Monday, April 6, 2009

Please do not call

Me on Sunday night at 9pm, or you will surely get cursed out! EVERYTHING ceases to exist during this one hour of the day, because I am watching my favorite show. YES THAT'S RIGHT
Sex, War, Psychosis, Hatred of Self and the Roman Catholic Church and ALL TRUE. This show gives a more insight into what we all know as the Royal Family. And might even explain why they are all so damned screwed up. I mean damn Henry VIII was a whore and a deadbeat like no other. He had his first two wives beheaded for crimes that he created in his mind, broke from the Catholic church and named himself head of the English church, shunning Rome now that is Gangsta!

History in all forms makes me happy so if that doesn't intrigue you watch just because there are a bunch of hot guys :) Nothing like the real King Henry VIII.

POWER is a Mutha because this guy didnt have much else going for him, not like the SEXY Jonathan Rys Meyer.
ok that's enough ranting about TV. .... OH WAIT!

I watched "The Soup" this weekend and they showed a clip from that train wreck "For the Love of Ray J".Apparently this week was lie detector week on R-J's show, and one of the skankers (Danger) admitted to having thoughts of killing people in the house, and has had restraining orders against her... Now here in the real world that is the person you RUN THE HELL AWAY from , but not Ray J he's keeps the crazy one and let go of the girl that is like a friend. WTH! ( I had to watch to see the outcome, brain cells lost 100, wishing I had them back). This is one more reason why I do not watch that mess of a show. Oh yeah and Brandy asked the questions fore her "Really Smart" brother. The Norwood stock is definitely PLUMMETING faster than the DOW.

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