Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bamboozled Entertainment Television

So two post in one day is a record, but the b.e.t awards were so awful that it warranted a post. Not to be a hard ass there were a few shining moments in the show, like :

Jamie Foxx doing the "Bad"routine and the moonwalk, honoring Michael Jackson.

Guy performing ~ even if Aaron hall sounded like the drug addict from the Five heartbeats.

Bell Biv Devoe ~ I mean hell they sang poison (and one dude was mad disrespectful I'll talk about him later.

Monica upstaging Keyshia Coles ~ Now I love me some Keyshia Coles but her voice vs. Monica she will never win.

And last but not least The O'Jays tribute! First Johnny Gill, Trey Songs, and Tyrese sang,and when they sang "stairway to heaven" I was ready to give the entire show a pass. Then the O'Jays performed and it was the save of the day.

There may have been another good performance but the BAD outweighed the good by 97% so I can't remember now. The BAD I remember quite vividly. So here are the top ten (maybe more) horrible things about b.e.t and the award show!

10. WHY did they have to make a production about Jay Z being there? Its not like 'Yonce didn't know. They are married, and probably traveled together. I was happy to see he cut that damn afro but I'm still not that in love with D.O.A.

9. Speaking of D.O.A. The joker of the court of D.O.A T-pain was there. And over his MJ shirt he rocked that stupid ass "Big Ass chain". WTF! I so wish he'd just disappear already.

8.Drake NOT standing up when Bell Biv Devoe was performing, to quote this email I received " I know Poison made it up to Canada". I liked you Drake but uhmm not so much anymore.

7. Drake again, Why the hell did he and lil wayne have little girls on stage as they sang a song about F$%King every girl in the world.

6. Beyonce singing Ave Maria in a leotard and some kind of tutu that looked like it was being held up with piping!

5. The re-enactment of Baby Boy was just silly and uncalled for. It crossed into pure foolishness when Ving Rhames came out talking about "Guns is Michael Jackson" GTFOH! I was disgusted.

4. Tiny and her country ass... need I say more. Oh wait yes, the constant commercials for her new show Tiny and Toya. Who really wants to see that? I wouldn't even know who Toya was if not for the stupid ass commercials. She's lil wayne's ex why is that of any interest to people.

4a. The commercials for some game show to get bills paid. Yep that's what all these years in finance has taught me, can't save and pay off bills turn to a game show.

3. Souljah boi. I hate everything that he is about. His music is the biggest joke ever, and one more reason why Hip Hop is on life support.

2. The advertisements flashing after every damn award. Nationwide, Dodge P&G, Coors. I mean really I felt like I was in a baseball stadium with all those flashing ads.
2a. Don "wife beater" Cornelius and his SLOW speak. Get to the point old man, the show is now an hour longer because you won't raise the mic and read the cue cards with some speed. No more old men presenting life time achievement awards.

1. JOE "beat your ass, you ain't shit now sing" Jackson. WTF was he doing there? His son's body wasn't even cold and in the ground and he was doing the shimmy with Al Sharpton. Every time the camera panned his way I wish I could smack him. I'm going to do a post on him later.

The constant use of the N word was another downfall! If Jay Z and 'Yonce can supposedly say they were going to pull from the show if Chris Brown performed, then someone needed to make it known that saying that awful, hate filled word while the entire WORLD was watching (CNN on the red carpet, that has never happened) was also a NO -Go.

But nope not the devils at b.e.t they just NIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGER all night long!

From FB to Twitter people voiced how disgusted they were, I think it had more to do with the fact that this horrendous show was suppose to be a dedication to the King of Pop's memory. Well if that is so b.e.t why were so many artist singing their own songs. When all the New Jack artist came out that should have been all about MJ not their own songs.

b.e.t needed to take control of these damn artist and honor the man that made it possible for all of them to even take the stage. It should have been a celebration of his homegoing, his memory and his music. Instead it was the cutting room scraps from Spike Lee's Bamboozled.

I had to ask myself (even after I'd said it 100 times over) did I really expect an amazing show on b.e.t? The answer is still NO. But wait until the Grammy's we'll all be in tears for the tribute they put together.

Monday, June 29, 2009

More WHY oh Why

My plan was to go home and write my heart about Michael Jackson, the travesty that was the b.e.t awards (no caps for them because I have no respect for them) and how I think Joe Jackson tired ass played a part in the eventual demise of his son (well all of them). And then my bud Klah sent this with the caption:

I'm sure she is an avid b.e.t viewer too...

This is WRONG on so many levels!! Who the F$%K gets a whore stamp of a bible verse? I swear the amount of trash running around is mind blowing.... Just a real lack of common sense! And you know this is a some fool teenager, where is her momma? UGH I am so done!

Thanks Klah BK's Social Butterfly !

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P King of Pop

I've been at a loss for words since I found out that Michael Jackson passed away. So for now I will just say Rest in Peace

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jesus be a

Mortgage broker and a responsible selling agent......

As most of you know I've been searching for a house for the last 9 months. We found one, then there were issues with any and everything... Found another perfect for what we wanted.. UGH a pig in lipstick, beams in the basement all screwed up, foundation sinking UGHHHHHH. And all I could think was WHY CANT WE FIND A HOUSE!!!!

And then we did! We loved the house enough to visit it more than once, we really want the house. Now some might think we were jumping the gun on this one, Nope we really do love the place. More importantly if all works out I won't be in jail for decapitating our "slumlord" and his minions, but I digress. So we go through the process
  • submit the low bid {CHECK}
  • wait for counter offer {CHECK}
  • Out Counter offer {CHECK}
AND THEN it all falls apart!
  • First the selling agent insisted on having personal information about us that she had NO REASON to have. Her reasoning was that she needed to make sure we were the real people bidding on the house because you can get a qualification letter anywhere... WTF? I kindly let my agent know that if she continued with this practice I would let her manager know (that is still going to happen) but more importantly I would report her to the regulatory board for profiling. She quickly backed down.
  • Second the wife accepted our bid and her husband was none to please! After the bid was accepted on the phone by the wife the husband came back with another counter offer. FOR REAL? Is this how people do business? Clearly they don't read my blog or they would know that Black folks GOTTA DO BETTER!
  • I counter offer and now I wait. All I can see is a a lengthy annoying close ahead of us, but I think the place is worth it. I keep telling myself this is part of the process but honestly folks need to get their 'Ish together. The amount of angry people, unaware selling agents, angry bankers that I've encountered makes me think this whole system needs a shower, shave and to be powdered! Its in need of a revamp!
So as I keep on this journey of getting a home for my family, Pray only one or two people get hurt and that the judge looks upon me sparingly and only sentences me to community service.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter I quit thee (for now)

So when Twitter decided to put me in a cyber time out, I decided to go check my facebook page. Nothing much going on there besides Dollface being mad about fake Love messages (hahah), then I realized I missed my boy's birthday so decided to send him a little love on FB. When I got to his page I saw that he had taken a quiz... ok PAUSE before you start talking about those quizzes, I HATE them but the occasional one peaks my interest... ok back to the story.

The quiz was which transformer are you, YEAH right up my nerd alley. So I answer the first question and then the second question pops up. See it below:its a little blurry so the question reads: Which historical figures do you most identify with? I didn't really understand what this had to do with being a Transformer, but whatever right? NO then I read the choices and I stopped at Hulk Hogan. HUH?

That was it for me. No more quizzes on facebook, so I will just take my twitter punishment like a champ and go curl my hair.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 years 11 months and too damn smart for his own good

I spent the entire day with CJ today and boy did I miss his God send of a babysitter and the people at my job! Everything I've taught CJ in the last 2 years and 11 months comes back to bite me every time we have these full days together.

I had a really cold ginger ale in the refrigerator and I'd been thinking about it all day. So I took it out so that I could drink it with my dinner. CJ immediately comes over and ask for some. I said no because he was still eating. When he finished he came over again:

CJ: can I have some?
Me: is that how you ask?
Me: A sip
he sips and then say:
CJ: Mommy hey, how are you going to drink it all?
ME: because its my soda
CJ: Mommy you said its nice to share. You baby head!
* there is nothing I can say to this* So I just tell him to go sit down.

I guess I will share these in doses because CJ is too much for one post. Just know there was a lot of CJ getting sent to his room today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jesus be a

Pole, timbs and a white boy beater ?

I just watched this video over at Sandra Rose and I laughed so loud I woke CJ up. I mean really pole dancing to a gospel song, hahahahahahaha. Just watch for yourself:

Ok this comment is just for Smarty Jones....

If you are going to throw it up on a pole for the Lord don't you think you should give your best? I mean dude was straight slacking in the beginning. All that swinging around the pole, please I've seen kids in the playground do better than that. HAHA.

and if you haven't already seen Jesus be a Big mac, filet-o-fish, quarter pounder, french fries, icy coke, milkshake, sundaes and apple pie. You can head over to Karrie B's by pressing that link. HAHAH

*This might really become a regular thing over here because folks have lost their minds, giving me reason to point it out*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wooohhh saaahhhhhh

After the horrendous day I had today I decided to go ahead and swagger jack Smarty Jones and see if this Shit really works.

If you haven't read her post go here and do so immediately. Stress is my new middle name lately, and I guess its high time I remember the bigger things in life. So here are five things that make me happiest:

1. My favorite movies ever! I can be in the worst mood ever but if any of these movies are on or the dvd is in reach then my mind is clear.

How can you not love the Black acting school?HAHAHA

School Daze always set me in the right frame of mind.

I remember watching this movie over and over again. I LOVE IT!

And Yes you've heard about this one before:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil... Ah Savannah one day I will be there to visit. I do love thee.

2. A long walk just me and my ipod. I tend to listen to music that forces me to cry. I don't care where I am I don't fight it. What's the point tears are purifying. This became a necessity when CJ was born, such a good baby but I needed to fight postpartum and so I walked until I had a clear mind. This song would bring me to tears and still does:

Sunshine - Floetry

3.Getting my hair and nails done. Kiki my stylist is a better therapist (& friend) than any high priced therapist on the Upper West Side. Her hands are magic, and in her Libra way she always reminds me that no one is better than me. Not to mention when I leave that chair you better watch out, cause my hair is fly and my step high.

4. My friends that force me to get over my "I have to be perfect" BS attitude. Thank you sometimes I can be a bit of a hermit with my feelings, and you all always shake me out of it. The original crew, I love you all for ALWAYS being there. You are more like family and if some of you weren't so damn picky about pictures (DEE DEE) I'd show the world.
My Blogger CREW, what can I say? If it wasn't for all of you I probably wouldn't make it thru my the day. I can't wait for this summer when we really get to acting like the damn fool. LOVE YA! And 12Kyle, Mizrep and Smarty ya'll better get up here for the shenanigans. hahah

Last but not least my FAMILY! I have the wonder support system and I love them dearly. Here are pics of my favorite people. These will come down at the end of the day btw so get it in now :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jesus be a

Holiday Costume?

Yesterday when I checked the mail my 100th Oriental Trading catalogue had arrived... OH happy day... WAIT WTF is this. It said Holiday costumes and there was a picture of kids dressed up as Jesus, Mary and the wise men. I laughed so loud and long that CJ thought I was crying... Here are the costumes:
This not so bad...now here comes the funny. Ladies and Gents I bring you Jesus.

Now why would I pay for this costume? I can do this myself, well maybe not the beard and hair. If for some reason if I thought to dress CJ up as Jesus this would not be the pick of costumes.

*tevas not included* hhahaha

*I hope this post doesn't quicken my trip south*

Monday, June 1, 2009

Brooklyn and NYC at its finest...

So I've been taking pictures of the things that make me love this city, and thought to kick off my daily blogging return I'd start with that. But first the annoying...

In some effort to make Broadway a scenic place you can relax after shopping. The city has installed these sitting lanes with lawn chairs and planters. Personally I can't see why you would want to take a seat in the middle of Time Square, looking at all the bright lights and traffic but to each his own... Now why is this the thing that annoys me, because all the damn tourist sitting out there are really taking it too damn far. Naps on the street like they are on the beach, walking slow (as usual) but most annoyingly taking the lawn chairs and moving them onto the sidewalks. WTH people! They've already given you an entire lane of the street, must you take the sidewalks too.. SMDH. Pic below:Damn tourists and the lawn chairs.... See Dude in the left hand corner snoozing.I've said it before the MTA a bunch of douches, but the comedy show that are the passengers PRICELESS! Friday morning I happened upon this gem. When the E train stopped at Queens Plaza a flood of people rushed on and this girl walked onto the train and sat right down on the floor. At first she was tying her shoe, then I guess she just decided to stay there. She sat Indian style for three stations, not moving so people could get off the train. HILARIOUS! I'm not even going to speak on that woman and her bunched up panties and VPL. You know its bad because I took this with my BBerry phone. YUCK!

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and there is nothing better than spending the day at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM for you Nyers) at Dance Africa, and the D.A Street fair. There are some draw backs to going (to be covered in a later post) but for the most part its a good time. Tons of good food, stuff to buy that you know you don't need and lots of jokes. Here are a few pics:

African Dance troupe, that broke out into spontaneous routine... They were great. Their booth was next to this booth selling Reggae CD's so it was hard to concentrate on the drums beats with Beres Hammond singing "Night Nurse".
Then there was this great group that just started playing the drums across the street. People were dancing and playing other instruments... AH LOVE Brooklyn.

On the way out a circle formed and the Capoeira fighters started performing. C.J. thought this was the best thing ever. He didn't want to leave, but the crowd was being a tad rude, so instead of me cursing out someone in front of my child I walked away. Needless to say the people being rude were not of African decent.... I'm just sayin'
Of course it wasn't all peace, love and honoring our culture, the crazies were out too. Poor baby, why did her dad have to embarrass her with that hat on. And why does he own that hat? Is it held over from his "Pimps up, Hoes down days" . I got a great laugh at this one....So all its official, I'm back. I just have to make the time to type up all the things I think of. Blogger says I'm suppose to be able to post from my phone but that 'Ish ain't working... HELP.