Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bamboozled Entertainment Television

So two post in one day is a record, but the b.e.t awards were so awful that it warranted a post. Not to be a hard ass there were a few shining moments in the show, like :

Jamie Foxx doing the "Bad"routine and the moonwalk, honoring Michael Jackson.

Guy performing ~ even if Aaron hall sounded like the drug addict from the Five heartbeats.

Bell Biv Devoe ~ I mean hell they sang poison (and one dude was mad disrespectful I'll talk about him later.

Monica upstaging Keyshia Coles ~ Now I love me some Keyshia Coles but her voice vs. Monica she will never win.

And last but not least The O'Jays tribute! First Johnny Gill, Trey Songs, and Tyrese sang,and when they sang "stairway to heaven" I was ready to give the entire show a pass. Then the O'Jays performed and it was the save of the day.

There may have been another good performance but the BAD outweighed the good by 97% so I can't remember now. The BAD I remember quite vividly. So here are the top ten (maybe more) horrible things about b.e.t and the award show!

10. WHY did they have to make a production about Jay Z being there? Its not like 'Yonce didn't know. They are married, and probably traveled together. I was happy to see he cut that damn afro but I'm still not that in love with D.O.A.

9. Speaking of D.O.A. The joker of the court of D.O.A T-pain was there. And over his MJ shirt he rocked that stupid ass "Big Ass chain". WTF! I so wish he'd just disappear already.

8.Drake NOT standing up when Bell Biv Devoe was performing, to quote this email I received " I know Poison made it up to Canada". I liked you Drake but uhmm not so much anymore.

7. Drake again, Why the hell did he and lil wayne have little girls on stage as they sang a song about F$%King every girl in the world.

6. Beyonce singing Ave Maria in a leotard and some kind of tutu that looked like it was being held up with piping!

5. The re-enactment of Baby Boy was just silly and uncalled for. It crossed into pure foolishness when Ving Rhames came out talking about "Guns is Michael Jackson" GTFOH! I was disgusted.

4. Tiny and her country ass... need I say more. Oh wait yes, the constant commercials for her new show Tiny and Toya. Who really wants to see that? I wouldn't even know who Toya was if not for the stupid ass commercials. She's lil wayne's ex why is that of any interest to people.

4a. The commercials for some game show to get bills paid. Yep that's what all these years in finance has taught me, can't save and pay off bills turn to a game show.

3. Souljah boi. I hate everything that he is about. His music is the biggest joke ever, and one more reason why Hip Hop is on life support.

2. The advertisements flashing after every damn award. Nationwide, Dodge P&G, Coors. I mean really I felt like I was in a baseball stadium with all those flashing ads.
2a. Don "wife beater" Cornelius and his SLOW speak. Get to the point old man, the show is now an hour longer because you won't raise the mic and read the cue cards with some speed. No more old men presenting life time achievement awards.

1. JOE "beat your ass, you ain't shit now sing" Jackson. WTF was he doing there? His son's body wasn't even cold and in the ground and he was doing the shimmy with Al Sharpton. Every time the camera panned his way I wish I could smack him. I'm going to do a post on him later.

The constant use of the N word was another downfall! If Jay Z and 'Yonce can supposedly say they were going to pull from the show if Chris Brown performed, then someone needed to make it known that saying that awful, hate filled word while the entire WORLD was watching (CNN on the red carpet, that has never happened) was also a NO -Go.

But nope not the devils at b.e.t they just NIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGERNIGGER all night long!

From FB to Twitter people voiced how disgusted they were, I think it had more to do with the fact that this horrendous show was suppose to be a dedication to the King of Pop's memory. Well if that is so b.e.t why were so many artist singing their own songs. When all the New Jack artist came out that should have been all about MJ not their own songs.

b.e.t needed to take control of these damn artist and honor the man that made it possible for all of them to even take the stage. It should have been a celebration of his homegoing, his memory and his music. Instead it was the cutting room scraps from Spike Lee's Bamboozled.

I had to ask myself (even after I'd said it 100 times over) did I really expect an amazing show on b.e.t? The answer is still NO. But wait until the Grammy's we'll all be in tears for the tribute they put together.


Mizrepresent said...

THe Ojays tribute, The Ojays performance, Neyo's tribute, and Monica singing was the best of BET. The rest of your list, is exactly what went wrong with the show!

Smarty Jones said...

Let the church say "AMEN!" Girl, you already know my disgust with it all. It was a display of the ignorance that I couldn't, excuse me, can't get over.
That whole Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, T-Pain's big ass chain and the whole taking it too far bullshit was flat out embarassing. You know I quit black folks for a couple hours, I even sent a query letter to the Latinos to see if they'd accept me, but thanks to you, I'm back home. :)
Even in the absence of Iron Fist Chris with just the folks they had there, BET producers could have done a five-minute photo montage while playing one of his songs or any of the following:
- First off, I woulda opted for the 30-second delay to catch the two shits and all the hoes that slipped through.
- There would have been a dress code.
- I wouldn't have had Ciara sing NOTHING! She, Keri Hilson and Ne-yo could have picked a song each (Smooth Criminal, Bad, Remember the Time) to dance to with their own set of dancers and brought it all to a close with Thriller.
- Ne-yo did a bang up job w/ Lady in My Life but I would rather not watch the Jamie Foxx and Ne-yo Show.
- I woulda put together a 10-minute medley of songs with Tevin Campbell, Trey Songs and Maxwell (Ben, Got to Be There, Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough, Shake Ya Body Down to the Ground, Keep It In the Closet and You Are Not Alone respectively).
Tevin still sounds 14, Trey shouldn't have been on the same stage w/ Tyrese and Johnny, he's not ready. They coulda found ANYbody to be Eric in the O'Jays because he never sings lead anyway!
- Then they coulda cooned all they wanted for the rest of the night!
*gets down off soap box*

Dee said...

LAWDY LAWD LAWD, I can't wait to see this here re-run. (popping popcorn and fixing cool drink)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Guess there's not much left to say and ish (lol...many thanks to Eddie Levert for that laugh!).