Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter I quit thee (for now)

So when Twitter decided to put me in a cyber time out, I decided to go check my facebook page. Nothing much going on there besides Dollface being mad about fake Love messages (hahah), then I realized I missed my boy's birthday so decided to send him a little love on FB. When I got to his page I saw that he had taken a quiz... ok PAUSE before you start talking about those quizzes, I HATE them but the occasional one peaks my interest... ok back to the story.

The quiz was which transformer are you, YEAH right up my nerd alley. So I answer the first question and then the second question pops up. See it below:its a little blurry so the question reads: Which historical figures do you most identify with? I didn't really understand what this had to do with being a Transformer, but whatever right? NO then I read the choices and I stopped at Hulk Hogan. HUH?

That was it for me. No more quizzes on facebook, so I will just take my twitter punishment like a champ and go curl my hair.


Coogie Cruz said...

Facebook quizzes *shakes head* You know better, hell YOU'VE told ME stay away lol

Smarty Jones said...

LMAO!!! My, how the FB Quiz tables have turned!
But Hulk Hogan as a historical figure?
ROTFLMAO!!! Don't judge me, I have brothers who used to make me watch "wrassling" when we were kids.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow, that's downright sad! It gives dumbing it down a whole new meaning.

LOL @ Smarty....I can't stand when folks say "wrassling".

The F$%K it List said...

My feelings were hurt! I wanted to see which Transformer I am. So now I'm just going to say I'm Optimus Prime and that is it!

Keith said...

You know I love them Facebook quizzes gurl! lolololol. I just wrote a post on my Facebook and Blogger addcitions..Great minds do think

DollFace said...

Hahaha! Didn't know you had put me on blast! I'm just now getting into FB quizzes- some of them are so random!