Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You are not superior

I have a old clique of friends that love to outdo each other, and personally I find it kind of hilarious. You can't call me your friend, your sister and then you tell me we are "You think you are on a higher level" than some of our other friends. WHAT THE F$%k does that even mean? All week this foolishness has been on my mind because a "friend" said it again!

I've never thought of my friends as not being on the same level as me, I feel as though we are on the same journey the path is just different. And in the end I don't think material things, make you superior to any other person. Looking back I remember when my friend DeeDee graduated from law school, if I were one of these girl I would have been all pissed trying to one up her. But being who I am I was so excited, you would have thought I was the one graduating. Anything other than that in my opinion is WEAK! So after all this thinking I thought I might blog about all the things that have been used as a weapon to PROVE they are someone and on a different level.

1. You are not superior because you own a home. Yes its wonderful and all but your owning a home is not something you need to go bragging about thinking it makes you special.

2. You have a wife/husband. Spare me the BS that this makes you on a higher level than the single person. Some people want to be single but because they don't want your life you are better. NOT. And if your marriage is in bad shape don't you think the person that has a faithful loving partner is still inferior to you. pssshhh And for the love of all that is Holy, use his or her name, no one wants to hear "My husband this, my wife that"

3. You have child(ren): God blesses us with children the fact that you raise them, are invested in their education does not make you superior. Its your DAMN JOB!

4. You have a college degree(s) : That's freaking awesome, make sure you tell the kids you keep throwing in every ones face about it. Show it to them daily so they too can achieve that, but stop telling me you are an educated man/woman. ACT Like one instead of stating it all the damn time, especially when you know your DEAD WRONG. PAUSE

5. You have a fancy car: Just more stupidity on your part if you sit around throwing the fact that you have a high end car. Good for you but all I see are your mental issues, because if you really use this as your meter, I feel sorry for you. And what happens if you crash that car and can't get you end up on the lower end of the social ladder. I heard this street pastor today on the train and he made a lot of sense, don't tell people the Lord gave you your new car, because Jesus didn't drive. *that's the short version*This applies to those of you talking about bags, clothes, watches.

I don't care how any of this comes off, I'm not jealous or hating. I'm just tired of friends not knowing how to be friends but frontin' like they do. feel free to post your dislikes in the comment section.

* That's my rant for today, but if you come in contact with me and anything listed above leaves your lips be ready to hear me speak* FAIR WARNING.


The Dreamy One said...

Those are just the ignorant folks with all that mess!

Honestly I don't entertain it and don't hang with people who do!

Seems to me those friends have not learned to humble themselves!

Great post hon, some things just need to be said,ya feel me

Mo said...

its a great rant. i have friends that get all uppity at other people's behaviors then turn around and do the same thing.

Kitty said...

Dear F$%k it,
I love you for this.

lol so true! I hate it when people do this. And it's funny when people brag brag brag and then find out that the people they were bragging to have better things than them. hehehe..

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm glad I don't hang out with people like this. Actually, I'm sure I knew a few but chose to just up and not hang with them anymore :D

I must admit, tho... everyone around me seems to be shopping for a house, meanwhile I'm stuck in renter's hell. It is a little intimidating, but I know it's my own issue... my friends don't throw ish like this in my face.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I am married, have a child, am shopping for a home, and almost have my college degree, yet I still feel inferior to so many people. LOL!

Then I look at myself and say...fuck em!

I don't have any "friends" like that and if I did...they wouldn't be my "friends" for long.

I do, however, feel superior to smokers - cause they are stupid and smelly.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ooooooooh, i know some folks like this! i cuts them O-F-F cuz i am not in high school anymore and don't have time for these shenanigans...sad, just sad