Monday, May 11, 2009

You ought to know.....

I thought about this when my driver said how he really liked my rain look....that Mario is quite the charmer. And now that all this dreaded rain is over ?I thought I would share these things about me...

100 percent humidity will Neva find me without my Jackie O look. Designer scarf on head and huge glasses. My hair is natural and when I choose to blow it out I need not worry about the foolishness.

I always wonder why people call it the Jackie O look? My momma rocked that look like a star. Clearly Jackie hung with some fashionable Black women!!

Wellies are a must!! Nothing makes me angrier than WET feet. When I see people with flip flops on in the AM knowing full well its going to rain all day.

The rain makes me blue. like crawl under the covers, pull them over myhead, cry blue. One of my bestie use to get so concerned in the spring he would bring me sweets.

Thunder and Lightening will never find me outside NEVER. I will turn off all the unnecessary electricity and retreat to my bed.

I had a dream in college that lightening is how I would die so count me ouuuutttt in a storm.

I live by NY1 and ABC weather reports. You will often find me running through the house one shoe on trying to catch the weather on the 1's. And not just the 6:01 but the 6:11 6:21 etc

I'm not a fan of raincoats. I own one because I'm an adult but personally I prefer my jean jacket.

Rain = me not matching!! My wellies are multi colored stars so unless I'm in black I usually won't match but who cares its raining!!

I normally do not like rain at all, but there is something sexy about summer rain. Turning off the AC and opening the windows. I thank Carl Thomas for that song.


Coogie Cruz said...

I like you do not like rain because it just makes me sad and want to sleep. I also hate thunderstorms and lightening. I bought my first pair of rain boots last week after my feet were drenched an I have got so many compliments on them, I absolutely love them. They were perfect because they're black with white and pink flowers which are colors I wear often. Who would've thought, Payless. Haha.

The Jaded NYer said...

Rain definitely makes me long for the days when I used to freelance and could stay home if I wanted to...

and damn you and that summer rain mention! that reminds me of lying in bed with this dude I used to "date" w/no clothes on just listening to the rain hit the roof.

*le sigh*

ShellyShell said...

I HATE rain! Especially when it's cold outside! Grrrr! I love my Wellies but rarely wear them *sigh* They're leopard print...wild like me! Ha!

I watch NY1 and the Today show...they're usually pretty close!

I hate humidity even when I have a relaxer in my head....I hate it!

When it's raining outside being bunned up is the best! LOL!

Smarty Jones said...

All we get down here is thunderstorms. I'd hate to see you people in a hurricane. The last "bad" one we had, I was holed up in the Lil' Indian's house with his mom and his grandfather who couldn't stand me because I'm black. Fun times.
Rain is not so bad unless it's for days on end with no sun in sight. That's when I get depressed. Then it's time for the happy songs and it's all good.