Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why don't you have a seat over there?

Am I the only one that knows when you see this dude, you are in TROUBLE?!!!

Last night I watched Dateline's investigation series with Chris Hansen, no it was not the infamous (and my favorite, sickening)" To Catch a predator", it was titled "How lucky can you get". It seems that people are being scammed when they have winning lottery tickets. The state of California is investigating stores that are licensed to sell lotto tickets for stealing the winnings from people. How you might ask? Well when you take your scratch off tickets up to see if they are a winner they will tell you No after scanning it. Then send one of their relatives to cash in the ticket. LOVELY!!! They sent out undercover lottery employees with tickets they knew were winners and though many stores were honest tons were NOT. And here is with the hilariousness starts:

The under cover agents are video taping and in true Chris Hansen form he enters politely and ask the for the person caught on the tape. He tells the person that he has videotape of them scanning the tickets, telling the agents no winners (4 tickets are handed to the clerk), and lastly evidence provided by the Lottery commission that shows when the ticket was scanned, AND STILL THE PEOPLE WON'T CONFESS (and all of them were sentenced to a range of 3-6months in jail). As I laughed at the foolishness I wondered do these people not know who Chris Hansen is? To Catch a Predator was on EVERY NIGHT for a month at one point. oh you don't watch the news, HELL he was featured in a South Park Episode!

One woman who crafted an entire story about finding 4 tickets in the parking lot, and then taking them to another store only to find out there was a $1,000 winning ticket... OK where is the logic in that if you OWN a store that sells Lotto. Then she was pissed when she realized they had not come there to give her the money ( CA lotto does not deliver checks, you have to pick them up) saying this is BLEEP BLEEP. HIGHLARIOUS.

Many states have decided to follow CA's lead and also investigate (mainly because there is money being denied them by these crimes) but not the great city of NYC. Look at what the Lottery commissioner sent to all lotto machines when Dateline looked to investigate NY lotto:
And now the NY lotto may as well just go ahead and confess because Chris Hansen is putting them on blast. HAHAHA

If I said something under my breathe to the wrong person and I saw Chris Hansen walking down the same side of a busy streets NY street I'd just confess. I mean really people!

You can watch the show here:


Irene said...

Seriously, if I saw Chris Hansen anywhere near me, I would run the other way. I love him for the scams and dangers he exposes. Yet, for all the work he does no one seems to ever recognize him.

Smarty Jones said...

You know why? He looks like any other white dude. There's no unique identifying marks about him. I never paid attention to his features.
If you see white guys who look like him in your day to day life, you don't pay attention to his face. You see a six foot tall dude with brown hair and a big "YT" where his face should be.
Does that sound bad?

ShellyShell said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaha! I love "To Catch a Predator1" I saw Sunday's Dateline and was cracking the hell up when that lady said she found four tickets! Those people were straight lyin! The stories were hilarious!

12kyle said...

I remember the first time that I watched "Catch a Preadtor." I was sick. I couldn't believe that these scumbags were on tv. But after a few episodes...I found the comedy in it. And I'm a fan of Chris Hansen.

I saw Sunday's show. As usual, great show by NBC

Kitty said...

I saw that episode too and that is such a shame scamming people out of their money like that! Thank goodness I don't play lotto. And Chris Hansen is the man. :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

First of all, what the hell. This doesn't even tell the complete story. That is so wrong. Second, yeah, seeing Chris Hansen in now like being invited on to the Jerry Springer show. You know damn well nothing good is gonna come from it.

Jill said...

I love To Catch A Predator...I wish it was a regular series...and now To Catch A Thief/Liar! There will always be good material on that because a REAL liar will lie to the end...if the sky is blue they'll tell you it's red... But seriously, Chris Hansen is going to become the most hated man in America...I hope he has a personal security detail.