Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just why

I'm not going to write much about these pics...just WHY
I saw a woman wearing this on the street, and I asked her where she got it... WHY
CRACK IS WACK!!! and The Jaded NYer felt the need to take this at the Purple Rain sing along!
I'm sure that if I make it to the Sean Paul concert there will be more just why post this week. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why must you all be so silly?

Look I get it, its summer and tons of women have on less clothing, no burkas and heavy coats so sometimes men get a little excited but sometimes they just go the F$%K overboard. Here's my story:

Last Wed morning, beaten and bruised by my trip to Great Adventures, I got up, grabbed my longest dress (so I didnt have to worry about Ashy knees, legs if I missed a spot) threw my hair back with a headband, and a few gold accessories so the gold would make my skin look bright ( I was really that tired)and left for work. I didnt think I looked all that special, I was just happy the dress was clean. I dropped CJ off and started to walk to the bus. As I walked, I passed two men who at first glance looked like they were getting into the car. I didnt pay them too much attention until....


ME: *IGNORE, because I am not a damn CAT*

This went on for a few seconds at the bus stop, so I decided to walk up and get the express bus, why did these fools start to walk behind me talking about "I could get it" . ok look I was sleepy, in pain and CRANKY so I turned around and shot them the meanest evil eye I could. Clearly it wasn't evil enough because one of them shouted out something I will not repeat about my behind and that is when I lost it...
ME: Jeez I guess you don't have a lot of home training, its 7:30 in the morning who do you think wants to hear that mess. I'd actually appreciate it if you all returned to your rock cave and left me the hell alone.

These men (or rather boys in men's bodies) had the nerve to respond... Sweetie (wrong move one) don't get all upset we're only paying you a few compliments. WHAT? Compliments, rude and disgusting things shouted down a street is not a freaking compliment. The only thing I could think to say after that mess of an explanation was "Well I'd hate to her you insult me" and finally the bus came.

I'm not knocking all Black men because there are quite a few respectful ones out there but when the sun is out its like all the creeps come out to play. If this is the caliber of men my single ladies (yes my friends are LADIES, not just women) are being approached by, then LORDY its no wonder they are looking at "Something News".

I could see if I were the woman that was all sucking her teeth, not responding when you say something as simple as Good Morning, but I'm not. If a man speaks to me (as these two men did) I will speak back, but that does NOT give you the right to get rude and nasty. UGHHH!
If I had been more alert I probably would have said more, then again DAMN THEM.

*rant over*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1 1/2weeks of RANDOMNESS

This morning I was hit on by a man on a bus. He was on the bus and I was walking down the street. This crazy man opened the window and asked for my number hahaha

I watched this man read every word in another persons book for two stops.This dude was on his mobile talking about how he can't find a job. Ok that sounds sad right? But I wouldn't have hired him why? I don't know maybe the 7:30 tattoo under his eye with a heart. 7:30 isn't that the code for being crazy and why the blood red heart? He'd better have his girl put a little cover up on that.

I saw this guy freak out because someone stepped on his new kicks (ugh queens and white sneakers adds to why they are so corny) a la Buggin out in do the right thing.

HeheI saw this wom-child run down an old lady for a seat. The wom-child then gave the old lady a look like "yeah what?" And sucked her teeth. I gave the woman my seat and thought about tripping the girl when we got off the train. Ha, anyway God saw it too because she fell up the escalator steps.

DI hate when people don't give their seats up to elderly people, pregnant women or children. Chivalry is so dead.

I see so many women with pantyhose on its too hot. Its 90degree and with the heat index its 101 panty hose are a no!

Where are all these women working that short shorts are allowed?

And since twitter was hacked here is what you missed:

Here is what you missed:The Pocketbook vendor talking on the phone, "Fuck that B, I'm out here showing my natural black" I don't know he meant either but I got a good laugh

Twitpic of woman doing Yoga on 6thave. She said it was performance art. Uhm ok

The white boys "break dancing". I told Smarty J that it looked like a scene from that Jamie Kennedy movie where he was a rapper hahaha

This Botox queen that made Lil kim almost look normal. I said almost

Same Botox queen reading over this womans shoulder. The other woman got pissed and moved.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dumbass of the day

Thanks Stylecynincs!

Really? You hate your job, your boss is a perv and you blast it on FB and HE'S ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS!!! What A DUMBASS YOU ARE. You are the reason there is a short yellow bus.

I'm just saying how stupid can one person be? When my manager told me he was on FB I told him that was great but we'd never be friends on there. Why? Because that's my personal life and though he and I speak about all kinds of things he's not privy to every aspect of my life. To quote my Twitter friend Stylecynics "If she wanted to network, that's what LinkedIn is for. Duh"

Be smart people!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

A few post back in one of my random thoughts I made this comment:

I just read this amazing book "The Shack" and I want my relationship with God to be stronger and more "Jesus is my homeboy" than "Jesus will come back and judge my every move".

Well this still stands true; it was actually one of the few things in that post that wasn't a random thought. I’ve been re-evaluating my feelings on religion and who God is to me...this has been going on for sometime. I believe it started around Easter, my heart was really heavy that day and for the first time in a long time, I got on my knees and prayed. Not the “Thank you for blessing me prayer” A real heart felt tear jerking prayer. I felt like I had hit a wall but this time was different. This time I didn't feel bruised and battered by a battle that had been warring inside me. I felt like I had a friend with me, warm and safe, in essence I felt free. The need to control every single thing faded…..momentarily.

It was a few month that this warm feeling covered me and then one day I had this feeling that I could go it alone. My heart ached behind this but I let reason convince me that it was just an episode (it wasn't) There were many times when I wanted to place my burden down but kept thinking “its my cross to bear and I have to carry it”…. Needless to say my stress level hit crippling levels. I just wanted to stay in the bed and sleep and if not for CJ I probably would have.

FAST FORWARD to when my friend Cheer bear gave me this book to read “The Shack”. She spoke about this book daily and finally I was like I’ll read it, and I walked around with that book for 2 days before I even thought about cracking it. In true to me fashion, I let the my mind get the best of me and decided I wasn't going to like it but I kept reading (I've never not finished a book, well one but that was a AWFUL BORE) Without giving the entire book away I finally realized how awesome it is to have Jesus in my life. The trials I go through would be lessened if I took the same energy I used to fight him and to embraced him.

This book helped me realize that I don’t have to be perfect, and that though I struggle with control issues God knows my heart. And the more I turn to him as a father the more these things will fade away. It’s like with every parent/child relationship, at some point a parents must let you make decisions, whether good or bad. And if you fail they are there to lift you up. So is the relationship with God, I might not make the decisions he always wants but to him I am perfection because I was created in his image.

There was a point in the book where it all just clicked, light a giant light bulb just went off in my head. God tells the main character why we have the Ten Commandments, and as I read the explanation a tear streamed down my cheek. And all I could say was OFCOURSE!!!! There goes that light bulb again :) .

I don’t have to bear a cross about anything, Jesus was crucified so that I could live without guilt, shame and stress of everyday life. Now it’s up to me to have that shine through me on a regular basis and share that light with those around me. You all know I’m not going to be standing on a soapbox in the middle of Harlem shouting at the top of my lungs but I will tell my friends in their time of need, stress and fear to turn to God. It worked for me.

And though I’ve slipped a couple of times since this revelation, but for once I’m ok with that because I’m God’s perfect creation, and a work in progress.

Monday, August 3, 2009

NYC in the Summertime

This is the best time to visit (as if you actually need a reason) NYC, its warm and there are plenty of outdoor free events to keep you entertained for the entire three months. So here goes the plan for this week:

I just got back from Jazmine Sullivan and Robin Thicke: AWESOME AND FREE! I really went more for Robin Thicke because I am going to see Jazmine Sullivan on Sunday.

I went in with my hair wavy but when I left I looked like Alex the lion... This is why I love natural back to the shows.

Tuesday and Wednesday don't offer many option but on Thursday I will be singing along to my favorite pop movie of all time.. YES That's right Purple Rain.
Those of you that are going out there with me better be ready for when "Star" comes on. I can get quite animated with it. heheh

rest on Friday and then bring on the weekend!
Saturday and the wrath of KANE!....The name is Big Daddy here to bring trouble to...Boy this should be a good show. I'm skipping the Lyricist Lounge documentary only because I've seen it before.

I'll be in Central Park, getting my soul on yet again.

First up:
JON B ~ original blue eyed soul (of the 90's anyway)
Ryan Leslie ~ oh I can't wait to hear him sing "Valentin"
Jazmine Sullivan ~ Twice in one week, fun fun fun
and LAST and the one I've been waiting for since Summerstage announced their calendar



So NYers, whose going to join me in sweating out my hair, dancing and most importantly laughing at the Fashion faux pas that are NYC summer concerts?