Friday, July 17, 2009

You're not real to me therefore you don't exist so


For the last few years this has been my feelings about crazy people that seem to enter my life, circle, personal space because they are not welcome. It doesn't matter if its for an five minutes or two hours sometimes people need to see just how not relevant they are, which leads me to my latest story from the MTA:

On Monday my first day back to work I decided to wear my real big girl shoes which meant the normal walk to the train was out (the shoes are 5inches, they are not made for walking hhehe). Any way I walk as far as the X-press bus and stand in the line like everyone else. When the bus finally arrives (really I would have made better time walking than waiting on that damn bus) it stops directly in front of me, about 5-6 people were in front of me at the right stop. I think nothing of it as I started to move back so they could get on the bus this one wom-child (a grown woman with a child's mentality) starts getting all in a huff, rolling her eyes and looking me up and down. At first I didn't really pay attention because I was looking for my Metro-card but after a while it was really obvious as people started to get on the bus.

As I'm not prone to getting into all that ghetto hoopla I just stepped aside to let her on the bus, to which she responded with "oh I thought so". HUH, she thought so? What did she think? I just laughed.

I don't know what gets into people first thing in the morning, that they are ready to fight every person that steps into their path. I couldn't stop laughing at this wom-child gearing up for a fight at 7:30am, are you serious? I know there have been mornings when I was MAD AS HELL at something or nothing, but I never get that mad that stranger become targets. Lately I've seen arguments/fights break out on the train, the bus with the driver and I just can't understand why? Yeah sure the MTA sucks but is it worth all that.

I look at it like this, these people are a vision in passing, not at all real or worth my energy so I don't bother. But clearly its just me. Oh well I'm cool with that.


Learnin2MAC said...

This was good...I esp love the term "wom-child" I work with one of those who happens to be the back-up supervisor when the real one is out and she gets herself all worked up and in a funk 5 mins after hitting the door. I just pray she finds what she is looking for in life so she can get the knot out of her panties and relax!!!

dejanae said...

some folk just cant act right
what she want?
for u to lay out the red carpet for her ass?