Monday, March 9, 2009

We'll always Love Big Poppa

Today is the 12 year anniversary of the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. To some its just a day but to Brooklyn and to Hip Hop its more than that. One of our own taken away in a senseless media fueled war of coast. When I look back on it and how stupid people were to take sides and lives I shake my head ( I shook my head back then too 'cause folks never got their 40 acres and they didn't fight like Tupac and Biggie fans).

Anyway I remember exactly where I was when I found out that he had been murdered. My sister V and I had been out late the night before and were sleeping in when my older sister called from LA to tell us. I remember watching MTV coverage all day long and just being sad. I also remember when his body was driven through Brooklyn, it was intense. So today on this anniversary I will post my favorite Biggie Songs.

Brooklyn's Finest - no need for explanation:

Gimme the Loot - I said it to my twitter fam earlier, when this song comes on I have to do the mean mug and act like I'm really on my way to rob someone hahah.

10 crack commandments I love this song, one of his best.

and as much as I want to keep going I will end it here ~ Let Jadakiss speak on how Hip Hop misses BIG.


The Jaded NYer said...

I was way upstate removed from it all. I was like, "But he was just getting started!"

And more importantly, my next thought was, "Why are Puffy & Suge still alive?"

12kyle said...

Great tribute to Biggie!!! He's gone but his music will live forever. Every time we press PLAY, we bring him back to life!

btw...Brooklyn's Finest is one of my favorites.

Keith said...

...."And if ya don't knowww, now ya, babyyyyyy..."


Kitty said...

Great post, Chica!!

ShellyShell said...

Bk's finest is one of my favorite songs! My favorite Big song is "Who shot ya." The beat on that song is fiyah! Dudes at school used to make fun of me cause they said that song was so hard and they couldn't believe the girl from upstate loved it! Ha! Good times and good music!


Dee said...

I was in freakin' Nassau, Bahamas when the news broke and folks down there were straight trippin! Goes to show the long range of his impact.