Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MTA Random 'Ish

  • At 6:40am people are so nice, I wonder could it be that they are all still asleep.
  • If you are a couple sit next to each other not on either side of the three seater. SO RUDE
  • Hey Mr. Indian, cologne does NOT cover up the smell of alcohol seeping through your skin.
  • Elastic man, WE GET it your really tall, but you don't have to stretch your legs all the way out into the aisle.
  • Hi my name is F$%K it list, do I know you? No, ok then please stop staring at me.
  • Would it be crazy if I sat on the train chanting"OHM"? I mean people dance, sing, sell candy so why can't I center myself.
  • FOLD the paper in half DUMBASS, no one wants the entire NY Times in their face. RUDE.
  • Why do people insist on getting into fist fight on the train? There is like no space and you are going to end up hitting the wrong person. Now two people want to beat your ass.
  • You always know when a homeless person is on the train sleeping because everyone is on one side of the train with their mouth frowned up.
  • The conductor on my train gave the weather, the time and what trains you can transfer to at the next station. That brother wants to keep his job, too bad the MTA only takes care of the least efficient.
  • Why are dudes groping and molesting women on the train? UGH such a violation. Glad she had her mobile phone with a camera.
  • Bet he's not so happy PERVE!
  • Has anyone seen all the advertisement at the stations and on the trains. The turnstiles even have someones brand on them. Times are hard.
  • Did I say the MTA Sucks yet? Well that can't be said enough
  • The F train sucks, The A train is full of drama, The 3/4 is like a bat out hell, don't you love how exciting public transportation can be.
  • The MTA better get it together and pressure the state for more funding because this hike is RIDICULOUS! The FB group against the fare hike is up to 60K members.
ok that's it. The MTA gets no more shine on this blog this week.


Dee said...

Why does the molester have bandaids on his hat? HA. And why is he looking straight at the camera like he's at the Sears photo studio? Dumbass, that's why he got caught tonight.

Kitty said...

OMG we have that same problem in Boston w/ the pervs trying to feel girls up o the T. They're gonna come across the wrong female and be in the ER doing that mess..