Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Say what you want about

Jon Stewart just don't say it in earshot of me, because this dude is FUNNY! The team of writers on the Daily show are the best in the business. Here is what Jon had to say to Rush Limbaugh, and his drug addicted a$$:
<a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Show: Rush Limbaugh Leaves New York</a>

About this Dude Elon James but he is too funny! I was introduced (by Inkgonegro on twitter) and I am hooked. See for yourself.

This Obama Fried Chicken is near my mom's house I'm going to try and get a picture of it, before I throw an egg at their window.

About Seinfeld but as a NYer I can relate to everything on that show (well not the lack of Black people but whatever).

who can't relate to that? no one likes the stump of a the muffin. The top is the best part!

And lastly South Park. This evening I watched the premiere episodes and it features Kanye West. TOO FUNNY. Try and catch it if you can, because there is no streaming at South park on comedy central due to contractual issues. WTH!


The Dreamy One said...

It about time somebody told Rush old lame ass something. He truly gets on my everlasting nerves. Everything about him spells racist!!!!

Ms. SoChic said...

Yeah the Obama Chicken is REEEDICULOUS!!!!!

I tried to find the Obama Beauty Supply on superpages but only found a Obama Caribbean restaurant on Troy in Crown Heights. Booooooooo!!!

Oh and everyday there is a Seinfeld moment. Never fails!!!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Watermelon and Grape Soda - LMAO - That was some funny stuff right there.

Rush Limbaugh makes way too much money off being a hater.

RiPPa said...

I would love to just hangout with the writers for The Daily Show when they do their brainstorming. Funny ass shit right there.

Yo and that second video? Funny ass shit. I remember when dude first came out with the vids. I didn't think he was that funny, but he's gotten better.

I had to say my piece on the Obama Chicken joint today myself on my page. I don't even really care, or see it as a big deal. Actually, I think the shit is funny.