Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jesus be a

Mortgage broker and a responsible selling agent......

As most of you know I've been searching for a house for the last 9 months. We found one, then there were issues with any and everything... Found another perfect for what we wanted.. UGH a pig in lipstick, beams in the basement all screwed up, foundation sinking UGHHHHHH. And all I could think was WHY CANT WE FIND A HOUSE!!!!

And then we did! We loved the house enough to visit it more than once, we really want the house. Now some might think we were jumping the gun on this one, Nope we really do love the place. More importantly if all works out I won't be in jail for decapitating our "slumlord" and his minions, but I digress. So we go through the process
  • submit the low bid {CHECK}
  • wait for counter offer {CHECK}
  • Out Counter offer {CHECK}
AND THEN it all falls apart!
  • First the selling agent insisted on having personal information about us that she had NO REASON to have. Her reasoning was that she needed to make sure we were the real people bidding on the house because you can get a qualification letter anywhere... WTF? I kindly let my agent know that if she continued with this practice I would let her manager know (that is still going to happen) but more importantly I would report her to the regulatory board for profiling. She quickly backed down.
  • Second the wife accepted our bid and her husband was none to please! After the bid was accepted on the phone by the wife the husband came back with another counter offer. FOR REAL? Is this how people do business? Clearly they don't read my blog or they would know that Black folks GOTTA DO BETTER!
  • I counter offer and now I wait. All I can see is a a lengthy annoying close ahead of us, but I think the place is worth it. I keep telling myself this is part of the process but honestly folks need to get their 'Ish together. The amount of angry people, unaware selling agents, angry bankers that I've encountered makes me think this whole system needs a shower, shave and to be powdered! Its in need of a revamp!
So as I keep on this journey of getting a home for my family, Pray only one or two people get hurt and that the judge looks upon me sparingly and only sentences me to community service.


12kyle said...

I meant to ask u the other day how the house hunting was going. I'ma pray for ya. When I hear stuff like this, it reminds me how/why the mortgage biz is in the shape that it's in. Keep ya head up

The Jaded NYer said...

whatever you do, make sure it's within 8yrs so I won't be called to the jury.

thank you and good day

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

It'll work out, chica. Nothing worth it happens without a headache. And, don't forget...if you need me to smack a fool...I mean impart some wisdom, just shine the question mark :-).


The F$%K it List said...

@12kyle I'm trying to keep my head up but these people are working my last nerve.

@Jaded Chile the judge will see me and he will throw the case right out. This landlord is also on my last nerve.

@Cury I'm shining the light, but if you don't make it soon folks are getting smacked!

Irene Robertson said...

LOL! I know exactly what you mean, and from both sides.

Oyin said...

Take it easy hun...

Kitty said...

Ihope everything works out for you guys! good luck and don't hurt nobody girl. :)