Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random 'Ish

Whoo its been a long time since I've done a random post, why? because of that damn twitter hahaha. The ability to post my most random thought within seconds has ruined my blog, ok that and the fact that the sun is shining, weather is sweet:

ok now for my random thoughts:

If people don't believe that Global Warming is real, they need to take a look at NYC's weather the last month. RAIN for 24 of the 30 days in one month is not normal.

I really love watching the movie Wall-E with CJ. I hope somewhere deep down he's learning the message about taking care of Mother Earth.

Hmm maybe that is how I will start referring to the world for him, Mother Earth. He has a soft spot for Mothers especially his own.

I'm a firm believer that you have to not reinforce kids bad behavior with laughter and calling it cute. But I also believe in reigning in the adults that create an issue over simple shit: example: Don't call my three year old fresh because when he hugged you his hands grazed your butt. 1) he's three and only stands that tall and 2) he's not molesting you so don't make him feel ashamed.

ok I cheated the last one wasn't random just needed to air that out.

On that same note don't call my three year old sexy. HE's THREE.

I don't get why people are so worried about if their sons are going to be gay. I wouldn't love my son any less if he were but I will cut a B$%CH if they ever did offend him because he is. So while I'm at it that sh$T too.

I am loyal to a fault to my family and good friends. But I'm starting to see that its a one way street with some and I'm getting off the ride ASAP.

I just read this amazing book "The Shack" and I want my relationship with God to be stronger and more "Jesus is my homeboy" than "Jesus will come back and judge my every move".

I believe in real Love.

I also believe that in order to receive real Love you have to know what it really is. Not the TV made up 'ish either.

My sister made this slamming summer salad for CJ's bday party and I want to eat it every day.

I thought I had next weekend to chill, now I've been told I have to go rep at the Kappa picnic. Guess I need to do my hair hahaha.

I heard D.L Hugley say that Joe Jackson gets to much slack, he had 9 kids and never left his family and he should get credit for that....Mr F$%K it asked me how I felt about that statement. Do ya'll want to know what I said? *crickets, not exactly*

Speaking of the Mr, his locks are sooooo long. They look like ropes hanging down his back, and CJ thinks they are best used for climbing hahaha.

My cat Eartha needs to go to the groomers, but we're too busy now she looks like a giant rat.

Sometimes I miss living at home with my mom. :(

I can't wait to see the OJ's this summer whooo hooo and Gladys Knight. And guess how much the tickets cost? NADA, NOTHING ZILTCH *HATE ON ME HATER*

Skype is the business, Smarty and I were on there for hours laughing at folks. And looking like we'd just battled it out with a batch of fried chicken hehehe

Ohh Mama Mia is on HBO, this will replace my obsessive watching of "The Dark Knight" I watched it twice a day in one week).

I love and hate NY lately.

No that last one wasn't right, I just think I'm taking all my bad feelings out on the city, can't abuse the one you love like that so I take it back.

HBO has my heart forever (the only time my heart follows another is when The Tudors is on Showtime) with Entourage, Hung and Trueblood all on in what night what girl wouldn't swoon.

ok folks the family is looking at me like they haven't eaten in weeks. Time to make the pancakes :)


Keith said...

I love this! I'm having somewhat of a writer's block these past few days..perhaps this will inspire me!

(You know what you said about "great minds"-:)

Smarty Jones said...

How you just gone put me on blast for looking like I sprayed oil sheen in my face?! Guess who's washing their face before the next time they Skype with you?!
I'm mad your cat's name is Eartha. That was a big ass cat!
And yes, you are wrong as hell for rubbing in the fact that two of my favorite performers of all time will be performing for free.
I thought we was cool!