a woman in her 50's really be carrying a purse that had DEREON written across it? Like really.

Why must the train conductors be so cranky, closing the doors when they see someone trying to get on. You can't really be trying to keep to a schedule, you are already late.

If the MTA was a person at a regular job they would have been fired after 2 weeks, always late, thousands of excuses, always asking to borrow money. FIRED FIRED FIRED

ok that ends my rant about the MTA. I just had a hard time getting home when I started writing :)


The Jaded NYer said...


Ms. SoChic said...

LOL @ Jaded! Those sweats are bananas. Not gonna even front, I have a Jack Daniels tee - It says Whiskey make me Tipsy ;)!! Should I cop the pants and make it an outfit. I'm kidding, no real talk -should I?? LOL

SMH at the men not giving up their seats. I also hate when I see a woman with a stroller struggling up the stairs and no one helps her but my 5'2 self. ??????

Kitty said...

Those pants are killing me softly.

That 50 yo lady prob got that deroen purse off the clearance rack of marshalls or something.

ShellyShell said...

I used to take the A too! That shyt was comical! I know who the lady is with the long azz fingernails! That shyt used to gross me out!

Dudes do not care that they take up three damn seats sometimes! Uhhh!

Those Jack pants are HILARIOUS!

Why are you taking the F now?