Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bamboozled Entertainment Television part II

So I said my peace about that hellish b.e.t and so did a lot of my favorite blogger. Now comes the Vlogs... First up:

Smarty Smarty ~ She's on a blog hiatus but she seems to have time to Vlog (heheh)

She's funny and maybe you should tune in weekly.

Then I just happen to be on Youtube listening to Paul Simon and I saw my man Elon James had FINALLY put together a Vlog and what was the topic... YES b.e.t awards

YESSS! Did he say a bucket of fried chicken and a grape soda? YES and raping a watermelon? YES!!!

I love it. and damn you b.e.t

Lastly I've finally put up my web cam and signed in to my 18 year old skype account. If you have skype hit me up rashida.d


Smarty Jones said...

LMAO!!! OK, I love Elon James. Did he say "Brav-Fucking-O?" He is Tweeting, I am soooooooooo gonna follow him right now!
OMG, I so should not even be in the same post with him, this guy is a genius and I swear, I would love to see him on a sketch comedy show.
OMG! I am shopping a no holds barred minority sketch comedy show with this guy and Alphacat as the stars. The Jaded Nyer and I need to get to work on this ASAP!!!
That shit would be hilarious!
My stomach hurts from laughing at this dude. Grape soda and fried chicken? *dead*

The Jaded NYer said...

SIDE EYE to Smarty who's supposed to be on a blogging break. VLOGGING STILL COUNTS, HEIFER

And this Elon dude, man... can I have his babies?!?! This was so funny, OMG I can't stand it!

"That's what real ni**as do!!!!" LMAO!!

If I even bothered to pay attention to Latino buffoonery on Telemundo I could surely do a show like this, but that station makes my brain leak!

Smarty Jones said...

I am on a break. Vlogging shouldn't count because I'm not writing anything. I'm just rambling. :)
We need to do a sketch comedy show, PRONTO! We're as funny as these mofos on YouTube! LoL. We'd be the shit!

Anonymous said...
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Eb the Celeb said...

smart vlogging now and aint even tell a hoe