Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just like yesterday

Two weeks ago I met up with one of my best friends from JHS, her husband and gorgeous daughters. When I came out of my building and she hugged me I really felt like I could cry! She looked the same, I looked the same (good genes ya'll). I mean I really had to suck it all in so as not to drop a tear.

In JHS we were like peas in a pod, rocked the same Esprit outfits (carefully planned the day before), did homework together, snuck out to the boulangerie and candy store, laughed at the same boys. We were inseparable. Then came 8th grade graduation, attending separate schools, Colleges, marriage and kids the separation growing, great memories being pushed to the back of our minds.

Each time I looked at old class pictures I'd wonder how they are. Realizing as I held faded pictures in my hand that these people played a huge part in who I am today. My friend taught me all the Creole slang, eventually making it easier for me to get through Mr. Goose’s brutal French class, and High School regencies. We were the originals BFF, because even then we knew what real friendship was. And I missed that.

Fast-forward to 2008 where against my better judgment I joined Facebook (tricked actually by my dear friend Sonshine). I had refused for so long because I didn't want to really cross the line into full fledged EBP, heck it was bad enough that I fit every other category this would be my hold out (control issues much? YES). So month in after taking a million quizzes, sending karma, and plants to save the earth I received a friend request from my dear old friend, then another and Another. In a matter of weeks it felt like we were back in PS 189, and for brief moments there wasn't a care in the world but the jokes and looking back and where we were and how far we'd come.

This Friday I will reunite with this group of friends and I am beyond happy! 20 years of catching up, WOW. I never thought I'd have 20 years of anything to share. And if the crazy threads on FB are any indication of the fun to be had that night then I’m pretty sure I'll be banned from Sea and maybe even wiilyburgh hhehehe.

*its a good thing NYC has five boroughs for me to wreck havoc in, because between my birthday parties, blogger meet up, guest bartender events, and hanging with old friends (made new again) I might run out of places to go*

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CurvyGurl ♥ said...

This is a great thing! It's amazing how you can be separated from your true friends for years and pick up like you never missed a moment.