Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You are not superior

I have a old clique of friends that love to outdo each other, and personally I find it kind of hilarious. You can't call me your friend, your sister and then you tell me we are "You think you are on a higher level" than some of our other friends. WHAT THE F$%k does that even mean? All week this foolishness has been on my mind because a "friend" said it again!

I've never thought of my friends as not being on the same level as me, I feel as though we are on the same journey the path is just different. And in the end I don't think material things, make you superior to any other person. Looking back I remember when my friend DeeDee graduated from law school, if I were one of these girl I would have been all pissed trying to one up her. But being who I am I was so excited, you would have thought I was the one graduating. Anything other than that in my opinion is WEAK! So after all this thinking I thought I might blog about all the things that have been used as a weapon to PROVE they are someone and on a different level.

1. You are not superior because you own a home. Yes its wonderful and all but your owning a home is not something you need to go bragging about thinking it makes you special.

2. You have a wife/husband. Spare me the BS that this makes you on a higher level than the single person. Some people want to be single but because they don't want your life you are better. NOT. And if your marriage is in bad shape don't you think the person that has a faithful loving partner is still inferior to you. pssshhh And for the love of all that is Holy, use his or her name, no one wants to hear "My husband this, my wife that"

3. You have child(ren): God blesses us with children the fact that you raise them, are invested in their education does not make you superior. Its your DAMN JOB!

4. You have a college degree(s) : That's freaking awesome, make sure you tell the kids you keep throwing in every ones face about it. Show it to them daily so they too can achieve that, but stop telling me you are an educated man/woman. ACT Like one instead of stating it all the damn time, especially when you know your DEAD WRONG. PAUSE

5. You have a fancy car: Just more stupidity on your part if you sit around throwing the fact that you have a high end car. Good for you but all I see are your mental issues, because if you really use this as your meter, I feel sorry for you. And what happens if you crash that car and can't get you end up on the lower end of the social ladder. I heard this street pastor today on the train and he made a lot of sense, don't tell people the Lord gave you your new car, because Jesus didn't drive. *that's the short version*This applies to those of you talking about bags, clothes, watches.

I don't care how any of this comes off, I'm not jealous or hating. I'm just tired of friends not knowing how to be friends but frontin' like they do. feel free to post your dislikes in the comment section.

* That's my rant for today, but if you come in contact with me and anything listed above leaves your lips be ready to hear me speak* FAIR WARNING.

Monday, April 13, 2009



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just like yesterday

Two weeks ago I met up with one of my best friends from JHS, her husband and gorgeous daughters. When I came out of my building and she hugged me I really felt like I could cry! She looked the same, I looked the same (good genes ya'll). I mean I really had to suck it all in so as not to drop a tear.

In JHS we were like peas in a pod, rocked the same Esprit outfits (carefully planned the day before), did homework together, snuck out to the boulangerie and candy store, laughed at the same boys. We were inseparable. Then came 8th grade graduation, attending separate schools, Colleges, marriage and kids the separation growing, great memories being pushed to the back of our minds.

Each time I looked at old class pictures I'd wonder how they are. Realizing as I held faded pictures in my hand that these people played a huge part in who I am today. My friend taught me all the Creole slang, eventually making it easier for me to get through Mr. Goose’s brutal French class, and High School regencies. We were the originals BFF, because even then we knew what real friendship was. And I missed that.

Fast-forward to 2008 where against my better judgment I joined Facebook (tricked actually by my dear friend Sonshine). I had refused for so long because I didn't want to really cross the line into full fledged EBP, heck it was bad enough that I fit every other category this would be my hold out (control issues much? YES). So month in after taking a million quizzes, sending karma, and plants to save the earth I received a friend request from my dear old friend, then another and Another. In a matter of weeks it felt like we were back in PS 189, and for brief moments there wasn't a care in the world but the jokes and looking back and where we were and how far we'd come.

This Friday I will reunite with this group of friends and I am beyond happy! 20 years of catching up, WOW. I never thought I'd have 20 years of anything to share. And if the crazy threads on FB are any indication of the fun to be had that night then I’m pretty sure I'll be banned from Sea and maybe even wiilyburgh hhehehe.

*its a good thing NYC has five boroughs for me to wreck havoc in, because between my birthday parties, blogger meet up, guest bartender events, and hanging with old friends (made new again) I might run out of places to go*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Say what you want about

Jon Stewart just don't say it in earshot of me, because this dude is FUNNY! The team of writers on the Daily show are the best in the business. Here is what Jon had to say to Rush Limbaugh, and his drug addicted a$$:
<a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Show: Rush Limbaugh Leaves New York</a>

About this Dude Elon James but he is too funny! I was introduced (by Inkgonegro on twitter) and I am hooked. See for yourself.

This Obama Fried Chicken is near my mom's house I'm going to try and get a picture of it, before I throw an egg at their window.

About Seinfeld but as a NYer I can relate to everything on that show (well not the lack of Black people but whatever).

who can't relate to that? no one likes the stump of a the muffin. The top is the best part!

And lastly South Park. This evening I watched the premiere episodes and it features Kanye West. TOO FUNNY. Try and catch it if you can, because there is no streaming at South park on comedy central due to contractual issues. WTH!

MTA Random 'Ish

  • At 6:40am people are so nice, I wonder could it be that they are all still asleep.
  • If you are a couple sit next to each other not on either side of the three seater. SO RUDE
  • Hey Mr. Indian, cologne does NOT cover up the smell of alcohol seeping through your skin.
  • Elastic man, WE GET it your really tall, but you don't have to stretch your legs all the way out into the aisle.
  • Hi my name is F$%K it list, do I know you? No, ok then please stop staring at me.
  • Would it be crazy if I sat on the train chanting"OHM"? I mean people dance, sing, sell candy so why can't I center myself.
  • FOLD the paper in half DUMBASS, no one wants the entire NY Times in their face. RUDE.
  • Why do people insist on getting into fist fight on the train? There is like no space and you are going to end up hitting the wrong person. Now two people want to beat your ass.
  • You always know when a homeless person is on the train sleeping because everyone is on one side of the train with their mouth frowned up.
  • The conductor on my train gave the weather, the time and what trains you can transfer to at the next station. That brother wants to keep his job, too bad the MTA only takes care of the least efficient.
  • Why are dudes groping and molesting women on the train? UGH such a violation. Glad she had her mobile phone with a camera.
  • Bet he's not so happy PERVE!
  • Has anyone seen all the advertisement at the stations and on the trains. The turnstiles even have someones brand on them. Times are hard.
  • Did I say the MTA Sucks yet? Well that can't be said enough
  • The F train sucks, The A train is full of drama, The 3/4 is like a bat out hell, don't you love how exciting public transportation can be.
  • The MTA better get it together and pressure the state for more funding because this hike is RIDICULOUS! The FB group against the fare hike is up to 60K members.
ok that's it. The MTA gets no more shine on this blog this week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Please do not call

Me on Sunday night at 9pm, or you will surely get cursed out! EVERYTHING ceases to exist during this one hour of the day, because I am watching my favorite show. YES THAT'S RIGHT
Sex, War, Psychosis, Hatred of Self and the Roman Catholic Church and ALL TRUE. This show gives a more insight into what we all know as the Royal Family. And might even explain why they are all so damned screwed up. I mean damn Henry VIII was a whore and a deadbeat like no other. He had his first two wives beheaded for crimes that he created in his mind, broke from the Catholic church and named himself head of the English church, shunning Rome now that is Gangsta!

History in all forms makes me happy so if that doesn't intrigue you watch just because there are a bunch of hot guys :) Nothing like the real King Henry VIII.

POWER is a Mutha because this guy didnt have much else going for him, not like the SEXY Jonathan Rys Meyer.
ok that's enough ranting about TV. .... OH WAIT!

I watched "The Soup" this weekend and they showed a clip from that train wreck "For the Love of Ray J".Apparently this week was lie detector week on R-J's show, and one of the skankers (Danger) admitted to having thoughts of killing people in the house, and has had restraining orders against her... Now here in the real world that is the person you RUN THE HELL AWAY from , but not Ray J he's keeps the crazy one and let go of the girl that is like a friend. WTH! ( I had to watch to see the outcome, brain cells lost 100, wishing I had them back). This is one more reason why I do not watch that mess of a show. Oh yeah and Brandy asked the questions fore her "Really Smart" brother. The Norwood stock is definitely PLUMMETING faster than the DOW.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Piicture Post

My Girl Shelly Shell sent me this via email with the caption "What in the "furry hell" is this ish?" and there was nothing else I could say.


Then I was at Chuck E. Cheese a few weeks ago and I saw:

I swear these were the only loose fitted jeans we saw in the place. And as you can see not so loose.

Then I saw a this girl almost get into a fight with her baby in her arms. At that same dreaded place.
Let's not even get into her outfit its a hot mess. And why are you fighting with your child in your arms, SMDH! Some people just don't need to have kids... I'm just saying.

Anyway CJ enjoyed his first and last time at Chuck E. Cheese (with his mom, he's been with his aunts before) in Brooklyn. Next stop Harlem Chuck E. Cheese , we will be there when the doors open so we can be there with the people with some common sense.