Monday, June 8, 2009

Jesus be a

Pole, timbs and a white boy beater ?

I just watched this video over at Sandra Rose and I laughed so loud I woke CJ up. I mean really pole dancing to a gospel song, hahahahahahaha. Just watch for yourself:

Ok this comment is just for Smarty Jones....

If you are going to throw it up on a pole for the Lord don't you think you should give your best? I mean dude was straight slacking in the beginning. All that swinging around the pole, please I've seen kids in the playground do better than that. HAHA.

and if you haven't already seen Jesus be a Big mac, filet-o-fish, quarter pounder, french fries, icy coke, milkshake, sundaes and apple pie. You can head over to Karrie B's by pressing that link. HAHAH

*This might really become a regular thing over here because folks have lost their minds, giving me reason to point it out*


Smarty Jones said...

Why the comment gotta be just for me?! But to answer your question, if he insists on Shakin' It for Jesus, then yes, he should do his best.
When I first saw this video, I followed a link from one of Jawn Murray's Tweets and I was crying.
First off, this is wrong on so many levels.
First off, I've seen a lotta male shoe models and them mofos don't use poles, they already have 'em.
Secondly, why is he doing using a song from Hezekiah Walker? If you're gonna strip to some gospel, let it be from some of Tonex's early stuff. He was just as confused as this Christian stripper. I demand he do a strip tease to "Personal Jesus" right now!
And finally, who wants to see anybody pole dance to a gospel song? Don't you feel all dirty getting aroused and arousing somebody with a choir singing in the background?
Ugh! This act alone should secure him prime real estate in Hell right on the Lake (of fire).
That is all!
*crosses self even though she's not Catholic* said...

Hey there...

Now THAT is just a darn shame....

clnmike said...

This is very disturbing.

The Jaded NYer said...

I only have one question: WHY is a DUDE pole dancing?