Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1 1/2weeks of RANDOMNESS

This morning I was hit on by a man on a bus. He was on the bus and I was walking down the street. This crazy man opened the window and asked for my number hahaha

I watched this man read every word in another persons book for two stops.This dude was on his mobile talking about how he can't find a job. Ok that sounds sad right? But I wouldn't have hired him why? I don't know maybe the 7:30 tattoo under his eye with a heart. 7:30 isn't that the code for being crazy and why the blood red heart? He'd better have his girl put a little cover up on that.

I saw this guy freak out because someone stepped on his new kicks (ugh queens and white sneakers adds to why they are so corny) a la Buggin out in do the right thing.

HeheI saw this wom-child run down an old lady for a seat. The wom-child then gave the old lady a look like "yeah what?" And sucked her teeth. I gave the woman my seat and thought about tripping the girl when we got off the train. Ha, anyway God saw it too because she fell up the escalator steps.

DI hate when people don't give their seats up to elderly people, pregnant women or children. Chivalry is so dead.

I see so many women with pantyhose on its too hot. Its 90degree and with the heat index its 101 panty hose are a no!

Where are all these women working that short shorts are allowed?

And since twitter was hacked here is what you missed:

Here is what you missed:The Pocketbook vendor talking on the phone, "Fuck that B, I'm out here showing my natural black" I don't know he meant either but I got a good laugh

Twitpic of woman doing Yoga on 6thave. She said it was performance art. Uhm ok

The white boys "break dancing". I told Smarty J that it looked like a scene from that Jamie Kennedy movie where he was a rapper hahaha

This Botox queen that made Lil kim almost look normal. I said almost

Same Botox queen reading over this womans shoulder. The other woman got pissed and moved.

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:) this post made me happy. lol