Monday, May 4, 2009

If you take the A Train... you'll find out NYers are kinda crazy

I rode home on the crazy train this evening I saw the guy on the platform and his tight sweats and skippies (are those things making a comeback) talking to himself and figured I was in for a laugh and boy was I right!!

The first word he said when he got on was "I ain't crazy, ya'll crazy" then he got off on 34th street and came through the following set of doors and said "oh ya'll thought I was gone, nope you ain't gonna be sitting here talking behind my back" the train erupted in laughter. he then proceeded to tell jokes (which were funny):
Here the one that made me laugh hardest:
there was a little girl that lived w/ her father and he died social worker asked her did she want to live with her aunt, she said no because she beats me. Social worker asked did she want to live with her uncle same response. What about you mother, no the girl said she really beats me. Well who do you want to live with, the girl said the Knicks cause they don't beat anybody.

Cute right? Anyway he passed his little black plastic bag around and folks gave him change (for real all you have to do is make a nyer laugh) and then he saw someone he knew.

Their conversation was also quite comical but sad.......

Apparently tight sweat pants was a victim of the Rockefeller laws and served some time for a small bag of cocaine, now he can't get a job because of his record and that was 20yrs ago (he said he was 53). So that's the sad part. Then he proceeds to say that now that the laws were being overturned and he'd kicked the habit he was golden (the funny part was that he started singing Jill Scott's golden). Ah the A train has never failed me yet


Keith said...

Gotta Love traveling on Public Transportation in the big city.

Mo said...

LOL i'm glad im back in NY. I look forward to many humorous train encounters. so mad he came back though lol

Dee said...

I told you, that A train is something else.

I am totally stealing that joke!

I'm mad he defiled my song, too.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...


clnmike said...

Lol, NY hasnt changed a bit.

Irene said...

I remember riding the A train when I was a kid and I was always skeered!

ShellyShell said...

Ahh the A train! I rode it for two years and I ride it periodically now! I have CRAZY stories from the A Train days but lawd the 2/3 isn't far behind!

Tam said...

#1 Just found your blog today and Im loving it.
#2 The A is my home train and there is NEVER a dull moment. Ive been flashed by a man too busy trying to hold his sandwich, to hold his pants. Thrown up on by the random drunk man who should have got off at 59th and not Dyckman. Ive remembered every speech and have the urge to just start saying "SHOW TIME"!